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Answer to Q2 - where is the wireless switch

"Most HP laptop models are fitted with a switch on the side or front of the computer than can be used to turn on the wireless functions. If not on the side or front, the switch may be above the keyboard or on one of the function keys at the top of the keyboard.[1]
The switch is indicated by an icon that looks like a wireless tower emitting signals."

It changed a few years ago, still free though.

Warwickshire / Re: Double christening
« on: Sunday 23 June 19 12:50 BST (UK)  »
There were two children with similar names, so probably different families.

Births Dec 1887   
LINFORD    James Albert        Aston    6d   379    

Births Mar 1888
LINFORD    James Arthur        Aston    6d   385

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Birth Records - Robus
« on: Wednesday 19 June 19 13:48 BST (UK)  »
Are you sure his middle name was George? There is this birth

Births Jun 1888   
Robus    Harry Barton        Elham    2a   999

And this baptism

Harry Barton Robus
Baptism Date:   4 Sep 1888
Baptism Place:   St. Michael, Folkestone, Kent, England
Father:   Henry Robus
Mother:   Annie

Looks as if Alfred was illegitimate

DOWDEN, ALFRED       no mother's maiden name given
GRO Reference: 1847  S Quarter
MARYLEBONE  Volume 01  Page 194

I think Martin that you need to try and discover the circumstances that led to the lie. If your grandmother was single when your father was born, it was probably done to protect both her and the child. If she was married, perhaps the child wasn't her husband's. No matter what the reason, your father was obviously loved by the family, otherwise he would have been put up for adoption. It must have been very difficult for his real mother never to have been able to acknowledge him as her son or you and your siblings as her grandchildren

The Common Room / Re: How soon after the event?
« on: Sunday 16 June 19 20:40 BST (UK)  »
I know distant relatives are a different matter but a close family member should be given some respect.

You have to remember though that a distant relative is someone's close relative and it would be dreadful if they found out about a death in that way. If a tree is private, you can add it whenever you want, but on a public tree I would at least wait until after a funeral, as I would assume that by then everyone who knew the person well enough would have been informed of the death.

Durham / Re: Sampson family
« on: Friday 14 June 19 08:58 BST (UK)  »
Five according to the 1901

Eva Elizabeth born 1894
Ethel Mary born 1896
Arthur William born 1898
Edwin John born 1899
William George who was 5 months old at the census

This is the right family as if you check on the GRO site their motherís maiden name was Rolph.

The Lighter Side / Re: Juvenile Offenders 1869
« on: Thursday 13 June 19 22:56 BST (UK)  »
One of them, Roger Thomas Watkins, went on to become a tailor.

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