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Derry (Londonderry) / Re: detals of marriage
« on: Yesterday at 21:53 »
looking for details of marriage of mary radcliffe to a john taylor about 1932 think she may have died after 1957 as I can remember being in her home in 1957 with my grandfather. not sure of how many children as mary taylor she had. when married to fred radcliffe she had three girls

N.I. marriages before 1921 are not available to view free on Irish Genealogy but you might want to check just in case they married in Donegal or elsewhere in the Republic of Ireland-

For N.I. marriages after 1922 you'll need to use GRONI's database (those more than 50 years old are viewable online)-

Births less than 100 years old will not be available on either site.

Had another go at this family tree and I'm not happy  >:(

Thought I'd see if I could find William Black & his 2nd wife Sarah who seem to have vanished after birth & death of son James 1896/1897. No confirmed death in Belfast area for them yet and haven.t found them in 1901 or 1911 either.
So more digging and got marriage of parents James Black & Rose Ann McCabe- 24 Mar.1864
There was a birth registration for son James in Mar.1865 (no death found) and a later son James born 1874. So, am wonder if the 1865 son was registered as James but then known as William.

Anyway, while searching for William I found this burial- William Haughey Black in 1944!
Age 79 (born c1865) and address is 163 Sydney St. West.
Also in same plot are 2 Browns (William & Isabella) and another William Black died 1905 age 6 months, address- 73 Harrybrook Street.
Death gives him as child of William Black (wood turner) & Margaret Black.
Birth record shows mother as Margaret Brown (explains the 2 Browns buried in same plot).

Marriage of William Haughey Black (mill worker, age 40, widower) to Margaret Anne Brown (age 28) didn't take place until AFTER child William died. Only problem is grooms father listed as Samuel Black (bricklayer)  :-\

Edited: traced above William Haughey Black and both marriages give father as Samuel Black so looks like he can be ruled out.

Well I've certainly got a lovely family tree for the Black family now. Here's a bit more about James & Annie (Black) Richardson's family-

Belfast Telegraph, 7 Nov.1949: RICHARDSON—November 1, 1949, suddenly, at her residence, … Avenue, ANNIE, … dearly loved mother of JAMES RICHARDSON.—Deeply regretted by her Sorrowing Son, Daughter-in-law and Grand-children. James and Meta Richardson, 132 Limestone Road …

Belfast Telegraph, 12 June 1969: RICHARDSON—June 10, 1969, at Hospital, JAMES, dearly-loved husband of the late Annie Richardson. Funeral from his home, 83 Torrens Avenue, to-morrow (Friday) at 2 p.m., to Carnmoney Cemetery. House private.—Deeply regretted by his sorrowing …

So, in addition to infant Margaret Richardson who's burial was posted earlier there was a son James who married & had family.

In the same burial plot as James & Annie is an Audrey Richardson, died 9 Mar.1948 age 14 who might be their daughter.

This might be another daughter-
Belfast Telegraph, 14 Apr.1948: … match later this month … this year were Misses Kathleen Humphries … and Beatrice Richardson, Torrens Avenue. The contest is organised annually by Roden Blue Supporter's Club, whose president this year is Mr. R. Burnside …

Added- James Richardson m.19 June 1944 Martha Dodridge. A Martha Richardson buried Dodridge plot in Carnmoney Cemetery East in 2001. Meta is often a nickname for Martha.
James Richardson died 6 Sept.1967 age 46 also in a Dodridge plot.
Have found death notice for James Black Richardson, husband of Meta. Will not post is since son & daughter born 1940s could still be alive.- Can be sent by PM

Antrim / Re: Minnie Florence BLACK of Ballyclare Street - date of birth and parents?
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Don't think this has been found yet  :o

James Black born 30 Aug.1896 at 7 Ballyclare St.- parents William Black (fireman) & Sarah McAnally-
Informant was a Jane McAnally of 7 Ballyclare St.- perhaps Sarah's mother?
Sadly the child died 15 months later- father William Black (fireman) but family not living 2 Ballyclare St.

Not enough information here to be sure this is another child-  stillborn child fo Wm & Sarah Black, 48 Bond St., buried 13 Dec.1898 Belfast City Cemetery- Public Ground

Antrim / Re: Minnie Florence BLACK of Ballyclare Street - date of birth and parents?
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 21:48 BST (UK)  »
There's another burial in same plot as James Black leads to another connection.
Margaret Richardson born & died 1926 so birth and death registrations won't be online but address is 17 Ballynure St.

In 1932 directory-
#11 John McNee, carpenter and #17 D. Richardson, labourer
#8 is a Samuel Black, soldier (any connection?)

1924 much the same-
except #11 is Wm McNee, carpenter

#17 James Richardson, labourer

Which of course brings us to the marriage of Annie (Black) Sillers to James Richardson-

The Lighter Side / Re: Paupers for sale, act now, supply is limited
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 21:12 BST (UK)  »
Love this sort of New England folklore  ;D Have you read Judson Hale's book "Inside New England"?

This looks very much like the details that were found for you on North Down & Ards Facebook page.
Since Northern Ireland researchers are a fairly small group we are often reading in the same places and comparing notes. It really is good practice, and good manners, to acknowledge information that has been found for you instead of pretending you 'found' it yourself (as is the case of Brown of Miller Hill thread here & on FB).

Antrim / Re: Minnie Florence BLACK of Ballyclare Street - date of birth and parents?
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 20:33 BST (UK)  »
Afternoon again aghadowey!  Can I draw on your experience regarding the two unnamed daughters? Rightly or wrongly, I had assumed that in cases where no first name was given - on the birth record - then that signified a death at birth or a stillbirth. But your comments - and those of others here - would suggest this is not so and that the child might have lived.
Was it common for births to be registered before the parents had decided on a name or by someone who did not know what name had been chosen? If so is there any way to discover what name had been given (when the Census is not an option)?

It wasn't that uncommon in those days to register a child without Christian name(s). Sometimes the child's name will later be added on the right-hand column. Often registrations done by hospital staff don't include Christian names.
Not sure what the current situation regarding registering births is but in the early 1990s it was possible, but strongly discouraged, to register without a name. We had a first name chosen for our eldest but hadn't decided on middle one but when I asked registrar at the hospital she was horrified and said to wait and do it later in the Registry Office.

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