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Roscommon / Re: Help with location
« on: Monday 16 May 22 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much Kiltaglassan  that's perfect.

Patrick George Gavin  aged 22  Bachelor  19 Lurrby Street Burnley Father Augustine Gavin Insurance
Bridget Gallagher aged 20 Spinster  5 Gillow Street Burnley  Father James Gallagher Dec  Gardener
Witnest by A Baldwin M Neary
                                                           (Roman Catholics)

Patrick Gavin  aged 30, Bachelor, Labourer,  3 Bellis Court, Cuppin St, Chester, dad Martin deceased
Margaret Kelly  "     27, Spinster, _______ 31 Victor St,  Chester,                      "    Peter       "
Witnesses  Michael Power and Mary Walsh.
Roman Catholics

James Gavin age 26, Bachelor, Labourer, 10c Gay Street, father - Patrick Gavin,     Labourer
Mary Mc Donald  26 Spinster,   _______ 26  Gay Street,     ``     John Mc Donald,   Labourer
  Married in St Josephs Catholic Church   Liverpool.
          Witness  James Henry Rossiter and  Jane Mc Donald

Sorry could not remove it , was about to write something then got a phone call to say it might not be true  :-[

Galway / Re: Cant find Mary Gavin's Birth record
« on: Friday 11 March 22 13:14 GMT (UK)  »

Galway / Re: Searching for Mary
« on: Thursday 10 March 22 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
 Thanks heywood thats great,   the marriage is 01/02/1852 which leaves a big gap between Anne and the others we have found but I dont know if we can take anything from that. Margaret seems to have died in 1873 so maybe he married again and then had Mary?
 Back in 2004 I went knocking on doors around the area and was delighted with the responce I got, when someone mentioned Anne being her sister it went straight over my head as at the time I was very new to doing ancestry research, it was just recently that someone commented again that Mary had a sister who worked for the Kelly family and lived in Doonane that I started to search for Anne and even found which graveyard she was in but still nothing on Mary.   

Galway / Re: Searching for Mary
« on: Thursday 10 March 22 07:54 GMT (UK)  »
Yes I totally agree, as I said in the opening lines ( I am back searching )  but had a long think and came up with which one should I add it ?  If I put it on the first one someone would comment on the second one and so on .  With the new info I have found (sisters birth ) and new found brother's I thought I would be brave and just go ahead and do it. ;D

Galway / Searching for Mary
« on: Wednesday 09 March 22 21:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone, I am back searching for Mary Gavin once again but this time I have a bit of meat on the bone, Mary who I have on the 1901 and 1911 census living with a Mary Barrett in Ballygraney Townland in Galway close to Gurteen, she had a sister called Anne (info from local man) whom I have found was born along with her two brothers Patrick and James in Doonane to a Michael Gavin and Margaret Kelly. I have searched all my resorces for Mary's birth cert or Baptism to no avail I have her age as 75 on her death cert in 1941 also in the census it is not so clear as in 1901 it says 40 and in 1911 it says 55 years of age. 

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