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Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Mann Family- Traders in Belfast from Scotland
« on: Wednesday 20 January 21 22:28 GMT (UK)  »
1910/1912- Murtagh, Mary, The Manse, Paulett Avenue

You can check other directories here (as well as PRONI's website)-

Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Mann Family- Traders in Belfast from Scotland
« on: Wednesday 20 January 21 22:20 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome to Rootschat  :) There are online resources which will fill in some of Mary's life after her husband died.

Thomas Murtagh's death-

Irish News & Belfast Morning News, 26 Nov.1900: MURTAGH—At his residence, 59 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, Thomas Murtagh, son the late George Murtagh, formerly of Royal Avenue.

Mary's household in 1901-

1911- Mary & children living at 1 Paulett Ave.- form filled out incorrectly so we know she's 6 children in total but 2 had died before 1911-

If this is the same Mary then it looks like son Harold became a doctor-
Murtagh Mary of 213 Mountpottinger Road Belfast widow died 24 May 1948 Probate Belfast 23 December to Harold Murtagh medical doctor. Effects £1451 7s.

Northern Whig, 19 Feb.1935: ... linked Belfast and Bradford families took place at the Catholic Church, Sowerby Bridge (Yorks), the bridegroom being Dr. Harold Murtagh, Ryburn House, ... son of the late Mr. Thomas Murtagh and Mrs. Murtagh, Belfast, and the bride Miss A. Frances ...

From all the evidence both here and on the older thread (much of it duplicated here) everything points to Sarah Helena Bougler being the daughter of William Boulger & Elizabeth Byrne born 1875 in Co, Kildare and registered as Sarah Jane. The fact that a baptism has not yet been found may be due to several factors (parents mixed marriage, other siblings had delayed baptisms & name changes, living in a different area (perhaps moved to Johnstown from Dublin not long before her birth)).
It looks as though Sarah is the Helena Sarah living in Londonderry City in 1901 as a lady’s nurse. Her sister Harriet was also a nurse (such a position would have needed little or no formal training). Her age isn’t too far out and the 2 Christian names she later used in America are here.
It may be that the family only stayed in Johnstown a few years before moving to Dublin which would explain confusion with Sarah’s place of birth. She may have also adjusted her year of birth to appear younger both for employment reasons, immigration reasons & to her husband (was be perhaps born after 1875?). In any case, such a thing is not uncommon.
You will likely have a good paper trail from the time Sarah left Ireland (passenger lists, marriage certificate, census records, Social Security file (not just the extract online), death certificate. Not sure how consistent age is in later records but it certainly varies from birth certificate to 1901 census. The one unfortunate thing is the day & month of birth on birth certificate quite different from S.S. recorded birthdate.
One possible reason might be that the date of birth on birth certificate is incorrect. It records birth as 9 Sept.1875 and registration as 22 Dec.1875. You now have 3 months to file a birth registration (can’t remember what it would have been in 1800s but think registering an early August birth at the end of December would have incurred a fine).
The online R.C. parish register for Kill stops at 1880 for baptisms- I looked page by page 1875-1880 but couldn’t see one for Sarah but perhaps it was also a late baptism.
The fact that the name, birthplace & birthdate fr Sarah in the S.S. record matches what you have noted as a baptismal record from a now forgotten source makes me wonder if you found that transcribed somewhere else (perhaps an online tree) and took it to be a baptism record.

As far as birth registation goes everything is still pointing to the 1875 birth found earlier-

Catholic parents usually baptised their children very soon after birth but I found that Sarah's brother Henry William was baptised in 1881 when he was 2 years old. Baptismal register gives brthdate as 21 Mar.1879 but William & Elizabeth registered a son Henry Charles born 21 Apr.1878.

Continuing with the above Sarah Helena-
Possibly her parents William & Elizabeth with other children in 1901-

Looks like marriage (1903) for daughter of William & Elizabeth-

Still tying when you posted but will put this up anyway.

A Sarah H Boulger, age 28 (born c1880) departed on the Oceanic from Queenstown, Ireland on 5 Nov.1908 for New York.
The Oceanic arrived in N.Y. on the 11th Nov.1908 and the manifest gives more details- Sarah H. Boulger, 28, single, servant, able to read & write, last residence- Maryborough Ireland; mother- Elizabeth Bougler, 27 _ Quay Maryborough; going to sister in N.Y. (hard to read) Mrs? L? Sch_? of 229 West 223rd St.; place of birth- Dublin Ireland.

IF Sarah Helena Boulger was born in Ireland 10 Aug.1884 there should be a birth registration so initially I thought a baptismal record more likely the document you found (Ellen is a more common form of the middle name but Helena could easily appear in a baptism register).

However, I found a U.S. Social Security record for a Sarah Helena Smith born 10 Aug.1884 in Kildare Republic of Ireland, parents- William Boulger & Elizabeth Bourne. Could THIS be the record you found before?

Down / Re: McCartans of Glassdrumman, Annalong
« on: Tuesday 12 January 21 09:07 GMT (UK)  »
In 1911 - there is a John Living alone aged 64, but now married -, so this fits with Ellen not living with her husband (Although they do have another child in 1912).
The 1911 census only shows where a person was on one particular night so it's entirely possible that Ellen and the children were just staying at her mother's that night. The fact that Ellen and John had another child in 1912 would seem to indicate they were still together after the census.

This has all gotten very, very confusing and I'm not sure exactly who or what you are actually looking for.
Here's the latest Sarah Boger's birth- Co. Dublin and parents Patrick & Bridget (not King's Co. and parents William & Elizabeth as in the original post)-

Could you please explain exactly who you are trying to find so that we can help. If you are starting with a relative then what details do you already have and what gaps are you trying to fill in?

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