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Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 20:51 »
Sometimes the absence of information is interesting.

1887 marriage of Frances Alice Waldron to George Mansfield- her father listed as Leopold Waldron, fishmonger.
Can't find any Leopold Waldron in England using Family Search and FreeBMD

1881, 1891. 1901, 1911 census records- Frances' birthplace given as Chatham, Kent.
Can't find birth under Waldron in that area

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 19:33 »
Would this make sense?

21 Feb.1887- baby girl born in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. Father- George Mansfield, grocer's asst., with address given as 6 Montgomery St.. Mother- Frances _ (could her 'maiden' name be Walden or Wallen which was misheard from Waldron?
Couple go back to England, baby cared for perhaps by Amelia Barrow
June? 1887- George Daniel Mansfield, green grocer, married Frances Alice Waldron (both age 22) at Edgehill, Lancs?

More to post but want opinions first please.

No problem posting the photo here and it would be lovely to see it as we feel we practically know them now  ;D

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 16:09 »
Frances Mansfield is with Amelia in 1891 and 1901.

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 15:45 »
Why do you assume she had family in Ireland when she married in 1906? All we have to go on at the moment is a Dublin birth in 1887 then possible sightings in England in 1891 and 1901 before she married in England. No sign yet of parents George and Frances in Ireland before or after her birth (no marriage or deaths).

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 12:53 »
There's a female F.M. Mansfield born County Dublin, Ireland in 1911 census but maybe just a coincidence since Frances was married in 1906?

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 12:45 »
1891 census- Francis Mansfield daughter of Amelia Barrow  :o

Added- is Amelia's daughter Fanny Goldberry mother of 'Francis' Mansfield?

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 12:30 »
You got there before me, heywood, as usual- father's name Philip Mansfield.

Ireland / Re: Mystery
« on: Today at 11:15 »
The writing on the screen shot is difficult to read but is a birth registration not a baptism. Here's a link to the page from the birth register to show more of the writing- (father is a grocers assistant and address is 6 Montgomery St., Dublin)

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