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Northumberland / Re: Cowpen Cemetery
« on: Today at 09:18 »
Might burials have been at St Peter, Wallsend?  If so I think North Shields Local Studies has the records and I could check next time I go.

Thanks RTL, I tried Family Search but neither of them showing at St Peter Wallsend.


I checked the online book of remembrance for Westgate Road Crematorium.
Looks like the family didn't choose to have an entry for either Albert or Laura (normally inserted on the relevant page for the date of death).


As the OCR is often gobbledegook, its sometimes a case of either trawling through day by day for the entire quarter in which someone died (I am possibly the Olympic Champion at that)

OR, wait for someone such as jonw65 to post a clue and then you only need to look through a day or so :-) without John providing the date of cremation it could have taken me hours to find it.


Her death notice is in the Newcastle Journal 14 May 1981, page 2 col 2

She died 12th May

I think you have access to the online papers, if not I can transcribe the notice for you)


Northumberland / Re: Cowpen Cemetery
« on: Today at 08:32 »
Thanks Michael and John

The death registration for Mary aged 64 is the current running favourite to apply for but I was hoping to get a sniff of a burial record to be more sure.
I'll take a punt on the pdf and see what it says. I am hoping it will say she was the 'widow of John' as his death wasn't registered by a family member so, though it feels right, I at least want her death to mention that he died before her or its back to the drawing board.

Northumberland / Cowpen Cemetery
« on: Yesterday at 20:10 »
I have two people John Jobling, died 1872, death cert says he died at Bebside Colliery and his wife Mary who 'possibly' died 1876 , death registered in Tynemouth District which , at that time included Cowpen .

I can see that there is a Cowpen Cemetery but am failing to ascertain if it may have been in existence in the relevant time frame to ask if they are buried there.

Is anyone able to tell me when this cemetery opened, or which churchyard they may have been buried in?


Northumberland / Re: Newcastle Local Studies Offering Free, Limited Research!
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 12:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi Michael
Nice to 'see' you. 

Wills are my first port of call when I discover a likely death reg - if there is an entry in the probate calendar it helps me narrow down a search in the old newspapers if they are available online.

His widow probably would have been mentioned in his will  - if he had anything to leave , but they probably had too much week at the end of the paypacket most of their lives :-)


Durham Lookup Requests / Re: Durham Record Office - Tanfield & Lanchester PRs
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 09:29 BST (UK)  »
In regards to the Surtees/Ward marriage I was wondering if anybody else had spotted this marriage bond dated 16 Jul 1716 a marriage between John Walton, gentleman & Sarah Surties widow of Lanchester.

There is a burial for a Robert Surtis on the 08 Mar 1716 of Lanchester.

I got nosey about this and checked the North East Inheritance Database (wills/probate for Diocese of Durham pre 1858)

and there is this entry which looks like its 'possible' ?
Robert SURETIES, of Lanchester [Lanchester, County Durham]
Date of probate: 23 March 1716
administration bond, penal sum 300, 23 March 1716 (DPR/I/3/1715/B204/1-2)

Sadly there is no link to an image on Family Search and I tried browsing but that ref doesn't seem to be included in the image database.

An enquiry to Palace Green Library may produce a copy if anyone wanted it but there will be a cost (last Marriage bond/Allegation I had from them as it wasn't on Family Search was 10)



...and Sandra, you've very neatly tied up all the loose ends.  I wonder why he didn't leave his estate to his second wife Annie Evelyn. 

Just for info, the person named in the Probate calendar was the 'executor' of the will and may or may not be a beneficiary. Sometimes the probate wass granted to a bank or a solicitor.

The only way to know who was a beneficiary named in a will is to obtain a copy of the will via
(make sure you are on the correct tab for the time frame when you search)
which will cost 1.50.
For that you get a copy of the will and a copy of the grant.


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