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Family History Beginners Board / Re: tracing information on STRAW family, Ilkeston
« on: Wednesday 04 August 21 11:24 BST (UK)  »
Probably no connection at all but in my tree I have Straw family with references to Ilkeston and Nottingham

17, Carr Street, Lincoln St Mary-Le-Wigford, Lincoln

Alfred E Straw Head Married Male 33 1848 Boiler maker Ilkeston, Derbyshire,

+wife and children all born Lincoln & a brother born Nottingham;
Arthur Straw Brother Single Male 16 1865 Pawnbrokers warehouse boy Nottingham,

Lincolnshire / Re: Gainsborough Union Workhouse records ?
« on: Wednesday 04 August 21 08:59 BST (UK)  »
I'm not sure when the next day is planned but it may be worth contacting the Gainsborough Heritage Centre re the burial as they have regular (Covid permitting), days where they open up the burial registers at the General Cemetery and could probably do a lookup.

There's no listing on the findagrave website but it is generally added to by people researching their tree rather than by a database upload. In the last few weeks the council have laid many stones flat after topple testing, if a stone exists (which may not be the case), it may no longer be standing.

You could register with the findagrave site for free and add a memorial if you wish to do so.

It just gets better, I've found the children, a son born in 1871 married in 1892, the register image is on FindMyPast, he's got an unusual middle name and uses it. In the 1891 census he's with an aunt, (a sister of his father and I hadn't been sure about her marriage), and there's a member of the Coldron family in the household too.
In 1901 his mother in law is in the household, there's a 1911 census & 1939 register for him, death record and probate.

All I need to do is try and find death for dad which I think is 1874 Newcastle (last child born in Durham in 1874).

One marriage record I couldn't find

In 1841 Uriah is recorded  in The House of Correction, Kirton in Lindsey.
Also present Sophia Cambers, age 35. Born Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 22 January 1841 page 2

George Fieldsend, aged 43, was indicted for having, on 17th of November last, stolen at lngleby, tame fowls & 14 tame ducks, the property of John Parker. Guilty, 7 years transportation. Sophia Chambers, aged 38, and Ann White, aged 44, severally convicted of having received the same, knowing to be stolen. Guilty. Six calendar months imprisonment hard labour.

Well I picked up a pile of Chambers births with mmn Whitlam from 1864 to 1874 spread around Sheffield, Rotherham, Louth (Lincs) and Durham.

There's a George in 1868 in Worksop, bapt 18 May 1869 Our Lady and St Cuthbert (Priory), Worksop. Son of Uriah John and Mary.  Uriah noted as a miner, can't think there was a big demand for miners in Louth but there would be in the other places.

So maybe I didn't waste my efforts chasing  Whitlam mmn kids in the bmd after all. 

I have no idea how I missed that marriage, the number of times I've checked bmd and found squit for Uriah beyond the birth ref.

On the face of it Edward had to be a son of a brother to Elizabeth Coldron and there it is staring me in the face and I couldn't find a simple marriage record.

I think it's time I packed up this family history lark as I'm too blind to see the obvious!!

1871, Union Street, Worksop

George Chambers Head - Male 74 1797 - Lincolnshire
Sophia Chambers Wife - Female 70 1801 - Lincolnshire
John Chambers Grandson - Male 18 1853 - Yorkshire,
Annie Chambers Granddaughter - Female 11 1860 -
Edward Chambers Grandson - Male 6 1865 - Nottinghamshire, England

1881 Census
13, St Martins Row, Lincoln St Martin, Lincoln

Elizabeth Coldron Head  1828  Barlings,
George Coldron Son Married 1860  Lincoln,
Walter Coldron Son Single 1864  Lincoln,
Edward Chambers Nephew  1864 Labourer  Worksop, Nottinghamshire,

I know that Elizabeth Coldron was born Elizabeth Chambers and is the daughter of George and Sophia from the 1871, based on the two census returns showing Edward born in Worksop it should be easy to work out his parents but I'm really struggling. 

I thought this was his birth ref;
GRO Reference: 1864  D Quarter in WORKSOP  Volume 07B  Page 24

Dive into the marriage index and there's a marriage that looks good, it's a couple of years earlier and just a few miles away in Retford ;
Marriages Jun 1858   (>99%)
Chambers    Bilby        E Retford    7b   9   
JOW    George        E.Retford    7b   9    
Pettinger    Hannah        E. Retford    7b   9   
Pettinger    Hannah Clarke        E. Retford    7b   9    
Whitlam    Ann        E.Retford    7b   9

It all falls down when following the census as Bilby Chambers married Hannah!
George and Sophia had several children including 3 sons I've never quite been able to work out;  I can never find them in the census as George and Sophia were in trouble with the law and the last son was born in the house of correction.

John Espin Chambers b1825, Langworth nr Wragby, Lincs
An un-named son in the GRO index; CHAMBERS, - mmn ESPIN GRO Reference: 1838 J Quarter in LINCOLN UNION
Uriah John Chambers b1841 in the Folkingham House of Correction

Am I missing something really obvious with Edward born in Worksop? Have I mistakenly thought the Edward in 1871 and 1881 are the same person? Was he just not registered or does he belong to one of the mystery sons?

London and Middlesex / Re: Missing marriage record 1843, advice please
« on: Wednesday 14 July 21 21:26 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Rebel

The list of certs I could buy thanks to the Bakers is crazy, they actually bridge two of my main lines which makes it really frustrating, most wouldn't look at them as they are so far off centre from my tree but they are like vines wrapped through the branches and now I want to know everything I can.
Now you've pinpointed a place that is almost on the doorstep of one of my direct ancestors who married a sister in law of the Bemrose girls. I can't make excuses not to buy some of the certs now, a witness or informant is going the entry that slots everything together, I'll kick myself if I don't try.   

London and Middlesex / Re: Missing marriage record 1843, advice please
« on: Tuesday 06 July 21 21:27 BST (UK)  »
If they didn't actually marry but went on to have a son I wonder how the Lord Bishop took it with his name associated with the announcement? 

I don't have the 1844 cert for the birth of the son so can only guess that Charles was still a coachman but he could have been working for anybody by then.

Martha and her sister Mary (both unmarried) at Newton, Sleaford, Lincs in 1841 in the household of Catharine Hodson. Martha a family servant, not sure about Mary as the occupation is lined through on the image. FindMyPast has them transcribed as Bemrod.

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