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Australia / Re: Have you got Louisa's dress or do you know where it is?
« on: Wednesday 29 October 14 10:32 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Maddys52 - Yes Caroline Overington has just released a book about the case. Her new book is called Last Woman Hanged. Because of my family connection, I had been researching this case for a number of years/ Caroline had got in contact with me mid last year. We are both wonder what ever happened to the dress.

It is such an interesting story, you have to read her book!

I will keep these posts updated on any progress we make (fingers crossed) in locating the dress.

Kind regards Rebecca

Australia / Louisa COLLINS-Botany Murderess-Have you got Louisa's dress?
« on: Wednesday 29 October 14 09:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

Louisa Collins from Frogs Hollow in Botany NSW was the last woman to be hanged in NSW at Darlinghurst Gaol in 1889 for the crime of murder of her second husband Michael Peter Collins by arsenic poison. Her first husband Charles Andrews was also poisoned by arsenic shortly before Louisa had married Michael.

My Great-Great Grandmother Ellen Pettit was a witness in the case and was a neighbour of Louisa's. From family history passed down through the generations I understand that Ellen had lent Louisa a black dress (presumably for mourning) and it was this dress that Louisa was wearing when she was arrested.

After Louisa's death, a wax figure of Louisa went on exhibition in a travelling waxworks (Sohier's Waxworks) across Australia in what was known as the "criminals room" along side that of The Kelly Gang and Captain Moonlight and Captain Thunderbolt amongst others.

The last reference to the exhibition that I can find on Trove is on 19th August 1924 see:

I have contacted NSW state records and Madame Tussuad's with no luck yet.

Would any one know where the dress is or have any ideas or suggestions where to try?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Sorry the picture has now been re-attached.

Armed Forces / Re: Please identify a uniform - presumably Australian Defence Force
« on: Sunday 08 January 12 08:33 GMT (UK)  »
Have you searched:

for the Servicemans' record?


The trouble is that I don't know who the Gentleman is. I was told that it may have been the brides (my grandmother) cousin.

My Great Gransmothers family were all from South Australia - as far as I know she was the only one who moved to NSW. Whereas my Great Grandfather (who died when my Grandmother was 2) was from New South Wales. Both were from large families.

Unfortunately I can no longer ask my grandmother who this mystery man was. At least now I know that it would be Airforce given my suspicions have been confirmed. One day I might come across a relative who may fit this description.

Thanks Again


Armed Forces / Re: Please identify a uniform - presumably Australian Defence Force
« on: Sunday 08 January 12 07:48 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Leanne for your quick reply,

The link you provided certainly looks similar to the uniform in my photograph. I too had thought it may have been airforce.

I had forgot to mention the photograph was taken in Sydney, NSW Australia hence the reason I believe this is ADF.

Would you know if the Airforce uniforms at that time were different between states at all and if it is able to find out if this was a New South Wales or South Australian or other state uniform? The reason I say this is that the marriage took place in New South Wales but the bride had family from South Australia?



I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me identify the uniform which the man pictured here is wearing. The photograph was taken in 1941. The gentleman was not the groom but is believed to be a relative of the bride.

Thank you


China - You have helped me to rule out that this does not include my Gt Grandparents when they were children as the photo would be too late.

Wiggy - I think the children may be from different families as they seem to look different
The girl at the back look like the boy in front of her to her right. (They are dressed similarly with collars and buttons) and the little girl in the middle row far right - her eyes look quite different to the other children.

Do you know if it common to take to take photographs of all the neighbourhood children at that time.

Perhaps it is extended family that happens to be upper and lower class???


I thought that too, Linda, so I had a look on Trove, but the only one I can find is this, dated 1921.  Way too late for the photo, but perhaps a later edition?

PrueM - A relative had passed on this photograph to me which I believe belonged to my Grand Mothers collection. I do not know who the children were, perhaps one of the little girls is her. My grandmother was born in 1923 and she was an only child. Her parents were born in 1866 & 83 - so I guess this rules them out.

Thank you for your thoughts they are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Request to date an old photograph
« on: Sunday 01 January 12 04:25 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to find out when this photo would have been taken. 

I believe this was taken in Australia but am not 100% sure. It looks as though this photograph was taken at Christmas time as the children are pictured with an around toys. Perhaps the toys along with the clothing the children are dressed in would be good clues.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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