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The Common Room / Re: Gggrrrrrr!! Private Tree on Ancestry photos copied (Part 2)
« on: Saturday 23 March 19 14:44 GMT (UK)  »
Not often I post lately but do keep an eye on the forum.

Like others I have many photos from other family I don’t feel I have the right to openly put them on the internet, plus many certificates , another reason I made my tree private people don’t tend to contact you if the info is just there, now don’t get me wrong if someone contacts me and has a genuine connection I will give them all the info and records I can.

I have often spent at least half an hour replying to an enquiry from someone asking me about a person and often don’t even receive an acknowledgement, so you just know if your tree was “out there” you would never hear from that person, on the other hand I have had and still do have contact with some for many years.

So we all have our reasons none are right or wrong, just an aside as I said I rarely post nowadays but keep up to date with subjects that at of interest, but I notice how many of our long time posters are “gone” and have only noticed when looking through old threads deceased on their profiles, would it not be possible to have separate part of the forum remembering those people? We seem to have a part for everything else and those very people contributed so much to the forum in the past 😉

The Common Room / Re: Death of Hagar Ann Parker - when?
« on: Monday 12 March 18 21:32 GMT (UK)  »
Not sure if any of the articles I mention belong to any of you, but via google lots of family history for her, although her death seems to be a mystery? Also photos of her

Canada / Re: Walter Hawkes
« on: Friday 12 October 12 16:55 BST (UK)  »
Went to Soldiers of the First world war.
Walter, Hawkes,b 1893
Walter, James,b. 1891

Thanks for that, seen those one is Walter David, the Other Walter James
thanks anyway ;)

Canada / Re: Walter Hawkes
« on: Monday 08 October 12 22:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi Debbie, many thanks for taking the time to reply,
sadly 3 years ago Lisa on page 1 pm'd me with two familes who were living in Alliston, and i wrote and nothing :'(

Put the surname in the link you gave me and came up with the same two people, also i am pretty sure that Percy is not him, as i did some extensive searching, i THINK if i remember that Percy was married to someone named Elizabeth, and traced a marriage and they were American, maybe wrong with the finer details lol.

I joined Ancestery CA for a free trial and frustrated me to hell as still no sign, i have a full membership for UK version and it now allows you to search Canada and still nothing, i tried to see if he joined Canadian Army (thinking about it that maybe where i found Percy and his service record) and still drew a blank, i was thinking maybe he was in hiding for some reason, but you would think he would reappear in some record?

Again many thanks Debbie for taking the time, just hoping someone will come up with something similar to you that will explain ;)

Canada / Re: Walter Hawkes
« on: Monday 08 October 12 18:52 BST (UK)  »
Well here we are over 3 years after i wrote the first post, Thanks to Lisa & Karen who tried to help when i first wrote, sadly despite following your advice nothing has come to light and no answers.

Due to ill health etc etc been a while since i have posted.

A slight update to my first post and hopefully :) those in the know maybe know of new records?

Another letter has since been found, nothing that cracks the case but he mentioned he was now married for a 2nd time, as above no idea of a first or where, it is possible he went to Canada 6 August 1909 aboard The Victorian Liverpool to Montreal arrived 12 Aug 1909 but that is only guesswork as it is the only record i have found that comes close. Sadly it only Gives the name as Mr & Mrs Hawkes.

Pretty sure he did go about that date as in the letter he asked about a niece and did she have any family, so obviously none before he left

A slightly sad part about his letter, he was writing to my Grandmother about the death of her husband (his brother) and also asking how another brother was and that brother had also died about the same time, i assume a letter was sent back with that news?

Above i also mentioned a missing sister Lucy Hawkes, and due to probate records i now know she married, it was only because an Aunt with an unusual name had died and left her the estate it appeared, so shows those brick walls can be broken down, so i still live in hope Walter can be found.

Walter is the only one of 6 siblings i am missing, i mentioned above that one of them was pretty high up in the post office, i now know this was another brother Albert Edwin and have found the family living in the Royal Mews, so guess that's pretty high  :o

Walter was born 20th May 1886, again i have him in the 1891 Census he is living with parents and brothers at 10 Colvin street,

the same address that is on mother Lucys death certificate in 1895

1901 census aged 14 telegraph messanger living at 39, Carthew Road, Hammersmith, sadly that is the final trace apart from letters, many thanks even if it is only taking time to read my waffling ;)

The Common Room / Re: getting info from barnardo's
« on: Sunday 23 May 10 16:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi ,Thanks for all the replies.If I sounded mean to some of you I am sorry,I did not mean to be.I just thought 100 pounds all up,I have paid 15 so far ,was a bit much if I didn't get much info.I suppose you win some you loose some.I will be paying when in c6 months my name comes to the top of the list.Cheers

hope you didn't think i was implying you were mean, whatever walk of life another £100 is a lot of money, was just trying to soften the blow lol,

it is so hard to advise anyone about what records they keep as circumstances before they entered and after do alter and NO ONE file/record is the same,
ie if both parents died then there maybe no relatives to supply prior info'
if the child went to a family before working age then usually there would be a file on that families circumstances, ie like a home check, if children went to Australia/Canada there will be photos (there SHOULD be anyway)
if they were then fostored in another country there maybe files from the agency abroad giving info,
there will be a file saying what circumstances they entered under, if they stayed there until working age the file maybe pretty limited unless they were a bit naughty lol,
any letters sent from any relatives to the home? maybe they joined the services and were killed there maybe a record, as i said there are so many ifs and buts, and again the only reason i mentioned would be best to try and forget once paid is at least your not sending £100 to someone via ebay and hoping to get some brilliant info and get a one page doc' and feel ripped off,
maybe look at it that you have helped future children, i suppose you should also think about what you know about your relative and if it is just a couple of missing years will it help?
if you do decide to go ahead then maybe in a few months drag this post back up and post the results to help anyone else maybe thinking about it ;)

just to add i reread your post and noticed you said that was the last anyone heard of her, so maybe will be ££s well spent

The Common Room / Re: getting info from barnardo's
« on: Wednesday 19 May 10 23:21 BST (UK)  »
To put another twist on it, i have in the past paid barnardo's, some was found and some not,
i looked at it that they are still in the business if caring for kids so the ££'s were at least being well spent,
i just thought of it that way to justify the cost, although i am pretty sure i paid £15 initial search and then ABOUT £45.

You also have to remember that they have to go through these files ie not just copy them,
as they have to protect any other kids/people that maybe mentioned so other names have to be censored,
so the papers have to be carefully scrutinised, I suppose if it was one of your grandparents it maybe easier to make the call, i assume it was one of your grandparents siblings?
MAYBE it could hold a snippet of info' that relates to them, and again only my own view i was just glad the info' was there.

one of my uncles was in the norwood home and we recently got his file well a few sheets of papers lol,
but it was so interesting, ie when he entered and left, trouble he got into :o
also it gave info about his fathers income and why he was placed in there, as i say i can't tell you how important the info is to you or the family, but in my case i sent the ££s and forgot about it and didn't think would it be worth it, otherwise you maybe disappointed with what you receive ;)

Technical Help / Re: Red Flag for email?
« on: Thursday 13 May 10 16:06 BST (UK)  »
VERY VERY few of the options actually work and rightly so, as would be a spammers heaven.

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