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Thank you so much for your assistance, wonderful to receive, and has now given us some closure.
Regards Jan

Was getting so excited, haven't received the images yet.  Will p.m. you again.  Jan

Sorry Spades, just found your message.   Will p.m. you.

Hi Jan,

I have the file for you.

Please send me a PM with your email address.


Well I've had a reply now from the Porirua Cemetery people, and they confirm the death of Richard Lewis 12.12.1913 aged 87 years, his occupation Soldier, buried in Church of England section.  Sadly they have no further information in the records of his family to confirm our family connection.

It would be wonderful if anyone out there is able to assist me with regard to getting any details on the Coroner's Inquest.   I know it is a busy time of year, I live in hope that someone could have the time, and would really appreciate any closure they could give us for this old gentleman.


Berkshire / Re: Help finding what happened to Arthur Lewis and family of Newbury
« on: Friday 11 December 20 22:07 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for all of this information, correct agree with you.   Guess that most likely Arthur Lewis (Williams) was placed in the Newbury Workhouse, after Richard Lewis was convicted and subsequently transported to Australia in 1852.    The difficulty of finding Harriett Lewis after 1851 census is our problem now.

DNA matches are showing family connection with the Lipscombes, and 1871 census definitely shows Arthur living with his cousins Alfred Lipscombe and his wife Hannah.  But how they are connected just have not been able to ascertain.

Talk about a complicated family.   


Berkshire / Re: Help finding what happened to Arthur Lewis and family of Newbury
« on: Friday 11 December 20 03:32 GMT (UK)  »

We now have copy of birth certificate, showing Edwin Lewis as being the son of James Lewis & Amey Hyde.  So this Edwin born 14.4.1840 is brother to Richard Lewis.

We also have copy of marriage certificate of Richard Lewis and Harriet Pyke on the 27.10.1844 their ages, Richard 21 and Harriett 19.   He is son of James Lewis and Harriett daughter of Thomas Pyke, Yeoman.

The search continues.

Thank you Ladyhawk for that information.   Strange no mother on the GRO Reference for Edwin Lewis.    This family certainly keeping us guessing !!
Maybe he did migrate to the States, you would think that we would have found him by 1861 census though in UK, unless of course he left at a very young age.

If we could get information on the Coroner's Inquest maybe help, let's see what happens.
I am so grateful for the help given in the meantime, thanks all.

Lucy, thank you, I have just sent an email message to them.   Let's hope this is the answer.

Lucy, yes that would be great if someone could assist.    Jan

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