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The Lighter Side / Re: How Do They Do It In The U.S.
« on: Wednesday 19 November 08 20:47 GMT (UK)  »
Tracing back your family tree can only go so far. Quite frankly, anyone who claims to have traced back to Adam and Eve or Jesus has been using inaccurate/incorrect information. This thread just shows why information submitted to the LDS should be taken with a handful of salt.


Make that two handfulls, please.

The Lighter Side / Re: How Do They Do It In The U.S.
« on: Saturday 15 November 08 23:58 GMT (UK)  »
As an American I can tell you how I do it in the US.  I read books. I visit libraries.  I search for facts.  I document sources.  I do NOT research *exclusively* on  I *do* utilize the internet and search abroad for much the same - books, vital statistics, parish libraries, universities etc. I post querys to message boards,  mailing lists and search for contacts who may have the information I'm looking for outside of the US and inside of the US.  It's fun. I can appreciate those on-line family trees that are extensively sourced and cited.  One day maybe I will have a tree that is just blooming fantastic. (I don't hold out and  hope for blue blood though.)

The question was a fair one.  I hope that my American "root digging techniques" have  helped.

The Lighter Side / Louisiana
« on: Saturday 31 May 08 19:22 BST (UK)  »
How many Roots Chat members have an ancestor who was from or traveled to Louisiana?

The Lighter Side / Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« on: Saturday 31 May 08 19:18 BST (UK)  » GeneaNet's GeneaWiki!  Genealogy Guide > Tools > List of genealogy publications and ... *ta dah*... RootsChat.  That was fun.

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