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Durham Lookup Requests / Re: parish records Bishopwearmouth
« on: Thursday 05 August 10 18:51 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Janis and Pam.

Your answers are both very promising. I had almost given up on that branch of my family although I still have the Clementson family name.

Caroline Whitecross definately married Joseph Clementson on 28 Jan 1839 as I have the marriage cert.
Was Stephen Clementson the witness instead of Joseph as marked on the marriage certificate ? It would be interesting to see the original church entry.

On the 1941 census Joseph and Mary were living in Monk Hesleton Durham with their daughter Mary born 1840.

Perhaps Joseph who was born in 1817 was the son of George and Mary and named their first daughter after his mother?

 On all the census returns from 1851, Joseph is marked as being born near Wigan, Lancashire but after hours and weeks of searching I have never found a baptism for him in Lancashire.

Caroline was born near Newcastle but was baptised in Houghton le Spring the same day as several of her brothers and sisters.

In 1851 they were back living near Wigan where they stayed until their deaths.

I don't know if Clementson was a common name in Durham.

Best wishes.


Wales / Re: Welshpool in 1850
« on: Saturday 30 August 08 04:07 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the info. One of those 2 Alfred Jones must be mine.

Wales / Welshpool in 1850
« on: Friday 29 August 08 17:35 BST (UK)  »
Could someone please tell me where I should look for the birth of Alfred Jones born Welshpool 1850-1852? Would it be Montgomeryshire?


Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: childer thornton
« on: Thursday 28 August 08 19:03 BST (UK)  »
I've checked on Cheshire BMD and the Margaret Roberts who died in Dec 1855 was only 34 so it seems that the Margaret in the September is mine. I've been able to download an order form and they accept cards which is a must for me being abroad.

Thanks again for the help.


Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: childer thornton
« on: Thursday 28 August 08 13:06 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Barbara. That looks like my Margaret age wise.
I'll do as you suggest and ask for checking details.
Thanks also for the links.



Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / childer thornton
« on: Thursday 28 August 08 10:55 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the death of Margaret Roberts, born 1779, who was living in Childer Thornton on the 1851 census. She's missing from the 1861 census so presumably died in between.

Which parish would that be under? On the Free BMD there's only Wirral mentioned and on the Cheshire BMD there are a few Margaret Roberts. Where would I look on the Cheshire Parish record Project?

Thanks for any advice.


Lancashire / Re: Morrison family Ashton in Makerfield
« on: Thursday 03 July 08 15:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Olly

I think that Lowton was in the district of Leigh. I'll check that out. I need a death before December 1850 when Elizabeth and Thomas Partington married. They both give there residence at the time of marriage as Pemberton, Wigan.

I've received the marriage cert. for William Morrison and on it it states that his father was William Morrison, engine tenter and it doesn't say deceased. I also have the death cert. for William Morrison father which states that he was "pensioner".
Also, the age for William is given as 18 and his wife 17. William was born in 1848 (birth cert. and no father is given.

The two witnesses on the marriage cert. were John Morrison and Mary Partington. Is it possible that there was another William Morrison who would have as witnesses John and Mary?

Have sent off for the marriage cert. for Margaret Morrison to see if she had William Morrison as father.

On the 1841 census there's a Thomas Sutton living at the same address as Elizabeth. Could he have been the father of John???



Lancashire / Re: Morrison family Ashton in Makerfield
« on: Wednesday 25 June 08 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again Mo for your help.

I've tried to find out what happened to Margaret Morrison and there's a marriage in 1857 at St Thomas Church Ashton to a David Pilling. The trouble is, the only David Pilling I've found on later census transcriptions with a wife Margaret whose age corresponds says that she was born in Ireland.
William Morrison was a pensioner so I presume he must have been a soldier. Could he and Elizabeth have gone to Ireland fo a few years and Margaret was born there?

Next time I go to England I'll try and get to the Wigan records office to see if there was a bastardy bond.

I don't suppose I'll ever find out who my gtx3 grandfather was.

Have a nice day.


Lancashire / Re: Morrison family Ashton in Makerfield
« on: Tuesday 24 June 08 17:55 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Mo.

I've had a look and that's the family.
Why would Elizabeth give her name and her children as Lowe and not Morrison?
If Margaret wasn't dying why was she baptised so late. Why not at the same time as her sister, Ellen?
At least I now know that Elizabeth was working as I wondered how she supported herself and her children.
I find it hard to imagine that she had 3 children with different fathers even in those days and then found someone to marry her when she was pregnant with the fourth.

I'd love to discover the father of my gtx3 grandfather John.
I'll now check the baptisms under LOwe.

Thanks again.


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