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Unwanted Birth, Marriage, Death Certs N to S / Pogson Huddersfield
« on: Tuesday 11 June 24 14:10 BST (UK)  »
I have various birth, marriage & death certificates, also photos, relating to the Pogson family, based in Huddersfield. Late 1800s to more recent.

Oo bless you! Many thanks x

Got a Lawrance Spinks & Edith E Braithwaite, Doncaster  1925 9c 1075 which is the only one that fits the dates really. But I cant then find Edith Singleton marrying a Braithwaite anywhere...grrrr!
Perhaps she had a series of husbands!
Thanks anyway

I hadn't thought of that scenario.
Thank you, I'll carry on looking just with Spinks and work backwards from there.

So his mother is Singleton then?
I've looked at that one before but couldnt find a Spinks/Singleton marriage anywhere so dismissed it as wrong!
It looks like she had several other children all with surname Spinks.
Perhaps they never married but the children took the father's name?
Any ideas where I can go with this in that case please?
Am at a total dead end if Singleton is his mother!

And thankyou CaroleW
I only read the first line of your post...

So sorry CaroleW.
I've removed that.
Been a long time since I did this.
Promise to behave in future!

Hi all, I'm back and needing help again please...

I have an Alan Spinks m. to Eunice Bentley,  1950 Doncaster 2B 724
I'm told Alan died 1968 on a train in Gainsborough, Lincs. age 39 and have found a matching death 3B 153.

 I'm guessing Alan would have been in his 20s when married.

I'm struggling with his birth, which I'm assuming was 1928/29.

Can anyone help please?

Dumfriesshire / Re: Help please. Brick wall with c1837 marriage
« on: Monday 27 March 17 15:54 BST (UK)  »
It looks like it all fits, thanks so much ev and rosie17 ! Looks like Mary must have been widowed by 1861 and I have son Richard b.1839 living as a lodger in Manchester and following his father's profession of Tailor probably working for his Uncle Charles Gilles Bell who lived next door, employer of 6 men & 1 boy. I'd love to know why lots of the family moved to Lancashire from Scotland. If anyone has ideas I'd be delighted to hear them!

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