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Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Yesterday at 20:49 »
from the two gravestones we now know that Henry, Elizabeth, John and Jane Ann all predeceased their father

The two children who survived him were Sarah Smith/Errington and Isabella Errington

I contacted a couple of tree owners on ancestry and one of then kindly sent me a copy of John's will.

The will mentions 'Sarah, my reputed daughter' whose married name was Kay and listed  her children
The records indicate that Sarah Smith married WIlliam Kay in Q2 1874, Newcastle and later census returns show William Kay was a colliery overman, born c 1853, Beamish. children's names match those in the will
1881   living at 2 South Tanfield Villa, Kyo and have 3 children
1891   living at The Hill, Kyo and have 8 children
1901   living at 4 Jackey's Pit, Stanley, 8 children (plus another, Margaret, born 1879  is listed with her Granda John at the Ox Inn)
1911  living at 11 Front St., East Stanley 5 of their children listed

Her husband WIlliam died 10 Apr 1913, aged 60
Sarah died 25 Jan 1944
1944 probate calendar
KAY Sarah of Edenholme Station-road Stanley county Durham widow died 25 Jan 1944 Probate Newcastle upon Tyne to John Ksy colliery cashier and Joseph Curry retired colliery railwayman Effects 1763 7s 6d

Isabella Errington married John Cuthbert Q3 1895 Chester le Street

1901  living at 4 Macadam St, Gateshead John was born c1880 Newcastle and worked as a machineman (ordnance) one daughter, Mary, age 1 born Great Usworth
1911  John was recorded as married, a servant and working at Heworth Hall, Felling as a cowman on dairy farm
          Isabella was listed as married, the Head of Household at Mayo House, Stanley, her daughter Mary was with her

1921 the family are all 3 recorded together at 21 Telford St, Gateshead

John died in 1940, buried Saltwell Cemetery

Isabella died on 25 Oct 1950
buried at Saltwell Cemetery, Gateshead
1950 Probate Calendar
CUTHBERT Isabella of 21 Telford Street Gateshead widow died 25 October 1950 Probate Newcastle upon Tyne 12 December to Mary Hyams (wife of Joseph Hyams). Effects 577 5s 4d


Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Yesterday at 10:11 »
This looks like it may answer a few questions about this family :-)

click to see the original photo and then zoom out if needed to read it


Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 20:45 GMT (UK)  »
Again 'possible' but not definite
As Henry was the only one of his offspring with John in 1881, I wondered what happened to the others
Isabella  would only have been 11.

1881 census Main Rd., Tanfield, Piece 4941, Folio 119, page 54
John Ryans, Head,  age 48, stone quarryman, born Ireland
Mary A Ryans, wife, age 40, born Sunderland
Bella Errington, adopted daughter, age 11 born Kyo
James Smith boarder age 28 scholmaster, born Banffshire, Scotland
James Easson, boarder age 29, scholmaster, born Banffshire

1891 census Red Lion Inn, Usworth Junction, Great Usworth
Piece 4124, Folio 118, page 2
John Ryans Head, age 60 Licensed Victualler, born Ireland
Mary  Ryans, wife, age 53, born Sunderland
Bella Ryans, age 21, born Oxhill


Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 16:23 GMT (UK)  »
I had another firkle and this seems to lend weight to John's wife being called Jane

ADDEDburial register entry for Henry Smith, the surname in which his death was registered (burial entry states he was known as Henry Errington)

burial register entry for John Errington

burial register entry for Frederick Smith


Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 15:18 GMT (UK)  »
NB this is not writ in stone, just possibilities that I see in the records. Without seeing certificates / parish records I can't be sure, but think its worth investigating

looking at the list of children on that 1871 census ShaunJ found for you all of whom are said to have been born in Lanchester
Piece 4956, folio 49, page 10 and seeing what is in the GRO births to try to ascertain a MMN
 Durham Reg District included Kyo (in Lanchester Parish) and a blank MMN indicates a single mother

Sarah , born c1855 - no likely Sarah Errington, but there is a Sarah Smith, MMN blank Q1 1855 Durham
Henry, born c1857, no likely Henry Errington, but there is a Henry Smith, MMN blank Q4 1857 Durham
Elizabeth, born c1863, a possible in Durham for Errington Q2 mmn Elliott  plus one possible for Smith MMN blank Q3 1863
John born c1865,2 possibles for John Errington, Q3 1865 Durham MMN Watson, Q4 1865 Durham MMN Smith and 1 John Smith, MMN blank Q2 1865
 Jane A, born c 1868, Jane Ann Errington,  Q2 1868 Durham MMN Smith
Isabella b c1870,  FreeBMD has an Isabella Errington Q2 1870 Durham, MMN Smith, GRO has no first name for this child, but has a MMN of Smith and Durham Registrars births search has a Baby Girl Errington in 1870

Difficult to say but possibilities are
they  married c 1863-1868
didn't marry at all and whoever registered the later births either fibbed and said they were married or weren't aware they weren't

taking the first possibility & looking for marriages for a John Errington to a lady called Smith 1863 - 1871
the only possible I can find (but others may have more success) is
Q1 1865, Gateshead John Errington and Jane Smith on the same page in the register

and there is a death for a Jane Errington in Q2 1870, Durham, age 36

Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 13:34 GMT (UK)  »
In the 1871 census of Ox Hill he is already a widower and has children Sarah 16, Henry 14, Elizabeth 8, John 6, Jane A 3, Arabella 1. His mother Elizabeth aged 66 is also there.  All listed as born Lanchester.

I've just looked at the image for that census and the youngest child was Isabella, not Arabella (which explains why I can't find a birth for an Arabella Errington)


Durham / Re: John Errington - Oxhill publican
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 12:56 GMT (UK)  »
More than one John Errington in the baptism records born around the right time/area

The John you are looking for died on 4th Oct 1910, as confirmed

Durham Chronicle 17 Feb 1911, page 7 col 4

Local Wills
Mr John Errington of Mayo House, Stanley, late of the Ox Inn, Oxhill, who died on 4th Oct last, aged 83 years, left estate of the gross value of 19,461 14s of which the net personalty has been sworn at 12,778 14s 7d

His will was proved at Durham 1 February and the named executors were Frederick Smith agent, George Foster builder and John Dixon innkeeper.

1.50 will get you the will  and grant of admin via

 Hopefully the will may name children/grandchildren which will give some definite info to track back and find out who he married and names of any children


Armed Forces / Re: Royal Hospital, Chelsea mid 1800's query
« on: Sunday 29 January 23 10:53 GMT (UK)  »
The current qualifying criteria can be seen on this page

and it states that amongst other things the applicant should be:
Free of any financial obligation to support a spouse or family

If you don't get a definitive answer in here about historical criteria then try contacting the Royal Hospital Chelsea (contact numbers and email addresses are on the site).


The Common Room / Re: Born in France (British Subject) (Early 1800's)
« on: Saturday 28 January 23 20:32 GMT (UK)  »

He changed his name a lot and there are records of him as Henry Sotrine, Henry Southry, Henry Southey and Henry Soushry on the various census records. He was a boat builder.

Its highly possible that he didn't change his name at all but that its been misheard/mistranscribed  by the enumerator on the census records


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