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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Don't be deceived - Research isn't always easy!
« on: Tuesday 04 November 08 16:40 GMT (UK)  »
Puterman ... I'd remove the email address if I were you !   Otherwise spammers will get you by the hundred !

Its much safer to use the RootsChat PM system ... Private (or Personal) Messages ... click the little green scroll on the left to send one to someone ... but I think you have to have 5 or so 'proper' postings before that system can work (again, to stop spammers)

Thanks, I would not have thought that they would get anywhere with so many topics, but I have taken your sage advice.

Best regards

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Don't be deceived - Research isn't always easy!
« on: Tuesday 04 November 08 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi ponygirl

That was exactly the problem that I had when I started researching my family.

If I can be of any assistance to you please let me know by personal message.

Ah, a technique I do use, but not always successfully. It seems to have worked very well for you. At present I am in at 600 - 1500% rebuilding the faces. David.

Very good Paula, you must let me into the secret of how you did the hands so well. Like the oval - great idea. David.


And that might even be opacity!!

Hi Paula, what software are you using? If it has layers try cloning the original photo, set the opcaity to 50% and the blend mode to 50%. This can help removing some of the 'clutter'. Viewing as a greyscale can also help determine shapes.
I'll manage something...eventually....but it isn't going to be all that good...
I am sure you will get there...eventually...and it will be fine!

All the best with it. David

It's my pleasure. I enjoy a challenge!

You could answer on thing perhaps? Did you recover the photo, and if so do you know if there was another on top? The reason I am asking is because the brown damage mark on the left hand side of the porch (facing it) does not appear to match the shadows, or anything else, in the photo. I think I can just make out a feint line of the l/h side of the entrance so I propose to rebuild this along that line. As for the bush, I really could not do anything with that so I hope you don't mind but I have replaced it with part of a hedge from my garden shrunk down to about 1/3 the size and toned down to try and match the photo.

Just keep this topic marked as it could be a few weeks before I get this finished - it is very time consuming.

Regards, David

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Rescued from fire, in need of repair
« on: Wednesday 29 October 08 23:51 GMT (UK)  »
Just wanted to let you know that this is going to be a couple of weeks. It is very slow going and I can only spemd 4 or 4 hours a day on it. Attached a small sample of how it is going.

I would like to have a go at this, but it may be a few days before I can get it back to you. David.

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