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Huntingdonshire / Re: Bernard's of Brampton Park, Huntingdon
« on: Saturday 02 January 21 14:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Magslote and Hanes Teulu,

Many, many thanks for the info sent. Very much appreciated.

I will 'Google' your suggestion Hanes.

Magslote. Thanks for ther baps and burials. If you have a chance would you be able to send me the full specific dates/details for the baps and burials of the Richards (sons of John & Mary); and the burials of Anne (1744) and Elizabeth (1749) daughters of John & Mary. I'd be very grateful.

I hope you don't mind my asking.

Thanks again,

Huntingdonshire / Bernard's of Brampton Park, Huntingdon
« on: Friday 01 January 21 23:28 GMT (UK)  »
Wonder if someone can help.
I'm researching the Bernard family who lived in Brampton Park House and Huntingdon.
Specifically I'm looking for birth, burial and marriage details of the family of Sir John Bernard, 5th Baronet of Brampton and his wife Mary St John. From the earlier peerages they seem to have had at least 10 children (below), but I can't find any specific dates (baptism, burials, etc) for them.

The details I have to date are:
Sons -
1. Sir Robert Bernard, 4 Bart., “of Brampton Park and Huntingdon, co. Hunts.” only son & 2nd child, born Brampton Park, Huntingdonshire early 1740, died 2 January 1789
2. John Bernard, born October 1741 ??, died an infant
3. Richard Bernard, died an infant
4. Richard Bernard, died an infant
5. Francis Bernard, born 1738, died aged 12 years in 1750 or 1751 at Bishop-Stortford where he was at school.
6. William Bernard, born 1750, died at Thorpe 8 February 1766 in 15th year

Daughters -
1. Mary Bernard, married at St.Mary-le-Bone, London 8 July 1771, Robert Sparrow, esq., “of Worlingham Hall, nr Beccles, co. Suffolk”
2. Ann Bernard, died an infant
3. Elizabeth Bernard, died aged 7 years
4. Frances Bernard, died unm. in her 19th year

If anyone has access to the Brampton parish records, archives or any other sources, and can add more dates, etc to the above, I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks, Craig

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Hunt of St Crux, York
« on: Friday 09 October 20 12:30 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out more details on the couple below and their children. All details below are what I've gleaned from the internet but I have no access to York records. Any help would be much appreciated to fill out details of their lives.
John Hunt, esq., of parish of St Crooks (Crux), York”, attorney-at-law, born c. 1758,
married at East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire 20 August 1785,
Elizabeth Heathcote, born 1762, a daughter of Rev. Edward Heathcote.
Their children I know of are;
1. Edward Hunt, born 8 August (bap. St. Crux, York 15 August 1786
2. Francis Hunt, born 1 September (bap. St. Crux, York 4 Sept.) 1787
3. Catharine Hunt, born 23 May 1789 (bap. St. Crux, York 23 May) 1789
4. Elizabeth Hunt, born 7 December (bap. St. Crux, York 8 Dec.) 1790
5. John Hunt, born 10 January (bap. St. Crux, York 13 Jan.) 1793
6. Dorothy Hunt, born 24 September (bap. St. Crux, York 25 Sept.) 1794

Many thanks, Craig

Renfrewshire / Re: William Tait & Margaret Haldane
« on: Tuesday 06 October 20 23:39 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks again Monica for that new info. I can now make a search again along these lines.
regards, Craig

Nottinghamshire / Re: Hacker of East Bridgeford
« on: Tuesday 06 October 20 23:37 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks again for the details below Annie. Much appreciated. I love the little 'human'comments and details attached to records like that. They cease to be just names but real people.

Presuming again on your good nature!... I know that Arabella Hacker bap. 1717 married Rev. Edward Heathcote and had numerous family which is quite well documented. However I have no details of the whereabouts of the younger son 1721 11 05   Son   Rowland Hacker bap. Widmerpool St Peter 5/11/1721. There is only one comment that he married and had daughters. If you come across any references to Rowland and any family please let me know.

Thanks, Craig

Nottinghamshire / Re: Hacker of East Bridgeford
« on: Monday 05 October 20 17:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi Annie65115.
Sorry to be late in replying. Just back from a longish work stint!
Many thanks for great information you've sent.
That sounds like the correct marriage bond for Robert. I have the 3 children of Charles and Anne from the IGI.
If you unearth anything further of the children of Robert Hacker and Mary Pritchard I'd be grateful. Especially any details of a daughter Mary who must have been born in the few years between the marriage in 1731 and Robert seniors death 1738-39.
Would you be able to send me details of the Mary Hacker bap. at All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 17 April 1740 to see who she might be.
Also could you send me details of the marriage at All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 15 June 1756 between Anne Hacker and Thomas Parkinson.
Many thanks,

Renfrewshire / Re: William Tait & Margaret Haldane
« on: Monday 05 October 20 17:20 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks to both for replying to my post so quickly.
My apologies for the error in my post... Yes. Sorry Forfarian, Margaret's maiden name is in fact Duncan. In my haste I put her mother's maiden name instead.. her mother was a Helen Haldane.
Thanks MonicaL for the Inventory date.
If you come across any other details of the family please let me know.
Best wishes,

Nottinghamshire / Hacker of East Bridgeford
« on: Sunday 04 October 20 20:37 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out info on Robert Hacker, of East Bridgeford, a son of Rev Charles Hacker and his wife Anne Hartopp. I've been able to get some sketchy info from the internet and IGI but unable to access Ancestry or Notts. records at present.

What I have is.....

Robert Hacker, esq., “of East Bridgeford, co. Notts.”,
bap. Widmerpool, Nottingham 8 October 1713, bur. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 17 February 1738-39
marr. I think but not sure of his wife's name at all, Mary, bur. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 21 January 1737, They had issue (again I think?) 1 son and 4 daughters:
1. Robert Hacker,
bap. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 9 January 1731-32, bur. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 9 January 1735-36
2. Anne Hacker,
bap. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 9 October 1734
marr. at All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 15 June 1756, Rev. Thomas Parkinson
3. Catherine Hacker,
bap. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 15 June 1735, died East Bridgeford, co. Notts. 3 December 1818
marr. Loughborough, co. Leics. 7 December 1752, Rev. Edward Heathcote, born 1733, died 1803,

4. I know there was another daughter called Mary, but I can't unearth any details of her.
There is a Mary Hacker, bap. All Saints, Loughborough, co. Leics. 17 April 1740, but she is born well after Robert's death. So I don't know where she fits in.

Any details or other info would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

Renfrewshire / William Tait & Margaret Haldane
« on: Sunday 04 October 20 18:43 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find some more details on William Tait, merchant, Tron, Glasgow who died about 1817 and his wife Margaret Haldane who was born about 1738 and died Mound Place, Edinburgh 27 December 1818. Margaret was a daughter of Alexander Duncan, esq., 3rd “of Lundie”, Lord Provost of Dundee.

I have their marriage on Glasgow 13 July 1760 but sketchy details of their children.
They apparently had at least 6 sons. I only have knowledge of 4 ...
John, born Glasgow 22 March 1764 and Adam, born Glasgow 16 September 1765 from the IGI, and there was a Rev. Walter Tait and the better known Admiral James Haldane Tait, R.N, both born about 1769-1771.

If anyone has more details on the father and also the 6 sons I'd be grateful.

Many thanks

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