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There was a Captain Stephen Blundell around at that time, who was master and part owner of the ship Ranger, sailing between America and Europe.

The “Capt. Blundell Black John” burial was at St John's in Liverpool on 28 May 1777. Lan-OPC interprets this as someone simply called "John" with a note that it was Capt Blundell's Black John. A slave perhaps?

There is no obvious connection with Ralph Blundell.

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The contents of Liscarde House were auctioned off in October 1938. Emigration?

Have you checked for newspaper reports?

Comparing the signature of the Bengal Artillery soldier in 1862 with that of the Frankford pensioner in 1878, it looks to be the same man:

Patrick Brien receiving a pension at Frankford in 1878, ex "depot Artillery"

Another one, with his signature (usually he just made a mark):

A possible discharge record: Patrick Brien born Wexford circa 1822, joined the East India Company's Bengal Artillery in 1842 and served 19 years in India. Discharged in 1862, intending to reside in Co Kildare.

Think he may have been taking the mickey in the 1871 census

1881 !

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