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Armed Forces / korean War British Memorial
« on: Tuesday 28 October 14 15:37 GMT (UK)  »
Thought I'd post this. We were lucky enough to go to South Korea and visit the National Memorial. I know that the list of Korean War casualties are available online but thought that folks might like to see the names in situ in Seoul.

World War One / Re: RNAS Lincolnshire
« on: Sunday 21 September 14 17:52 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks ...

World War One / Re: RNAS Lincolnshire
« on: Sunday 21 September 14 16:42 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks for the translation! Waddington may make sense as would Duddington possibly (as its at the end of RAF Witterings runway) Both were used in WW1. My search is concerning a Lincolnshire girl, from Metheringham or Ruskington who married Frank Nickolls a clerk from Bow who joined the RNAS in Lincolnshire in 1919.
Could I bother you for an opinion as to what the rest of the writing in the Promotion column says?

World War One / RNAS Lincolnshire
« on: Sunday 21 September 14 13:50 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me decipher this. I can see that John was transferred from the RNAS to RAF but am having trouble with the place he was transferred to (Duddington?) under movements. I also can't really get what it says under Promotions. Any info on this document or extra info about Lincolnshire Air fields  in WW1...especially near or around Ruskington

The Common Room / Re: Birth Index Maiden names-second marriages
« on: Friday 19 September 14 17:56 BST (UK)  »
Many Many thanks Galium...I think that probably solves very very sad!


The Common Room / Re: Birth Index Maiden names-second marriages
« on: Friday 19 September 14 17:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks 'all' for the useful replies. I think this may be a tricky one as I have no idea of Mr Nickolls first name. Essex definitely comes into the equation, the Seven Kings area is mooted (Ilford) and Lincolnshire may be where the family (dont know which part though) hailed from. This hunt is to do with my friends wedding ring, which she has recently been told was from Ethels first marriage to her husband who was killed in WW1. As you can imagine she would like to know more but has very little to go on. I have found a marriage (7a 1249 Sleaford Sept Q 1919) of Ethel Bayles to Frank H Nickolls which looks tempting but then I suppose the next stage is an earlier marriage of Ethel Wilson to Bayles (or am I furduddled again?) The only one I found is this but is only year earlier and doesn't fit in with the WW1 story

Marriages Jun qtr 1918 
Wilson    Ethel M    Bayles    Sleaford    7a   925

Any ideas appreciated!

The Common Room / Birth Index Maiden names-second marriages
« on: Friday 19 September 14 17:03 BST (UK)  »
I feel I should know this but have got a bit bogged down! Using Free BMD, I have found the birth of 2 children I need (John and Frank Nickolls)in 1922 and 1924 in Romford. The mothers maiden name is listed as Wilson (Fathers name Nickolls). I know these children were from the second marriage of Ethel ( her first husband died in WW1) but can't find the marriage of Nickolls to Ethel Wilson. Is the mothers maiden name recorded in the index her married name from her first husband or her actual maiden name pre marriage?

Many thanks to both of you....Easy when you know how!

Next time I'll ask here first, and not waste my time with Ancestry's cut and paste replies!

Can anyone help me here?
How do I search within an area using the RG no. using the 'New Search' in Ancestry?
I used to be able to do this with old search but can find no way of doing it now. For example at the moment I want to search for all people with the first name John in the area of Reference RG 9, 282 in the 1861 census (Shadwell)

I have mailed Ancestry and received this reply which is not very clear!

"Thank you for contacting Ancestry in regards to searching with an RG number.
 We’re always sorry to learn that our members had a frustrating experience.  Some of the census records have additional fields that are indexed.  If this option is available for the census you are looking at look for the Advanced search option.  The fields that are indexed for each census.  Like the 1861 Census for instance does not have the option to search with the RG number."

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