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Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Tuesday 06 April 21 03:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gavin,
These are from an old burial index I have. Can't remember where I got it from. As you can see there isn't many Stewarts in this one but I will look in the other index too.

3114   Stewart   John   ng   ng   1717-02-14   1717-02-15   Newbattle   Mortcloth £2
3115   Stewart   John   ng   Gibraltar   1811-01-ng   1811-01-09   Newbattle   Mortcloth 10/3d
3116   Stewart   ng   ng   Blackcot   1818-03-ng   1818-03-30   Newbattle   Child of Thomas Stewart, mortcloth 1/3d
3117   Stewart   M.   75   Bonnyrigg, Cockpen   1842-03-03   1842-03-07   Newbattle   Informant, John Romans, friend, dropsy
3118   Stewart   Elizabeth   75   Newbattle, Newbattle   1844-02-19   1844-02-23   Newbattle   Informant, William Oliver, son
3119   Stewart   Margaret   9   Eldindean, Lasswade   1848-08-14   1848-08-17   Newbattle   Informant, James Stewart, father, fever
3120   Stewart   Thomas   20m   Eldindean, Lasswade   1848-10-29   1848-10-31   Newbattle   Informant, James Stewart, father, decline
3121   Stewart   Lewis   2   Brewer's Bush, Cockpen   1852-05-09   1852-05-10   Newbattle   Informant, Lewis Stewart, father, measles
3146   Stuart   ng   ng   Easthouses, Newbattle   1761-05-16   1761-05-17   Newbattle   Child of Janet Stuart, decay
3147   Stuart   Janet   ng   ng   1770-05-ng   1770-05-29   Newbattle   Coffin 5/-
3148   Stuart   ng   ng   ng   1781-03-ng   1781-03-25   Newbattle   Child of James Stuart, mortcloth 1/3d
3149   Stuart   ng   ng   ng   1794-01-ng   1794-01-19   Newbattle   Child of Charles Stuart, mortcloth 1/3d
3150   Stuart   ng   ng   ng   1796-10-ng   1796-10-02   Newbattle   Child of James Stuart, mortcloth 1/3d
3151   Stuart   ng   ng   ng   1798-10-ng   1798-10-28   Newbattle   Child of Chson Stuart, mortcloth 1/3d
3152   Stuer or Stuart   ng   ng   Newbattle   1763-07-26   1763-07-27   Newbattle   Child of John Stuart, drug (dreig) pox

I visited the Newbattle Old Cemetery recently, but without being able to find my family plot and headstone. I wrote to Midlothian Council who replied with a copy of the layout by plots. I've attached a PDF file of the layout to help people potential locate plots if you know the plot number.

When I visited Newbattle and Lasswade I took some random pictures, uploaded then to find-a-grave with a little research. I also found out about neighbouring plots to my James Stewart and have added them also with some research. I hope to revisit and take much much more pictures and upload them to Find a Grave which I use because it freely available with minimal ads and easy to use.

I am still trying to see if any other of my Stewart Family are in this cemetery.
My unaccounted for Family
Jane Stewart (b.1839 Penicuik) entry in 1841 census (suspect died before 1851)
Marion Stewart (b.abt 1841 Lasswade - 1913 Colinton, Edinburgh) married James McDougal
James Stewart (b.1843 Newton Village) entry in 1851 census only
Janet Stewart (b.abt 1845 Lasswade) entry in 1851 census only
William Stewart (b.abt 1848 Roslin) entry 1851 & 1861 only
Adam Stewart (b.abt 1850 Roslin - d.1925 Lasswade) married Helen Reid
Elizabeth Stewart (b.abt 1853 Lasswade) entry 1861 & 1881 only (married Griffin but not UK records)
Isabella Stewart (b.1856 Lasswade - 1887 Dalmeny, near Queensferry)
Margaret Stewart (b.1862 Lasswade) Suspect she married a John Murray Leishman both died at Errol
Jessie Williamina Stewart (b. 1866 Lasswade - d.1907 St George Edinburgh) spinster

Elizabeth Griffin nče Stewart is someone I really want to find out more about but have hit a road block. She had a daughter Eliza (1879 Stobhill - 1882 Borthwick) and a son Charles (1877 Stobhill - 1945 Edinburgh) he married a Isabella Adams.

Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Friday 26 February 21 02:33 GMT (UK)  »
Yes there is - or was once. It was a large one with a plinth taking up 2 spaces. Also forgot to mention I did find Hays in the index.

25/10 is recorded as the plinth:
Sacred to the memory of Janet Burnside, wife of Thomas Liddle who died at Newtongrange, 27 Nov. 1891 aged 68 yrs. Thomas Liddle, Newtongrange, who died 10 Nov 1894, aged 68 years.

Robert Hay, aged 3m, interred 13/9/1886
Liddle, stillborn, Newtongrange, interred 22/11/1890
Mary Ann Liddle, aged 50, Crawlees, interred 13/5/1910
Pole, stillborn, Abbeyland, interred 27/7/1914
Thomas Liddle, aged 71, Crawlees, interred 24/10/1931
In memory of William Liddle, who died at Hunterfield, 25th February, 1858, aged 48 years
and of Helen Lindsay his wife who died 6th March 1864 aged 55 years.

The rest is the info I gave you previously.

Many of my own family are buried there including my 2nd great-grandparents. In the same plot as them are 3 of my gr/grandfather's cousin's wives, the child of one of the wives and a male cousin. So my bet is that James Duncan was inter-related to the Liddle's in some way.

Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Thursday 25 February 21 19:11 GMT (UK)  »
Newbattle graveyard
Plot 25/11

James Duncan, aged 32, Lothian Bridge, interred 18/9/1883

He is in the same grave as Catherine Cunningham, aged 65, Old Blinkbonny, interred 14/09/1873
Also 5 Liddle children, & Thomas Liddle aged 78; Elspit Duncan, age 88, Edinburgh, interred 16/01/1940

Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Wednesday 24 February 21 04:25 GMT (UK)  »
The Newton burials are only up to 1854. There are no Hays in Newbattle but many Duncans. Need more info, like the first name?

Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Monday 08 February 21 01:17 GMT (UK)  »
Check your email Gavin. I've sent you the link.  :)

Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Friday 07 February 20 01:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Gavin,

If this is the correct couple, they are buried in Lair 9/29. Newbattle Old Churchyard.
James Stewart, aged 70, Newbyres, interred 19/07/1882. Harold P. Stewart. aged 1. Gorebridge, interred 11.05/1898. Janet Stewart, aged 78, Hunterfield, interred 6/02/1900. Ellen R. Stewart, aged 3, Hunterfield, interred 5/11/1904.


Looking to trace a headstone and Information of a James Stewart & Janet Renton.
I suspect they were buried in Newbattle/Stobhill between 1880-1900
Children: Jean, Marion, James, William, Adam, Elizabeth, Isabella, Margaret, Williamina.
They lived from Penicuik, Roslin, Lasswade, Stobhill.
(Albeit: I can only find a death with the name Janet Denholm, still working on seeing if the same person)

Fife / Re: Auchterderran School Records
« on: Wednesday 29 November 17 21:09 GMT (UK)  »
Neither myself nor the other admin can see your request. It's not the Cardenden then and now. It's the History of Auchterderran, Bowhill, Cardenden & Dundonald.

Thank you I have requested to be added to the group, if you could accept me I would really appreciate it!

Fife / Re: Auchterderran School Records
« on: Wednesday 29 November 17 17:08 GMT (UK)  »

Sorry Daniel, I don't. But I do have a FB page for the History of Auchterderran. There are many people on there that could help you. Just log onto FB and look for it. Apply for membership & I will add you.

Hi Elaine,

I am looking for my father, his name is Brian George Newton and was born in 1956 in Auchterderran.
do you know or have you ever heard of him or relatives?



Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Monday 20 February 17 05:27 GMT (UK)  »
The old cemetery is right next to the new one. But be careful. The ground in the old one is very unstable, most of the stones are unreadable and lying on the ground. Also unless they were wealthy there probably isn't a stone. They would just have been buried in an unmarked plot. So don't be disappointed if you don't find them.  Best just to get the death record from Scotlandspeople. Or if you're going to Register House ask if they have an index for the old burial ground. Best of luck, Elaine

Thank you for your time.  I will keep searching as I am planning a visit there this year. :-)

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