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Wow, that is so interesting! Thank you so much for this information, I whole heartedly appreciate it.

We initially wanted to find out if the records specified or if there was any way to work out which medals he would've had.

But after reviewing the records, we have found out more information we didn't know and are just wanting to see if the records (or general knowledge of service) can provide any more details on-

The gap in his service (from 31.8.44-13.12.45) and if there is anything we can find out about that from the records.

He would never confirm that he was a pilot, but from what I can see he initially was and then went back as an aircraftman, if there is any information that relates to that or his service as a pilot, or why his role may have changed.

We know he was stationed in South Africa after he reenlisted also, but if the records give any information on his movements or location during either of his terms of service.

Thank you so much!

World War Two / My late Granddad Eric Newall RAF- Help deciphering information
« on: Friday 13 May 22 08:20 BST (UK)  »
I am just trying to work out information about my late Granddad Eric Newall who was in the RAF during World War II. I never got to meet him because my parent emigrated to NZ and he had passed once I was old enough to travel alone.

His war medals and records were lost during my parents divorce and now I have a son I would really love to find out more information. He never talked about his time serving and everyone who did know about it has passed too.

I have managed to order his service records (attached) but am having huge issues trying to decipher them and read the writing. Any help or direction would be so appreciated!

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