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It helps if we know where the baptism took place and we have a bit more of the document to confirm the writing.

Thank you.  The 1891 does state that he is a British subject born Africa. 

There is a Julius Caesar bn Accor in the British Army. He enlisted in 1838 and was 34 years old when he left in 1850 (Barbados)
He is described as
Height 6'2
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Complexion Black

He served for over 12 years - Africa for over 5 years then the West Indies

Hello pinefamily,
So far I have not been able to find the original marriage record. The dates I have were taken from various Web Sites.

FindMyPast has the marriage, they were both of the parish

1901 census has him age 54 bn St Helena, do other census agree with this

The Common Room / Re: Gasson - Kent
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No I mean travel to your nearest LDS family history centre, unless of course that is in Kent

The Common Room / Re: Gasson - Kent
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It looks as though they may be available to view at your local LDS family history centre

Cork / Re: McDonnell's of Mallow 1850-1950's
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I know the McDonnell I am looking for is slightly before the date range for this chat but I have failed for years to find any information other then the one marriage of my 4x Great Grandparents.

Rachael McDonnell married Joel Watson on 18th October 1811 in the parish of Mallow, County Cork.

Joel was a soldier in the 20th Regiment of Infantry.

I did find one entry as above but no further information.

Wondering if anyone could help with this.

This request also posted here with reply

The Common Room / Re: Gasson - Kent
« on: Yesterday at 17:23 »
Familyseach does not always have all of the records of a parish in their transcripts.  The transcripts on FindMyPast have been extracted from familysearch Index (c) IRI. Used by permission of FamilySearch Intl

Have you looked at the original registers

London and Middlesex / Re: Civilian War Dead
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Others dying at that same address that day
Died 25/09/1940
Aged 22
Civilian War Dead
of 37 Mortimer Road, Downham Road. Died at 119 Clarence Road.

Died 25/09/1940
Aged 69
Civilian War Dead
of 119 Clarence Road. Widow of J. Curry. Died at 119 Clarence Road.

Died 25/09/1940
Aged 55
Civilian War Dead
of 37 Mortimer Road, Downham Road. Died at 119 Clarence Road.

Two other deaths at 113 Clarence Road that day Eliza Alice James & Mary Cordell Shute.

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