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Renfrewshire / Re: George Cowden Marriage/s
« on: Tuesday 11 July 23 15:07 BST (UK)  »
According to the Glasgow Herald dated 16th Nov 1878, Hugh Mckay (spirit
dealer) was assaulted by his assistant in a public house in the High Street,
Glasgow on the 7th Nov. His assistant (a man named Reid) was charged with
assault but this was changed to murder following Hugh McKay's death.

I do not have information regarding the outcome of the trial yet but will
email you if something becomes available

Above received from *       July 2007

*Moderator comment: personal e-mail address removed.  Please do not publish personal e-mail addresses in this way.  Thanks

Lanarkshire / Re: Re-Registration of Birth 14 Years Later
« on: Saturday 19 March 22 14:54 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Caroline, there is no RCE attached just the statement in the left hand side stating that the birth was re registered in Kelvingrove district in 1935. As previously informed , apparantly if the parents of a child later married there was a legal obligation to re register the birth of any previous children that couple had had.


Lanarkshire / Re: Re-Registration of Birth 14 Years Later
« on: Sunday 13 March 22 11:08 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for the swift replies. You are spot on. I have just discovered that it was a legal requirement to acknowledge previous offspring following a subsequent marriage.
Thanks again,

Lanarkshire / Re-Registration of Birth 14 Years Later
« on: Sunday 13 March 22 10:57 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone advise me as to why a child born in Anderston district of Glasgow in 1921 should have an annotation on the certificate stating " Re-Registered in the district of Kelvingrove 5th April 1935".
Personally I haven't come across this before.
many thanks,


Lanarkshire / Re: McDonald's of Crawfordjohn
« on: Thursday 17 February 22 16:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there, came across your recent posts and without muddying the waters too much I have this info;
William McDonald and Margaret Hare had a daughter Catherine McDonald born 1817 died in Dykehead, Shotts in 1903.

Catherine McDonald married a Thomas McLean born Crawick 1816 the son of James McLean and Susanna McDonald. This Thomas McLean died 1883 in Shotts.
Thomas and Catherine had a daughter Catherine McDonald McLean born 1857 in Carluke.
Catherine McDonald McLean married a David Gray McIlvane born 1861 Shotts and died Glasgow 1936.
This is one line of a friends' family tree .
If you can add to this information it would be appreciated. When we asked in the area about the McDonalds and Mcleans in the area we were told they were probably brought in from the Larkhall area to mine around Leadhills as the seams were very narrow as they were in Larkhall.
Hope this helps.

Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Friday 01 October 21 08:23 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Cuffie and Carol for the information.
My friends' father was a major in the 2nd Seaforths and was seriously wounded around the same time in the same area as Major Henderson. Thinking he may have known Major Henderson I tried to find out more about him and discovered the mystery of the Majors' remains.
We wondered if Major Henderson was able to be repatriated through his family connections. The other men listed as being transferred from BadBurg-Hau to the Reichswald Forest Cemetery are all there .
Thank you again for all your research.


Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 16:58 BST (UK)  »
Careful or you will get as intrigued as we are. It certainly is a mystery.


Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 11:24 BST (UK)  »
Hello Hanes and Carol,  many thanks for your information which is very helpful but still no identification of the location of the Majors' remains.
Killed 16th February 1945 and originally buried in Badburg -Hau  with others from his regiment.
1946 they were all reinterred at Reichswald Forest British Cemetery ( source CWGC)
in 1954 the grave located as that of Major Henderson is listed as vacant by the CWGC.
Brookwood Memorial has Major Hendersons name only, not a grave.
Thanks again,


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