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Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / Re: Lookup Request 1851
« on: Monday 08 December 08 19:20 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for your reply. That's him!

Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / Lookup Request 1851
« on: Monday 08 December 08 04:42 GMT (UK)  »
Would appreciate a lookup 1851 census for this family. Details below are from the 1841 census and I need the 1851 to tell me where Richard was born.


Richard PRICE 50yrs Shoemaker
Mary PRICE 50yrs
Mary PRICE  20yrs daug
(all born in county)

Aberdeenshire / Re: My Aberdeenshire surnames
« on: Monday 10 December 07 02:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I have a John INNES WHO HAD "John INNES or KELMAN" chr. at Marnoch 1848. Mother was Jessie KELMAN. Wonder if there's a connection?

Hi Martin,

Chanced across your Price of Cwmyoy query. We MAY have a connection. In 1852 my gggrandfather James Verry, a bootmaker married Mary Price. At the time they married they were living at Forest, Llantillio and from the 1861 census of Ruardean, Gloucs. Mary was born Cwmyoy. So far I havn't tracked James Verry on the 1851 census.

Mary was a daughter of John Price and according to her marriage certificate her father was John Price, a weaver,

I have a typescript note on my Price lot and will be pleased to send it by way of attachment if you let me have your email addy. Incidentally they had a son Richard who may well have been named after your Richard.


Dumfriesshire / Re:Marriage lookup
« on: Thursday 19 February 04 23:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Anne,

Sorry I haven't answered your query. I don't have access to the 1861 census. Do you subscribe to any mailing lists on rootsweb. You could put a query on one of those. Let me know and I will find a suitable one for you.

Sorry about the tardiness of the reply. Have been under water, well not the house, but the surrounding land and without power for over a week. Massive floods here in the lower half of the North Island of New Zealand.

Did you find anything on your family on the IGI?



Dumfriesshire / Re:Marriage lookup
« on: Monday 09 February 04 06:31 GMT (UK)  »
Another scenario re Agnes' parentage could be that she was the illegitimate daughter of Janet (Embroiderer) aged 26. It was not unusual in Scotland for a child born out of wedlock to have her father's name.

Also she could be the child of another daughter married to a Twaddle, who was not present on census night. She could be a widow, who was working away from her parents' home and they were looking after Agnes.

A Scottish family of my husband's raised three of their grandchildren. They were parents of the fathers. I don't know where the mothers went to, but the dads shot off overseas. (None of these were married).

Have you considered searching on Tweedale. I sort of think I have seen that as a variant of Twaddle. Will have a look at the census and see if I can find anyone who looks likely for the father.



Dumfriesshire / Re:Boyd's & Murray's of Hoddom/Ecclefechan
« on: Sunday 08 February 04 06:39 GMT (UK)  »

You probably have this already but I will put it here in case you haven't.

1851 Census

Ecclefechan Village, Parish of Hoddam

Thomas Boyd Head of Household, Agricultural Labourer, aged 28 years, born in County Down, Ireland.

Janet, his wife aged 22 born Hoddam

Hugh son, born Hoddam 3 years.

Margaret born Hoddam 2 years.

Unnamed daughter (note: not baptised) born Hoddam aged 1 month.

Dumfriesshire / Re:Marriage lookup
« on: Sunday 08 February 04 02:58 GMT (UK)  »
I had a look at the 1851 Census. An Agnes Twaddle aged 6 was living at High Street, Sanquhar in her grandfather's household. He was John Cringan (born Sanquhar), a Retired Collier aged 58. Also in the household - Agnes Cringan his wife aged 60 born Sanquhar, Janet daughter a Muslin Embroiderer aged 26 unmarried, William Cringan, grandson aged 1 born Glasgow.

Dumfriesshire / Re:Marriage lookup
« on: Saturday 07 February 04 23:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Anne,

John Young ands Agnes Twaddle were married 15 June 1866 at Sanquhar, Dumfrieeshire. Can' find any record of children. Lots of John Young's. Do you think he was born Sanquhar. I will check the 1851 Census and see what is there.



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