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Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Yesterday at 03:24 »
I didnt find  bit  with  Alice Erikson nee booth in paper but did find  claudes mum suing for support in 1904.
Hi ... no, she was only named in article as "Mrs ERICKSON";   Spelling was wrong so when correcting it to ERIKSON, I also gave her first name, Alice and brief details of who she had married.

The Dick family  there as my nana Vulenza Elizabeth Dick born    Masteron,she Vulenza granddaughter that could be a reason. 

*     Can you expand on this please because I don't understand what you mean ??   "being a reason " ??

Hi kinky d

Could you answer the questiuon in blue above please  ?

Yes, was aware of Vulenza's first marriage in England.
But thinking of the possibility that she was the lady on the boat going to Sydney in 1917 seems really strange given the circumtances of the times (war) - plus her age - and if she was running off with another man say, or even just abandoning her family in NZ, would she have used the name "BOOTH"  ??   Too many questions  ???  ::)

Really about the only thing that can be done now (having not found her in NZ or AUS), is to branch outwards and look to see what members of her immediate family were doing  - where they were living  etc.     ???    It's a long-haul doing that but often people can be found through their children.

Finding out where she was in January 1905 at son's wedding ... and knowing what husband William was up to in 1907 and 1908, is helpful up to a point.

*    Please explain what the story is with William BOOTH going to hospital in 1924 ??

*   What was he doing between 1908 when he was sent to Pakatoa Island by the court, ... and 1924 when he's admitted to hospital ??

*    And is he released from hospital ... or does he stay there until daughter Eliza buries him in 1934 ??

*    Do you or any fellow researchers, actually have the printout or certificate for death of William BOOTH (1934) ??

    ~   Lu

New Zealand / Re: Percival Douglas Newport 1928 - 1990
« on: Monday 27 June 22 12:55 BST (UK)  »
Archives New Zealand have the following > re: Draft No. 18 - "Atlantis" (ship) - 17 September 1950 :

There's a lot of mumbo-jumbo included in this reference - with numbers etc. (can't quite get my head around it at this late hour).  ;D     And restrictions on access to some files also.
If it is of interest to you, then worth an email to Archives NZ - an archivist will be able to interpret what information is available.

   ~  Lu

New Zealand / Re: Percival Douglas Newport 1928 - 1990
« on: Monday 27 June 22 12:35 BST (UK)  »
A photo here of the "Atlantis" leaving the Port of Wellington, NZ (Port Nicholson), in 1951 after bringing immigrants.

   ~  Lu

New Zealand / Re: Percival Douglas Newport 1928 - 1990
« on: Monday 27 June 22 12:29 BST (UK)  »
With the son born in NZ in 1949 before Percy came here, could Mary have been in England and met him there, got pregnant and came back to NZ.

Just a thought.

Ian C

Percival was amongst a large body of UK emigrants destined for Wellington who arrived in September 1950 (Carolyn probably has already seen the passenger list at FamilySearch ? )
   ... click on Original at left

The ship bringing them, "Atlantis", had a stopover at Fremantle (Western Australia) 6 September 1950, and the passengers are recorded on a slightly different list which shows a good many of them were part of / (or their address was recorded as), c/- Immigration Draft 18, Wellington.
Not sure if there is further info (at Archives or similar) for this intake of immigrants ??

   ~  Lu

Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Monday 27 June 22 11:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi kinky d

Slight progress   ;D  ...  at least this sorts out where Vulenza and William BOOTH were at the beginning of 1905.

Went back over notes for John Francis BOOTH (their son), when you mentioned his illegitimate son, Claude (b. 1901).   Aside from the newspaper article re: custody of this son, placed at one time with JFB's sister Mrs ERICKSON* (correct sp. is ERIKSON*), there was also later mention of his divorce from wife Bridget who'd deserted him and their children. 
[My note :  Did wonder if Vulenza had a part in raising these kids ??   But maybe not.    JFB seems to have married again about a year after divorce.]

Anyway .. there's a marriage printout on an ancestry tree for John Francis BOOTH to Bridget TUOHY -- 28 January 1905 - at the Registry Office, Auckland.   
The witnesses were   >  W.  BOOTH - Auckland -  father of the Bridegroom and Vulenza BOOTH - Auckland.

There could be any reason that William and Vulenza BOOTH were on the e/rolls 1905-06 and 1908 at Masterton ???
Vulenza not to be found on NZ rolls after 1908 and ... William BOOTH does appear (also) on the Auckland > Manukau e/roll in 1908 -- BOOTH - William - Pakatoa Island, labourer :

[ *  "Mrs ERICKSON" = Alice nee BOOTH married Edward ERIKSON - Nov 1900 - Reg. Office, Wellington.  Witnesses - x 2 seemed they might be clerks of Reg. Office staff ??  ]

I am doubtful that Vulenza BOOTH would have gone off to Sydney to be with grandson Claude O'HAGAN.  He was born late in 1901 so was only 16 in mid 1917.   [Seems his mother may have had a marriage while Claude was quite young ?  Have found a woman I think might be his mother,  travelling a bit to and from Australia and other parts, but nothing to confirm. ]

     ~  Lu

Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Monday 27 June 22 03:41 BST (UK)  »
This is Claude F. O'Hagan returning to Australia in 1968 having spent 3 months in UK ??  (Only has travelling from Southampton so not clear exactly where's he's been).

He appears firstly on AUS electoral rolls in 1934 at Tully > Herbert > Queensland - Occ.  Farmer.  There until 1941 and in 1943 in New South Wales where he marries.

Death :  11 July 1996 aged 94 - late of Sutherland NSW.  Notices in 'Sydney Morning Herald' 16 July 1996.  wife - Rona Mary O'Hagan died April 1991 :
  > custody case of the child, Claude F. O'HAGAN

Edited to add further info.

Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Monday 27 June 22 03:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi kinky d

... thanks for your post with updates ... and for clearing up the confusion.   :)

As I said earlier, the electoral rolls are not always accurate - sometimes people did not notify that they were moving elsewhere in the country ... and some just stopped registering to vote for whatever reason.       And there are those (especially women) who wished to change their identity if they were say, living in a new relationship. 

It may be that Vulenza had moved away from Masterton before 1908 ???    William certainly had, because there's evidence of him being in Auckland from 1907 at least (and he's not in a position then to provide for his wife.)

*   Were any of Vulenza's other children in Auckland from 1905-06 ??    

Eliza DICK and husband are in Taranaki (1911) then Waikato (1919-1922 e/rolls) and by 1925 living in Auckland.

It does not seem from NZ records that Vulenza has died here (NZ)  before that possible sighting on the passenger list in 1917 to Sydney.   So we have to keep on trying to locate her in Australia.

*    As well as Claude O'HAGAN, do you think there could be other grandchildren of Vulenza who could have gone to Australia (even for a short time) ??

Vulenza is aged 66-67 years, in 1917.   That was considered very old in those days.    If she was off to Australia to live, she would undoubtedly need the support of others - friends/family ?
Also, 1917 was during WW1 -- lots of restrictions going on -- who would have paid her expenses, her fare to Sydney etc ??      Seems odd too that she might have been using the surname BOOTH if she was "escaping" New Zealand for any reason ??
I've also tried searching for her using her second given name of "Mary".   (No luck with that so far).

       ~  Lu

Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Sunday 26 June 22 09:08 BST (UK)  »
Electoral rolls  - helpful sometimes ... but not always accurate :

Kinky d ... from what you've said previously, William BOOTH (Vulenza's husband) was already in Auckland by 1907

And 1908
(later sent to Pakatoa Island )  Earlier offences (as inebriate) before courts in April / May 1908.

No sighting of Vulenza BOOTH  at this time and seems his family weren't in the picture either (according to his comments in court).

Australia / Re: Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Sunday 26 June 22 08:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi kinky d

You said earlier you'd only found Vulenza BOOTH on NZ electoral rolls up to 1905-06.

In fact, she is still shown on a roll in 1908.     At same Masterton address > Queen Street > with husband Wiiliam, grocer ... and son, John Francis, painter.

Even though the details for all, are the same as for 1905-06 Masterton roll, it would seem that alterations / updates, have been made to the 1908 roll, as persons recorded have been allocated new (registration) numbers.     
[ On checking the "Removals from Main Roll - 1908 - Masterton"  ... No. 434 - [ = BOOTH - John Francis - painter ] has been removed.   He appears to have then transferred his registration to the Taumarunui roll and is living at Raetihi with his wife Bridget. ]

   ~  Lu

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