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What I would do is put the name & dates on here & see if anyone else can knock it down.

Armed Forces / Re: WW1Military medal details
« on: Today at 12:05 »
Although the diary doesn't mention what he actually did to get his MM
knowing what went on gives an insight into the probability.
An overview is that this was at the end of the Somme Offensive & the
allies had reached the outskirts of Passchendaele.(just off the right of this map)
The 1st. Div. of which 216 Coy. MGC were in were positioned in the old German trench system in
V 28.
On 10/11/17 the 3rd. Bde. 1/Div. were tasked with taking the ridge that ran from Tournant farm
to Vocation farm.
216 Coy. MGC were positioned at the cemetery next to the "D" this was a defensive position
in case of a counter-attack. They also laid down a barrage while the attack took place.
The problems started before they set off, it rained continuously flooding the gun pits
& turning the ground to a sea of mud.
The right flank made little progress as a result of this & along with heavy shelling were forced to withdraw.
The left flank took their objective but were heavily shelled & were unable to defend it
as their guns were jamming from the mud.
The Germans counter-attacked & drove the 3rd. Bde. back across the Paddlebeek in V 28.
The MGC Coys (24 guns in total) were ordered to fire on any Germans seen.
Re-loading the leather gun belts was almost impossible as they were "sodden".
The situation at this time was the 216 Coy. were virtually the last men standing as the other MGC Coys. & infantry were now back in their defensive lines in V 28.
Visibility was poor owing to the mist but did suffer from shelling.
You would have to conclude that your man stayed at gun post & fired on or in the direction of
the German counter-attack allowing the infantry to withdraw succesfully.

Armed Forces / Re: WW1Military medal details
« on: Yesterday at 19:05 »
I'll have to go back to the diary so bear with me.

World War One / Re: Help Please Tracing Medal Cards
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 16:52 BST (UK)  »
There's a good write up here re the 15/RS involvement in the Somme Offensive:

World War One / Re: Private 1649 South Wales Borderers
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 11:26 BST (UK)  »
It was indeed.
He received the 15 Star.
The Medal Roll states theatre of war 5C (7/5/15) which is Persia.
He was disembodied 30/3/19 & what this tells you is that he was in a TF Btn.
In 1917 all TF Regts. were given 6 digit numbers & your man became 200249
this according to the BW & V Medal Roll.
The only SWB TF Btn. to serve overseas was the 1/1 Brecknockshire Btn.
& they served in India throughout the war.
This is what the LLT says:
1/1st Brecknockshire Battalion
August 1914 : in Brecon. Part of South Wales Brigade, Welsh Division.
29 October 1914 : left Brigade and sailed from Southampton with the Home Counties Division, arriving Bombay.
3 December 1914 : moved to Aden, arriving 16 December 1914 and coming under orders of the Aden Brigade.
August 1915 : returned to Bombay. Joined Mhow Brigade in 5th (Mhow) Division and remained in India throughout the war.

World War One / Re: Help Please Tracing Medal Cards
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 22:12 BST (UK)  »
15th. Btn. sounds right as others from that batch are either 15th. or 17th.
Looked at RFC/RAF rolls & he's not there either.
17497 R.Scots appears on page 795 of their roll so 17501 should be on the
same page.
On his pension ledger it states his medals are on page 149 so it's not the R.Scots roll.
The ledger also says his 2nd. stint overseas was from 29/8/17 - 3/3/18.
March 1918 was the date the RFC became the RAF so it may be his 2nd. tour was with the RFC
or he joined the RAF after it's formation.
According to TNA there are no rolls for men joining the RAF after it's formation.

World War One / Re: Help Please Tracing Medal Cards
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 21:21 BST (UK)  »
I've looked at the medal roll for The Royal Scots & 17501-05 are missing.
This leads me think that these men were transferred to another Regt.
Where has the R.Scots info come from?

1st. looks to be around WW1 - early 20's.
2nd. looks pre war around 1910.

Armed Forces / Re: WW1Military medal details
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 12:24 BST (UK)  »
Here it is.
If you want it fleshed out let me know.

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