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Hi Carol,
 I just tried rescanning Mahala at 300dpi, but it looked no different unfortunately. I think it was originally scanned at 300 because that is what my scanner is set at. Sorry it was difficult for you, I am still very pleased with the result. The original photo was tiny carte de visit size, maybe that is why it was not sharp. Regards Quester

Hi Treetotal,
 Thank you so much and what a gorgeous colour for the dress.
Many thanks, it is much appreciated. From Quester

Hi Loord74, Trishanne and Daniel Latorre,
 Thank you so much - you have brought my gt.aunt to life!
I am most impressed with them, and so many, many thanks to you all.
Best wishes from Quester

 This is my great aunt Mahala  and I would love it if someone could colour or restore the photo please.
Best Wishes from Quester

Wow! They are both wonderful - thank you so very much. Everyone is so talented and I really appreciate everything.
Many thanks from Quester

Hi Handy Pandy,
 Thank you so much for a beautiful rendition. It really brings my gt. grandmother to life.
Best wishes from Quester

Hi Pat,
 Thank you so very much - I love it! It looks so delicately done.
Many, many thanks. Regards Quester

 This is a photo of my great grandmother Mary Knight. I would love it if someone could colour it in for me. I realise it is not in good condition though, so any enhancement would be most gratefully received. Best wishes from Quester

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Southampton man
« on: Wednesday 04 July 18 11:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi Peter,
 That is wonderful - thank you so much! I very much appreciate the effort you have put in.
Best wishes from Quester

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