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Warwickshire / Mary Ann WALTON - John Jesse WHITE
« on: Today at 05:21 »
Mary Ann WALTON was born in Birmingham in 1835, daughter of Elijah and Mary Ann.

At some stage she has married a John Jesse WHITE as they are in Santiago, Chile by 1859 and had three children there.
Julia 1859
Thomas Tristan Alfred 1861
Amelia Mary Lucia 1863

According to Julia's marriage cert in New Zealand her father was a Professor of Music.

By 1871 census Mary Ann and the three children are back in Warwickshire. Mary Ann says she is married but there is no sign of John. Mary's occupation is Professional Singer. Julia is away at school and the two younger ones at home.

In 1878 Mary Ann and the three children emigrate to New Zealand. Have pretty much everything about them after that.

The main thing I am looking for is a marriage for Mary Ann and John.

Can anyone help please.

Ian C

New Zealand / Re: EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Today at 04:44 »
1871 census has Mary Ann and children back in Birmingham, England. Her occupation is Professional Singer. Down as married, not a widow.

Thomas and Amelia at home and Julia away at school.

Ian C

New Zealand / Re: EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Today at 04:11 »
I think you are right Lu. If Mary Ann died at her son in laws then the parents names on the marriage cert are incorrect

Julia, Thomas and Amelia WHITE arrived in Auckland together in 1877, so definitely siblings.

There is another tree on Anc that has Harriet WALTON wife of GA Thompson as a daughter of Elijah and Mary Ann WALTON, born Birmingham Warwickshire. No daughter Mary Ann in the tree but I did find a baptism for a Mary Ann to the same parents in 1835 in Birmingham.

Amelia WHITE married Albert McBETH in 1886. According to the McBETH info I have she was born in Santiago.

So that solves that little mystery.

Of the witnesses GA THOMPSON was Julia's uncle, Harriet Walton THOMPSON her cousin and Amelia and TT WHITE her sister and brother.

Thanks very much.
Ian C

New Zealand / Re: EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Today at 03:17 »
Found his baptism in Santiago on Familysearch, born Dec 1861.

Also found a Julio White in 1860 and a Maria Amelia Lucy White in 1864. Parents John Jesse White and Mary Ann WALTON.

Wonder is Julio is Julia and her parents names on the marriage cert are incorrect.

See from TT's will he left a Stradivarius violin to one of his daughters, so there is musical ability there.

Ian C

New Zealand / Re: EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Today at 02:55 »
Thanks KHP and Lu.

Found a tree on Anc for TTAA White and according to that he was born in Chile, so there must be some connection with Julia. His father was John and mother Mary Ann nee WALTON.

There is a Mary Ann WHITE buried in the Kimbolton Cemetery with Julia EDNEY. She died 1918 aged 85.

Ian C

New Zealand / EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Today at 01:28 »
Julia WHITE married James EDNEY at Taupiri in 1884. He was 32 and she was 24.

Her father was James WHITE, Professor of Music and her mother was Amelia WALTON. Julia was born in Santiago, South America.

Witnesses were
George Alfred Thompson - Auckland
Amelia White - Wanganui
Harriet Walton Thompson - Auckland
T T White - Builder, Auckland

George Alfred THOMPSON married a Harriet WALTON in Westminster in 1856 and Harriet Walton THOMPSON is one of their daughters. Another daughter Georgina THOMPSON married an Edward WALTON.

Trying to find out who Amelia WHITE is, is she Julia's mother? Who is T T White?

Is there a connection between Edward WALTON, Amelia WALTON and Harriet WALTON?

Some fresh eyes would be appreciated.

Ian C

New Zealand / Re: John MUNRO 1864-1952
« on: Sunday 09 May 21 01:23 BST (UK)  »
Another word that comes to mind is doddery.

Have not found anything else on John Bell. Might have to get a certificate for him.

Ian C

New Zealand / Re: John MUNRO 1864-1952
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 23:57 BST (UK)  »
I must be going dotty. Looks like I misread the death notice slightly.

So it looks definitely like Wilfred is the son of John and Elizabeth (nee BELL).

Just found the will for Alexander James and one of his sons mentioned in it has the name Talbot.

Ian C

New Zealand / John MUNRO 1864-1952
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 04:55 BST (UK)  »
John married first Ellen BRADING in Jan 1889. She died Sep 1889 in Kimbolton. No children to this marriage.

John married again in 1902 to Elizabeth BELL. Elizabeth died 1918 in Hamilton. Trying to confirm how many children this couple had.

There is a John Bell MUNRO born 1902 and a Caroline Audrey MUNRO born 1909. Some trees also have a Wilfred Edward MUNRO born 1905 as another but I am inclined to disagree. There was a John Talbot MUNRO also with a wife Elizabeth having children around this time, and I believe Wilfred belongs to them.

Wilfred died in Kawakawa in 1926 and his death notice indicates he had a brother Mr A Munro. The brother I believe was Alexander James MUNRO whose parents were John Talbot and Elizabeth. According to NZBDM fiche Wilfred and Alexander were both born in Pahiatua.

Caroline Audrey is a daughter as she is listed as NOK on John's notification of death in Stratford in 1952 in his Boer War records. Her married name is MANGIN.

John Bell would be a son because of his second name.

Can anyone assist please.

Ian C

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