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Northumberland / Re: Chasing BELLS
« on: Today at 12:02 »
Benj Snr died 1868 (dob 1799) Longbenton.

From the dates, I think the 1877 death is likely Benjamin BELL 1808, son of a different Benjamin BELL who may or may not be related. Unfortunately there are more Benjamins in the area than I expected!

Thank you for looking. I appreciate it.

I did see the NORRISH family while looking at any potential family in Hunslet, but didn't connect that it could be them. William NORRISH appears to be from Devon so still might have had a very different accent!

1871 the family (with Elizabeth 1869 and Annie 1870) are in Moorville(?) St, Hunslet. The residence for both at the marriage was East Lane.

I suppose as the transcriber you've got to write what you see in any case, even if the surname was actually intended to be NORRISH? Are you able to add a personal note to whatever record you are making?

Wonder if it is something like "Lalley" or "Lawley" but transcribed from an accent!

The Common Room / Re: Cause of Death "Uknown"
« on: Tuesday 21 May 24 20:52 BST (UK)  »
This puts me in mind of my own grandmother, who went into hospital with a broken arm after a fall and died while there from an unrelated infection. The fall might have put your ancestor in the hospital but later died from something that wasn't connected, hence the 'unknown'. I suppose this is the more blunt way of saying some of the previous causes, such as "called by God"...

No they don't need to have fathered another child .

Agreed, I've found the right family and considered that to be the closest I'm likely to get.

Technically if the bio-father had more children one should in theory have higher cM matches to them rather than the bio-uncles (if any), but DNA is so finicky that I've had cousins of the same relation to a target individual have vastly different cM amounts to each other. The closer to present day and the older gen the people matching, the more reliable, but in my cases as long as I have the father's parents the tree still works. Narrowing it down that far does often require a lot of matches though, to join parts of the tree or eliminate others, unless the father is suspected in the first place.

Giving a family member's details in place of an unknown father is pretty typical. One of my others gave her mother's surname and her stepfather's forename for hers. I've heard of plenty giving their grandfather's name.

I have three direct line illegitimacies- one has both parents named (but I can't find any information about the mother), one has a surname as a middle name and we already had a theory before DNA proved it (but down to one of four brothers) and the other had no name mentioned at all on any source.

I believe I'm making progress on the last one- I match with several descendants of his marriage from different children, as well as a) the family his daughter married into and b) his wife's side of the family. There's a whole group of DNA matches that do not match his wife's side or son-in-law's side that do match with his descendants- and they have a shared common ancestor that is not in his mother's family. I think this common couple is our target man's grandparents. I'm hoping that eventually I'll get a match with a marry-in family so I know which branch he comes from.

Northumberland / Re: Chasing BELLS
« on: Saturday 04 May 24 12:25 BST (UK)  »
There are 4 Bell children, all "not born in county" living with a Telford family in Kelloe Co Durham in 1841

Ref HO107/313/12 page 6 and 7

Well spotted, thank you! Haggerston is missing, but that's John, Frances, Benjamin and Henry. John is another candidate but I haven't been able to follow him either, so that's at least confirmation he was alive in 1841.

Northumberland / Chasing BELLS
« on: Saturday 04 May 24 11:41 BST (UK)  »
Hi all! It's been a while!

I'm quietly optimistic that I'm on the trail of my illegitimate 2xgt grandfather's unknown father. Patient DNA investigation has led me to point the finger of suspicion at the sons and grandsons of a particular couple I keep matching with (provided his father was himself legitimate of course!!)

My top suspect appears to have been abducted by aliens after a certain point so I'm hoping some eagle eyes might be able to help me track him down.

Benjamin BELL 1831 South Shields (son of Benjamin BELL and Georgiana TELFORD)

1841 census- unknown: youngest children missing from the household of Benjamin Snr (widower)
[Edit- living in household of grandmother Frances TELFORD in Kelloe, Durham]

1851 census- 1831 Westoe, Durham, living Seghill Northumberland (with father Benjamin Snr and siblings Henry and (Isaac) Haggerston).
[My ancestor, born 1830, was in Seghill at this point with a conception of late 1852]

1861 census- 1832 South Shields, living Cramlington Northumberland (with Benjamin Snr and Haggerston)

1871 census- 1833 Cramlington, living Shank House Cramlington, with niece Georgiana SIMPSON and her husband Edward.

He is not in the SIMPSON household in 1881 and in 1887/1888 they emigrate to Missouri. I did wonder if Benjamin emigrated ahead of them but I can't find him there either.

Please note- Benjamin BELL born Walker who married Margaret and died Tynemouth 1906 is a different guy (although possibly related).

Any help welcome!


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