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England / Electoral Register - codes in brackets after name
« on: Saturday 14 April 18 11:53 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know what these codes after the names mean please ?
(DMSR/149/1) and (SEZU/107/1).
I've looked at the start and end of the register but can't see any reference guide.


England / Re: Electoral Registers, codes after name in brackets
« on: Monday 27 January 14 07:34 GMT (UK)  »
I like your thinking John. Thank you

I've looked back on Ancestry and over the couple of pages adj to my relatives, there are households with more than one person of the same name in the house.

In those houses, they also have codes in brackets and the last number is unique.

Now to find out what the prefix letters mean ?


England / Electoral Registers, codes after name in brackets
« on: Monday 27 January 14 06:04 GMT (UK)  »

I've found some of my relatives on the Surrey Electoral Registers for 1945 but there are codes after 2 of their names which happen infrequently I don't understand.

Would SKS be able to tell me what (DMSR/149/I) and (SEZU/107/I) stand for please ?

The chaps I'm looking at are William and William James NEVE; father and son

Thank you

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Baptism/Death lookup please - GODDEN, Sudbury
« on: Saturday 25 January 14 13:25 GMT (UK)  »
Wow Trish

Speedy and helpful. Thank you

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Baptism/Death lookup please - GODDEN, Sudbury
« on: Saturday 25 January 14 12:58 GMT (UK)  »

Would SKS be able to have a look for 2 lost children for me please ?

Parents : George GODDEN and Charlotte Ann WHENT, (m) Apr 1872, living in Sudbury St Gregory in 1881.

Known children :
Annie, b 1873, Bures
Frank, b 1874 Sudbury
John Harvey, b 1881 Sudbury
Alice, b 1884 Sudbury

I thought the family was complete but I have a group photo with 2 boys unnamed and noticed today that the 1911 census return shows 4 living children and 2 who have died.

I was thinking that the missing children could be born between 1874 and 1881 and wondered if someone could look at Baptisms or burials for me please ?

Many thank

The Common Room / Re: How can I find an elusive family member?
« on: Friday 09 September 11 10:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Sorry if I've confused.

The Thomas I'm looking for has parents of Thomas Challis (b1821) and Frances Whybro (b1824). Martha Heffer   is Thomas b1821's 1st wife, so Thomas Whybrow Challis' stepmother if that makes sense.

There is another Thomas Challis,born in Burrough Green but he's not related to my family at all.

The Linton death would make sense.  I only have membership to Ancestry so will have a look on there and see if it matches up.
I've checked my tree against the Deaths Dec 1873 

Challis Thomas 46 Linton 3b317  - Possibility
Challis Thomas 48 Linton 3b317 - Believe this to be a 1st Cousin, 1x removed

My logical brain says he must have died or maybe emmigrated.  He's just one of those relatives that sticks in my head and I'd love to be able to crack it.

I keep wondering if I don't know the best way to interogate Ancestry.  I do things like 1st name, year of birth and Cambridgeshire only.

Thanks again for your help

The Common Room / Re: How can I find an elusive family member?
« on: Friday 09 September 11 07:29 BST (UK)  »
Wow, Thanks
Been busy doing other stuff for a few days and come back to find the SKS I hoped would be out there.

maidmarianoops - Sadly I don't think the Boro Green, Tho Challis is the same chap.  Checking the 1851 nearest to when they both would have been born.  He has James and Eliza as his parents.

KarenRuth - Hadn't thought of that one and have tried to find him through there but nothing likely at the moment.  Will keep searching though.

It's seems strange that I've managed to track both his sisters through marriage, children, migration and death, but the male sibling is the one that's proving elusive.

The Common Room / How can I find an elusive family member?
« on: Monday 29 August 11 09:11 BST (UK)  »
Hoping SKS can remind me of the obvious trick I've missed please.

Thomas Whybrow CHALLIS, born Jan 1851 in Little Shelford CAM. Bap Feb 1851, Great Shelford

I can find him in the 1851 with his parents in Great Shelford.
Also in the 1861 in Sawston, CAM, again with his parents.

After this he seems to disappear.
I've searched death indexes and found nothing and searched on Ancestry using various wildcards for his surname.  Oh and also tried  looking for a Thomas WHYBROW in case he was using that name instead.

If you were me, where would you look for him and what sneaky ways would you have of finding him ?


Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: GODDEN - Bures, SFK - Look up please
« on: Thursday 05 March 09 12:46 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you both for your look ups and suggestions.

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