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Lancashire / Re: MITCHELL FAMILY ....1850c .. Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 22 November 11 22:06 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much for the very helpful information. I do know his wife was a widow on 1901 census so its more than likely him. I will send off the info for death cert.
On his marriage cert Georges father was also called George Mitchell and his occ was a farmer. I will follow these leads and see where they take me... thanks again  :-*

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Monday 31 January 11 11:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi William and Gwyne... Yes William it was Arabella that George married, they were my grt grandparents.

Thank you for the grave mem photo Gwyne. I much appreciate what you have given me. Sorry about the delay in answereing you, its just the time difference in Australia.

Also anyone advise as how i can get more info about the George Mitchell that
appeared in the assizes, i feel that might also be him as he is not on the 1871 + 1881 census.
Please is Quatt + Bridgnorth + Tadmartin all separate counties ?
The George Mitchell b1842 on 1891 census in dry dock and aboard ship Castlehead says he was born in "Densford" Bridgnorth, is this near the other places ??
Thanks  Regards  Jean.

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 12:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi again.... I have that census now, her age had changed by quite a few yrs... ::)
I am thinking that grandchild Mary may be the dau of the unmarried Lucy.. dont know yet.
Its given me lots to think about anyway.

Regards  Jean.

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Gwynne ... I cant see Emma Mitchell with grandaughter on 1891 census. What is the Mitchell spelling please.

Where are they living and who is there. and grandaughters name... I am just not able to see them.  Thanks again... Jean.

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 11:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Gwynne, thanks thats something I didnt see, but will have a look.

If you are near the memorial I would would like a photo please.
I am feeling quite sure now that this is my missing family... fingers crossed.
Will go and see the 1891 census now... you have all been so kind.
Regards Jean.

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 01:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Keyboard.... I AM CREEPING NEARER IT SEEMS..... :-*
I havent seen that 1861 Mitchele census.  I suppose the name could have been mis-spelt.

Our family is from "Liverpool" and his  marriage took place in Liverpool.
This very much looks like him, if he left gardening and went to sea.
Georges 1876 marriage cert says  occ 'Mariner'.

 On his Dau's marriage cert of July 1895 it says her  father is called - George Mitchell a  Ship Steward, and 'Deceased.'
So George must have died between April1891 + July 1895.

Wonder when I can "claim" him..... :)

Shropshire / Re: Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 01:11 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for that quick info William. That looks like a deffo sighting.  :)

George is my grt grandad and all I have for him is an 1876 marriage cert which says he is a Mariner  and that his father is called George Mitchell - a Farmer.

I have no birth year or place for grandad, then I found this family in Shropshire that may fit the bill.

The senior George Mitchell 1809 for this family is a 'Gardner' living in a lodge most of his life, and his sons seem to have been gardners also.
George is 9 on 1851 and missing from Shrops 1861 .. the 1891 census looks promising.
I was hoping other searches interested in other family members could confirm  what happened to this George.  Thanks again.... J.

ps.. would you call a gardner a farmer for marriage purposes... ??

Shropshire / Mitchell Family
« on: Thursday 27 January 11 00:30 GMT (UK)  »
Please does anyone have links with ...

George Mitchell 1809c Hamps. and wife Emma 1811c Bridgnorth Shrops.

Their family was..

George Mitchell   - 1842c    -     Quatts Shrops.
Lucy Mitchell       -  1844c   -      ..         ..
William Mitchell   -  1847     -      ..         ..
Charles Mitchell  -  1850     -      ..         ..

George 1809 was a gardner and most of his sons had same occ.

I am interested in what happened to George Mitchell b1842.
All family info gratefully received. Thanks ... J.

US Lookup Requests / Re: Birth Record Req. Philla.
« on: Wednesday 26 January 11 05:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Shelly, thanks for your reply.
1880 census .. family living in 432 Josephine St. Phila. (minus father)
Mother Mary A. Sells   widow.(written incorrect as Ada)known as Annie or Anna.
This census  makes her about 24yrs old. b 1855/6. Pa.

Son John born April 1877, so assume she married between 1870  and 1877.
No marriage for a Mr Sells and a Mary A have I found. I thought at one time her maiden name could be Phillips.

 I now have death records John J Sells @  9th June 1945. Northwood Cem.
Informant was Johns stepdau and she gave his fathers name as James. ?
He lived in 1446 N.4th Street  Phila. time of death.

No death records for  Georgianna May Sells but think she died in 1963 in Phila married name Shearer.

I have Georgianna's father as George Sells a Cashier, but that birth data would have to be confirmed again.

Georgianna Sells  married 1897 Orphans court and her mother signed  as Mary A McDermott widow. (maiden ?)
Marriage record 37887 found for an Annie Sells and Thomas McDermott Oct 1890. Thomas died 12 months later. Not 100% sure its the correct Mrs Sells.

Then the death of a Mary A McDermott 1903 buried with a Thomas Mcdermott at Greenwood Cem.
The death cert for this Mary A says she was born in "England" so unsure if its the correct lady now. ?? Or where she was born.! 
This is sounding confusing now so I will stop..

Just need to see John James Sells birth records. 15th April 1877 .
Adding to the confusion his marriage cert to my gran says his father is John Sells a Police Officer. None has been found.

Why would his father be a different Sells than that of his sister Georgiannas.??
Thanks again for listening to this very long ongoing saga, I have been stuck here for many yrs... J.

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