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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Lookup 1865 Stoke by Nayland please
« on: Wednesday 19 April 17 15:01 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Groom

Thought it was too good to be true - possibly not my James and Hannah then.   I'll add this to the 'probably not but to be checked before ruling out' file.


Suffolk Lookup Requests / Marriage Lookup 1865 Stoke by Nayland please
« on: Wednesday 19 April 17 13:46 BST (UK)  »
Would someone be able to help me with a marriage lookup for a James Thurston to a Hannah Harrington please?

IGI has a record for a marriage 1 January 1865 at Stoke by Nayland for this couple - what I need to know, if possible, is Hannah's father's name, occupation, and whether this is a second marriage for Hannah.

Many thanks


Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 census High Wycombe/Penn - SMITH
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 18:43 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Allisont

This looks very promising and gives some further avenues to pursue.

Helen x

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 census High Wycombe/Penn - SMITH
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 15:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jane

Thanks for getting in touch.   

I have the family living in Harlington St, Lambeth in 1841, consisting of:
Sarah Smith, 36, Laundress
William, 17, journeyman chair caner
Sarah, 11
Walter, 3
George, 4 months
none of them were born in the County.

in 1851 they are living in 4 Arnold Cottages, James Street, Lambeth
Sarah Smith, 48, Widow, washerwoman
Sarah Elizabeth Smith, 20, household servant
Walter Thomas Smith, 12, scholar
George Henry Smith, 10, scholar
all of them born in High Wycombe, Bucks.

I have yet to find conclusive proof of Walter's father - he gives the name as William on his marriage - but this may or may not be the case.
The only birth record for a Walter Thomas Smith that I've found so far is in Norwich (wrong area completely), but I did find a birth record for a Walter Thomas Russell in the Wycombe area, where the mother's maiden name is not given on the index.   (1838 September quarter)   There is also a Smith birth in the Wycombe area (1838 March quarter) - unnamed male, mother's maiden name given as Briant.  Either of these may or may not be our Walter.

George Henry Smith's birth record in the Wycombe area in 1841 March quarter) does not give mother's maiden name on the index either.

I don't have any more than this going back on the Smith line as I have been concentrating more on my own tree.  I do have (most of) the family in subsequent censuses if you don't already have them. 



Completed - thank you

Thank you Annes for looking for me, very much appreciated.

Looks like it might be one of the other William Middleditchs then, as far as I'm currently aware neither 'my' William or Mary were from/had family connections to Ipswich, and I haven't come across a Holloday or similar name.  The only reason I thought it might possibly be them was William was  in the Militia and may have been stationed in Ipswich at that time, and they had a son baptised in the August that year, which would have been a reason to marry.

Thank you again.



Back on the Middleditch trail, or maybe that should be trial  ::)   

Findmypast have a marriage for a William MIDDLEDITCH to a Mary CORK taking place in St Margarets, Ipswich on 16 May 1808.  This is from the Suffolk Marriage Index.

As it will be some time before I am likely to get to SRO, would SKS have access to the original entry to double-check the details for me please - am hoping that Cork is mistranscribed and is in fact COCK or COCKS.  In which case this might one of the marriages I've been trying to track down.

It doesn't help that Mary appears to have had two sons prior to this, one by someone else entirely.  Also, this is the only time I've found them, if it is them, in Ipswich.   Does anyone know whether St Margarets was particularly used by soldiers at this time?

Thank you

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« on: Wednesday 03 February 16 12:54 GMT (UK)  »
It's something I'm interested in - but cost is a big issue at the moment.  If I could afford it, should I just have it done myself, or persuade my father (80) to have it done as well (as a way of filtering out my maternal side)?  How accurate/useful are the results likely to be?   I have, as far as I know, Irish, Huguenot, East Anglian, London ancestry mainly. 

Also, can I be sure that the company that does the testing won't decide that they can use my results for their own purposes even if that's against my wishes/best interests? 

There are one or two brickwalls in the early 1800s that would be nice to get through, and DNA testing might just provide enough of a clue in the right direction.

It's not an easy decision.


Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests / Re: COMPLETED -1841 census - FREEMAN-
« on: Wednesday 09 November 11 20:18 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks General Dogsbody

am hoping to visit the area again next year so shall have to pay this church a visit.


Helen  :)

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