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Hi Sally, I'm just glad you're interested in your roots although I can only help with your paternal side.

I haven't received your PM but I will send you one & you only have to click on 'Reply' to send your message.

I don't have the BC for William, it's within the 100 yr privacy era i.e. not downloadable.

Speak soon via PM!  ;)


Hi Matt...

Forfarian is correct re many places named Milton...

However, Milton in your case is familiar to me, it's in the 'Boisdale' RD of the south end of South Uist, the area where the Memorial/Monument/Cairn to Flora MacDonald is situated.

Milton 'Gearraidh Bhailteas/Gerraidh Bhaltos' (as well as other variants) is approx. 5/6 miles N/W of Lochboisdale, the main port/township of South Uist (where the ferry docks) & lies very close to the famous Askernish Golf Course (designed by the famous 'old' Tom Morris) & once home of an Airport!...

If you're interested...


I had thought that maybe you would not check this website anymore as the posts were back in 2013!
I have only just started thinking about researching family history, but have to say that I find it totally absorbing!

Hi Sally,

I do check back but lately I've been engrossed in my DNA matches which is very time consuming with little reward in the way of replies or family trees to compare with  ::)

Anyway, regarding your family tree on your paternal side, I have 'Hebridean Mountains' ;D of it, all well researched & confirmed via BMDs & census' which I can help you with!

It will be good to find out about our more recent connections as my father told me a lot & at the time I thought I'd remember everything but...well...I didn't & it was too late by 2013 to ask him again  :(

Janey is right but I don't want to send a PM until you reply to this message, in case it doesn't go through.

Meanwhile, in case you don't have it, this is the original record of your father's BC


Northamptonshire / Re: William MacKinnon & Lucy Hughes - Scotland to Northampton
« on: Saturday 24 July 21 12:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi Nelly Noo,

It's good to hear from a relation (2nd cousin) which I'd hoped for back in 2013 & I've gathered a fair bit of info. since then too.

It would be good to share info. (offline) but you need to post 2 more replies to enable us to use the PM (Private Message) system.

One little bit I can add which doesn't break any rules, William & Lucy also had a daughter Roseann Mary, sadly b & d 1922  :(

I look forward to hearing from you  ;)


Inverness / Re: Buchanan/McDonald of Portree
« on: Saturday 26 June 21 13:25 BST (UK)  »
Late to an old thread but may help others...

BUCHANAN MARY 13/08/1841
114/ 20 151 Portree

BUCHANAN MARY 14/08/1843
114/ 20 159 Portree


Travelling People / Re: Scottish Traveller Families
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 02:01 BST (UK)  »
1881 - Living in Hartlepool with their daughter Jane and a George Lindsay (aged 10) possibly Jane's brother/relative?

Where was George said to have been born & have you tried to locate a BC or any other info. on him to determine whether he was related in any way?

What was he listed as on the census e.g. visitor or other?


Travelling People / Re: Scottish Traveller Families
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 01:42 BST (UK)  »
Researching travelling families is a work of art, they were very suspicious of authority and often gave wrong information on YOB of POB, if in fact they ever knew it.
I've been researching this area for years, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction

Is there a reason for not being able to post to the thread any help "in the right direction" which may benefit many?

After all, those people will be long gone i.e. no 'living person' issues?


Australia / Re: Emmaville Newspapers Hughes and Riley
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 01:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi just a question,in thread 110 is madge and maud the same person ?

Bev, this is from JM...

" Reply #110 on: Friday 13 November 20 23:40 GMT (UK)
I should mention that there is an online tree showing a Qld marriage for Maud RUMMERY, daughter of Stephen and Amy (nee Skinner) and naming Madge DOOLIN as a half sibling for Maud.

Qld bdm have that marriage:
Maud RUMMERY, George Edward  McMillan 28 July 1909, Brisbane #7869


Madge & Maud were 2 different people, half siblings (half sisters)


Travelling People / Re: Re: Looking out for Aliases.....
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 04:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Chucky & welcome to Rootschat...

It may be an idea to start a new thread in relation to your own family as this thread is over 12 yrs old with no input as it seems only to give hints as opposed to info. with no replies.

If you put name/date/area in 'Subject' box & the details you know in your message, you're more likely to receive replies.

Can you please add as much as you know including the maiden names of wives, names of children & any extra info. to help researchers, especially dates (where known).


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