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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: What is this forename?
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 18:05 GMT (UK)  »
I suggest the name is that of her husband: the older members of my family still refer to me as "Mrs Kevin ............... " when addressing letter, etc, rather than use my own forename.  As the lady is being referred to title first, I think the Will writer was using that additional degree of formality.

The Common Room / Re: Could a Coachman & Gentleman be the Same Person?
« on: Saturday 23 October 21 12:25 BST (UK)  »

I recall reading somewhere that the definition of "gentleman" was someone who was of independent means i.e. not reliant on paid employment.  Using that definition a man could qualify as a gentlemen at some times (perhaps after receiving a legacy) but not others (after having spent it all and returned to work).

Also descriptions of the occupation of a father on a Marriage Certificate are given by the child marrying and might not be an accurate reflection of the occupation of their father (particularly if the father is not present at the ceremony).  The information might reflect how that child wished to project their background.  For instance I had one certificate where the child recorded their father as a "Chemical Manufacturer", whereas the man described himself to the enumerator on all census returns as a "Chemical Labourer".

The Lighter Side / Re: A house through time
« on: Wednesday 29 September 21 11:12 BST (UK)  »
I enjoy series like this for the sheer diversity of documents used in the research.  I find it inspirational from that point of view.

However, I think the breadth of social history was lacking a little in the latest series.  The previous properties featured had seen more changes in their internal layout and usage as well as in their surrounding neighbourhoods, reflecting all manner of political, economic and social changes.  This series had comments about the general growth of Leeds and the fortunes of the textile industry, freemasons and theosophy but these didn't seem to impact greatly on the house itself - though the lives lived by the inhabitants were interesting and varied.

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Friday 28 May 21 10:18 BST (UK)  »
I have a small "notepad" made of 5 or 6 leaves of ivory. It was used to write notes to one of my gt-grandmothers who had become completely deaf in her old age.  Although not acceptable nowadays, ivory was smooth and non-porous so it could be wiped and reused indefinitely.  I have never seen anything else like it.

My favourite heirloom is a nearly complete set of wooden building bricks made by another gt-grandparent for his children.  They are very Gothic in style and include glazed windows!

Graveyards and Gravestones / Re: Yew tree cemetery
« on: Sunday 09 May 21 17:15 BST (UK)  »
There is a very helpful Rootschatter who offers look ups for Ford and Yew Tree cemeteries here

The Common Room / Re: "Potential"ancestors
« on: Tuesday 06 April 21 21:35 BST (UK)  »
After years of resisting I caved and did the DNA thing and put my tree up to try and break a couple of long-standing brickwalls.  One may be crumbling (hoorah!).  Unfortunately, via the infamous "Hints",  I have also found many, many trees put together by people who believe you can baptise children several years before they are born at the other end of the country to single mothers who are married to fathers who are baptising children with several other wives - sometimes in two countries at once or after they're dead!  :o  I can't understand wanting to include people that aren't related in what is supposed to be a family tree - so much of it is such obvious nonsense.

The Lighter Side / Re: New census 2021 form
« on: Thursday 11 March 21 16:43 GMT (UK)  »
Copper1: I suppose the Enumerator this year is Leidos who hold the contract to "do" the census for the UK this time around. 

The Lighter Side / Re: New census 2021 form
« on: Monday 08 March 21 10:40 GMT (UK)  »
Our house received the form in the post - didn't have to make a special request.  (I'm in Lincolnshire.) 

The paper form is 32 pages long because it repeats the questions for individual household members 5 times and also has a page for any visitors to fill in basic information.  There are 50 questions per household member: personal (similar to those routinely asked when accessing NHS treatment); educational history, and employment.  As far as I can see the questions address traditional areas of concern (such as housing and transport requirements) and areas that have come to the fore more recently (eg gender allignment and mental health).  The more "prying" questions are included in order to establish what the current requirements of the population are in order to plan as adequately as possible for the needs of the population over the next 10 years.  It is necessary to ask about mental health (for example) so that the current government (and administrations to follow) can try to fund services appropriately.  Although I have no more reason to trust "Them" than the next person, it should benefit me to be honest in my answers - if I am not, I cannot complain if services I require are not provided in my area.

Lincolnshire / Re: name that street, please.
« on: Friday 05 February 21 09:31 GMT (UK)  »
Yep, I'm with Sugarbakers - Coningsby Street  :)

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