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Northumberland / Re: Theodore Nonas 1890
« on: Yesterday at 14:41 »
Do you have the newspaper report from 1932 about his widow? I am happy to transcribe the details should you want it.


Northumberland / Re: Theodore Nonas 1890
« on: Yesterday at 14:17 »
The Merchant Seaman record on Family Search is on FindMyPast, the card is stamped 4 Jul 1925, North Shields  and says it was from the Renewal book as the original had been lost

Nonas, Theodoros
Born 1891 , Syr(a/o) , Greece

Discharge No 1129448, Rating: F'Man (? Fireman) and another word I am struggling to decipher (see snippet)
He was 5ft 6ins tall, brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion,  had a tattoo of a snake and woman on his right forearm.
He marked X as his signature.


Can't help with a look up, sorry. The nearest FHC to me (in Scotland) has been closed since the pandemic began and there's not yet any sign of it re-opening.

While you are waiting in case someone does have an open FHC, I firkled.
On the result for the link you gave, when I expand the Document Information, that tells me the record is in Digital folder 007654023, image 559

Putting that number into the catalogue search as a film/fiche number takes me to this page
It says the database is from the National Archives ref WO 25

In the list the description for that DGS no, says this section of the records relates to
540 97th Foot 1810-1851
541 97th Foot 1812-1817
542B 97th Foot 1823-1867

Given the dates this entry is unlikely to have come from the middle item in the list, but the first and last are a possibility.

The good news:

Putting WO 25/540 in the National Archives Discovery search
gives me this

If you click on preview an image of this record you can page through the entire file, to see if he is in there (I'd do it using the full screen icon and page through) or you can register and they'll let you download the entire file for free though its quite a large file (91.5 MB) so may take some time to download

The not so good news:

If I repeat the search and enter WO 25/542B I get this page:

and sadly, that record has not yet been digitised, so if he is in that record set then you will need to either visit the NA or wait for someone to be able to check for you at an FHC.

I just looked at the image sets for the first and second items in the FS list which are digitised
WO 25/540 contains 289 images
WO 25/541 contains 247 images.

Therefore, IF the LDS filmed these sequentially the really bad news is that their image 539 will be most likely from the third set which isn't digitised, especially as the others seem to be in rough alphabetical order so it would seem logical that ABERCROMBIE would be at the beginning of the final set?

and apologies, I just noticed you are new around here,  Welcome to Rootschat! :-)


Behave yourself Gadget!

He has the same twinkle that my Granda had in his eye - and a visit from Granda always had the promise of stories, songs, games of cards, draughts and chess, oranges and apples and now and then those slim, penny bars of choccy in silver paper- and above all the BEST of whiskery hugs n kisses.

Grandas are the BEST!


From the point of view of someone who looks at just about every photo posted.
Whoever he is, his photo is super and makes him look like someone I would really like to get to know :-)
Mainly because of that twinkle in is eye that indicates he would be fun to be around!


Northumberland / Re: A marriage in Tynemouth 1906 - why?
« on: Sunday 17 October 21 15:11 BST (UK)  »
 Tynemouth registrars don't have a marriage search to give you the date or venue
Marriage Locator indicates that this 1906 marriage took place at St Luke, Wallsend.

Family Search has not yet indexed that year, nor has Free Reg

North Tyneside local studies centre probably have these marriages on microfilm

Tyne and Wear Archives will have them on microfilm

Both of the above are free to consult if you visit, unsure about the local history library but Tyne and Wear charge 7 if you apply remotely for a copy.

Northumberland archives will provide a digital scan of the register by email for 6

or the GRO will provide a copy cert for 11.


The Common Room / Re: Changes to Family Search website
« on: Saturday 16 October 21 21:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi Erato

When I specify Lancashire as the birthplace &  select birth only - why does it throw up all other events in other counties?

Can you show a step by step of what you did to get that result?  Given the number of adverse comments about the new format perhaps we may all learn something from you to help with searching

There will possibly be lots of different ways but this is how I got a possible result:

Family Search:
takes you to:

LAST NAME : Carlin

Year Range 1904 - 1904

COUNTRY: England

Birth Baptism and Christening

Click Search
and you get:

May seem a bit long winded, but not much different from the scrolling up and down to limit the search on the earlier site? Its basically the same but they've put the filters all on the same screen rather than scrolling  up and down (which the world and his dog moaned about when that version came out).

It's different, it's taking a bit of getting used to, but its still the same info and the same price of free.

From my point of view to get this info for free its worth firkling round to see how it works. That is just my personal opinion though and I realise that others may not share that.


Durham / Re: susanna mclean
« on: Wednesday 13 October 21 22:30 BST (UK)  »
You are more than welcome Tom

We all need a little help now and then, I've had super help from these boards over the years and its nice to be able to offer to help others in a small way in return :-)


Northumberland / Re: Wiliam. Cay Wilson
« on: Tuesday 12 October 21 16:04 BST (UK)  »
Baptisms at St Nicholas with parents Robert (either a joiner or cabinet maker on the record) and Hannah

EDIT forgot William Cay so have added him in

William Cay Wilson bap. 06 Oct 1816, of Castle Garth

John Hall Wilson bap 30 May 1819, of Side

Jane Wilson bap. 23 Dec 1821 of Bailiffgate

Mary Wilson bap. 22 Feb 1824  of Bailiffgate

Ann Wilson bap. 09 March 1827 of Low Bridge

Robert Wilson bap. 12 Apr 1834 of Low Bridge

This is possible to be the family in 1841


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