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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Cigar manufacture Sheffield
« on: Saturday 09 March 19 23:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hey Collin, thanks for that little tid bit about the glue!

Very cool to think they probably worked in the same factory. Though your great grannie left a bit before my great grannie started  ;)


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Cigar manufacture Sheffield
« on: Tuesday 26 February 19 11:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hey Stan, thanks for that. I don't think she would have travelled back and forth to Huddersfield for work though...

I did just find this thread on the Sheffield History Forum though:

It seems to suggest that there were at least 3 Cigar Manufacturers in Sheffield in 1925

Baker Cyril A.& Co., cigarette & cigar manufacturers, & importers, 43 Kenbourne Road, Sharrow.
Morris B & Sons Ltd., cigar manufacturers, 88 Green Lane.
Wilson W C & Co., cigar manufacturers, 5 Matilda Street.
Wilson W C & Co., cigar manufacturers, Porter Street.
Wilson Wilfred Clarke, cigar manufacturer, 1 Psalter Lane, Sharrow.
(Kelly's directory 1925)

Does anyone know anything about these companies??

I think the most likely could be B Morris & Sons Ltd in Green Lane, as it appears to be closest to the Walkley and Woodside areas....

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Cigar manufacture Sheffield
« on: Tuesday 26 February 19 10:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All,

I am trying to find out where my great grandmother worked in her youth. She is listed in 1925 as a cigar maker, and at the time was living at 45 Walkley Road, Sheffield. She had previously lived in and around the Pitsmoor/Woodside area.

I can't seem to find any likely cigar or cigarette manufacturers where she may have worked  :-\

Any help would be greatly appreciated  ;)


Occupation Interests / Grants/Vouchers for university studies in UK post WWI
« on: Wednesday 06 February 19 08:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All,

Not sure where to post this query, hopefully 'occupation interests' makes some sense!

A relative of mine served during WWI in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) and on his return to Scotland in 1919 enrolled at St Andrews University to study Medicine. The lovely folk at the University of St Andrews Library have found his matriculation details and graduation records, and on them it states that a fair portion of his university fees were paid through grants and vouchers.

Most years a large proportion of his fees were paid in Ministry of Labour S.E.D. Vouchers rather than cash. And in his final year he was also in receipt of a D.O. Grant (written in the bursary/scholarship section of the form)

I am wondering if anyone can shed any light on what these grants were and how they were obtained? Were they for reserved returned servicemen? Were they based on academic merit?

Any info would be greatly appreciated  ;)


Hi All,

When I ordered by 2x Great Aunt's marriage certificate there were 4 others on the image...thought I'd post all the names in case anyone else is looking for these couples  ;)

All marriages performed at the Presbyterian Church, Ann Street, Brisbane.

5th January 1943 - Horace Norman Retallack & Dora Fagenoff (known as Dorice Fagen)
Parents - Cyral Norman Retallack/Stella Eva Ashdown & Simon Fagenoff/Eleanah Gordon

5th January 1943 - Joseph Francis Druitt & Christine McIntyre Pawson - MY 2x GREAT AUNT
Parents - Alfred Thomas Druitt/Betty Bootle & Robert Rutherford/Agnes Fulton

8th January 1943 - James Stanley Brownfield & Doreen Bright
Parents - Harry William Brownfield/Mae Marshall & Herbert Bright/Thelma Hillier

9th January 1943 - Clive Montgomery Johnston Browne & Rosina May O'Connor
Parents - Montgomery Stewart Browne/Isabella Johnston & John Joseph O'Connor/Millicent Martin

11th January 1943 - Joseph Alexander Ross & Marjorie Wilkie
Parents - Leslie Ellis Ross/Elsie Meggs & William James Wilkie/Bessie Pearl Hovey

Just PM me if you would like a copy of any of the certificates. Hopefully they help someone  ;D


Monmouthshire / Re: Chepstow Parish records - WALTERS
« on: Saturday 02 February 19 10:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hey Debbie,

I realise it is a gazillion years since we posted about our Waters/Walters families, but I jave recently delved back into my Welsh ancestry and I think I have found more information that might help you with your tree (if you haven't already sorted it sometime in the last 13 or so years!! ;D)

I believe that Eliza Waters (b 1811) the daughter of Morgan & Rachel Waters of Newchurch died in her youth. I have found a burial for a 16 year old Eliza Waters on the 23rd May 1827 at Newchurch.

I suspect that your Eliza Waters (who married Charles Gee Jones in 1826 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset) was the daughter of John Waters and Betty Hodges of Chepstow.

Eliza Waters d of John Waters and Betty his wife was baptised 1st January 1806 at Chepstow

John Waters and Betty Hodges were married on 10th July 1798 at Chepstow, they had 6 children including Eliza

I have a copy of Eliza's marriage to Charles Jones and on it there is a Sarah Waters as a witness. This is most likely her elder sister Sarah Elizabeth Waters who was baptised on 21st August 1799. There is no Sarah Waters in Morgan & Rachel Waters' family. Charles & Eliza Jones also named one of their daughters Sarah Elizabeth Jones....perhaps after her aunt?

If you think this may be a match for your family, send me a PM with your e-mail and I will forward you the images from the parish registers.

I hope you are well, and still enjoying family history research  ;)


Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Lenham Parish Register Lookup - HARRISSON
« on: Monday 31 December 18 01:39 GMT (UK)  »
I should look before I ask....I see that Robert Harrison and Sarah Sharsted married 29 May 1752/3 in you are thinking that these two are the parents of Robert b. 1755 then?

This Robert appears to have a number of siblings, I wonder if any of them left a will or other document that may name him?

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Lenham Parish Register Lookup - HARRISSON
« on: Monday 31 December 18 01:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again John  ;)

I am not sure how much help I can be in proving or disproving the parentage of your Robert Harrison, though I do agree with you that your John Harrison is the son of a Robert & Mary Harrison, with siblings as below:

Baptisms for children of Robert & Mary Harrison in Challock
Mary 11/4/1784
Robert 21/5/1786
Thomas   30/9/1787
George ?/9/1790
John 8/1/1793
Sarah 21/9/1794

Finding the 'right' Robert may prove to be a big challenge!!

It would be great if you had a will or two to help out....or some monumental inscriptions...

I looked at the baptisms you mention for Robert's in the general area and around the general time we expect him to be born. Yes the 1743 Charing baptism is accounted for, and the 1753 Folkestone baptism seems to be for an adult (possibly born about 1813, no parents are mentioned).

That leaves the 1755 Bethersden baptism, a child of Robert Harrison and Sarah and the 1747 Preston by Wingham baptism, a child of John Harrison and Catherine. Yes Sarah features in the family tree and Catherine does not....but Sarah is an extremely common name, so it is hard to put much weight on that in helping to identify the earlier generations. Where/when did Robert Harrison and Sarah Sharsted marry? baptism for your Robert has survived...which is also possible

Not sure that my ramblings help much....perhaps others can assist?

I'm off on holidays for the next week or so, but will have a little look about when I get home to see if I can find any gems of information....good luck, these guys are challenging!


World War One / Re: WWI - uniform identification/dating
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 11:30 GMT (UK)  » the MOD most definitely don't have any kind of refund, they make sure that is clearly stated on the website!  ;D

How can you tell that he went onto the Z list? Shouldn't the abbreviation ARZ show on his medal card? (I must admit I had to google what the Z list was, and found this reference ;) )

"ARZ - Class Z Army Reserve. In December 1918 soldiers being demobilised were first posted to Class Z. They could return to civilian life but knew they were obliged to return if necessary. The Z Reserve was abolished on 31 March 1920"

So, if he was back in Dundee in think he was as reservist that was called up to go to Ireland for a bit? If he continued with the service, would he have had to sign on for a certain number of years?

Sorry for all the questions!! I think I am getting myself more confused  :-\

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