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Derbyshire / Re: Are there two Robert Goodalls?
« on: Monday 20 September 21 23:07 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your interest. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, internet problems.
I have considered that children may have been born elsewhere but Mary's birthplace is unknown, I can't find a baptism for her in Derbyshire although there are Pountains baptised within a reasonable distance from both Shirley and Longford,
I have found children of Robert and Mary baptised in other places but the baptism dates seem to negate them being my Robert and Mary's children except John in 1755 Shirley,

Derbyshire / Are there two Robert Goodalls?
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 00:15 BST (UK)  »
I have Robert Goodall baptised In Shirley Derbyshire in1731 seems a likely candidate for a marriage at Shirley in 1754 or 1755 to Mary Pountin.(this from Derbyshire records,  I think this particular record is a transcript since there are anomalies)
Robert and Mary Goodall have three children baptised in Longford Derbyshire but from Hollington. Derbyshire Esther 1768, Hannah 1772, Robert 1774.
Robert and Mary Goodall were buried in Shirley 1817, but both were from Longford,
The problem I am having is the gap from the marriage to the birth of Esther is rather large.
There are  baptisms for John 1755,Shirley and Alice Mickleover The place Mary was from at her marriage,
Are these the same Robert and Mary and there is an unknown reason for the gap did Mary Pointin die and Robert married another Mary?

Scotland / Re: Margaret & William Dunn Are they related?
« on: Saturday 22 May 21 17:37 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Monica. I am fairly certain Margaret's parents are William Dunn and Margaret Hamilton, the dates are about right, the Oldknow children follow the naming pattern and William Dunn Sr was a framesmith.
I also considered George Dunn as William Jr's father The trouble is I can find no connection between these families,Dunn or Hamilton.

Scotland / Margaret & William Dunn Are they related?
« on: Friday 21 May 21 21:58 BST (UK)  »
Margaret Dunn born c1781 in Scotland married James Oldknow in 1800 in Barony,Lanarkshire James was in the Nottingham militia.
They spent the next few years in Scotland but by 1809 they were in Derbyshire which was James's place of birth.
William Dunn was born in Scotland c 1790 but by 1818 he was in Derbyshire where he married, Margaret Oldknow was one of the witnesses.
Both James Oldknow & William Dunn were framesmiths and this may be the connection, but I find it hard to believe that two people from Scotland with the same surname should end up in the same small Derbyshire village without there being some sort of familial connection.
I have done a lot of searching but cannot come up with anything definite.
Any suggestions would be welcome,

Ireland / Re: Implications of the expression "Late of...."
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 21:36 GMT (UK)  »
I always thought it meant that the place they died was a very new abode or possibly a hospital or nursing home and that they were fairly long time residents of the former place of abode.

Derbyshire / Re: Cresswell Fletcher marriage 1856 or 1858?
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 21:29 GMT (UK)  »
A marriage was performed 17 March 1758 at St Mary's Nottingham, I can't see an earlier one.

Derbyshire / Re: Edward Green Fletcher
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 23:32 GMT (UK)  »
Don't worry about it, the fletchers make for erratic thinking. The link you gave me is interesting and I am going to need lots of time to peruse the various bits of information.

Derbyshire / Re: Edward Green Fletcher
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 19:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Spendlove!
The information about Samuel came from you, you said you had looked at the licence for him and Mary Richardson, it stated Samuel Fletcher of Heanor aged 23, a batchelor Tanner.
Thank you for the suggestion about making trees from the wills I don't know why I didn't think of that I've done that several times with other ancestors.

Derbyshire / Re: Edward Green Fletcher
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 20:10 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you spendlove, your information has taken me back to the Fletcher House of Lace, Now I'm wading through Fletchers before certificates trying to sort out who belongs to who, if the Samuel who married Mary Richardson was a tanner what was the occupation of the Samuel who married Mary Wylde and which one was the relative of Goodere Fletcher.

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