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Essex / Re: John Thomas Finch
« on: Saturday 27 August 16 17:32 BST (UK)  »
I have that John Thomas FINCH, who married Catherine Probart in Clerkenwell, as being born in Putney in 1788. I am descended from his sister Elizabeth. I have no burial for him and he is not found in Putney. That might be another link worth following.
Best wishes,
Adrian Finch

Surrey / Re: Finch, Reigate, 18th century
« on: Saturday 27 June 15 21:33 BST (UK)  »
I am descended from the Thomas in Mortlake in 1724. He is not your man.
Good luck,

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: PR's St.Mary Newington COMPLETED
« on: Thursday 18 September 08 13:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I see you are posting on the Merrett family of Clapham. Some Clapham baptisms are not on the IGI (despite the fact they say they are) and the Merrett family are among them. I am descended from Henry MERRETT and Amy TAPLEY married in 1848 in Clapham. He is the son of Charles MERRETT who was born in Clapham in ~1807 but lived in Stockwell. I cannot find Henry's baptism but he is on the census.

Here are some MERRETT entries up to 1813 from Holy Trinity Clapham:

c. 14 Feb 1803   Sarah MATTHEWS 1st daughter of Richard (labourer) and Ann MERRETT [sic] (b. 26 Jan 1803) (4548)
c. 10 Aug 1803   Mary MERRETT 1st daughter of Thomas and Mary HILLIER (b. 27 Jul 1803) (4611)
c. 20 Jan 1805   William MERRETT 1st son of William (gardener) and Elizabeth (CARTER) (b. 12 Jan 1805) (4826)
c. 17 Mar 1805   Ann MERRETT 2nd daughter of Richard (gardener) and Ann MATTHEWS (b. 24 Feb 1805) (4835)
 More Sierra Leonean baptisms on 12 May 1805
c. 6 Jul 1806   Susannah MERYETT [sic] 2nd daughter of John (smith) and Elizabeth MOULDESWORTH (b. 12 Jun 1806) (5051)
c. 12 Dec 1806   Richard MERRETT 1st son of Richard MERRETT and Ann MATTHEWS (b. 19 Nov 1806) (5117)
c. 24 Apr 1807   Abraham Carter MERRETT 2nd son of William labourer and Elizabeth CARTER (b. 3 Apr 1807) (5171)
c. 5 Oct1808   Jane MERRETT 3rd daughter of Richard MERRETT and Ann MATTHEWS (b. 15 Sep 1808) (5422)
c. 15 Jan 1809   Eliza MERYETT [sic] 3rd daughter of John (smith) and Elizabeth MOULDSWORTH (b. 16 Dec 1808) (5473)
c. 13 May 1810   James MERRETT 2nd son of Richard (labourer) and Ann MATTHEWS (b. 23 Apr 1810) (5712)
c. 18 Jun 1811   John MERYETT [sic] son of John (smith) and Elizabeth MOULDESWORTH (b. 24 May 1811) (5913)
c. 2 Feb 1812   Mary MERRETT 4th daughter of Richard (labourer) and Ann MATTHEWS (b. 13 Jan 1812) (6031)
c. 26 Jul 1812   Caroline MERRETT 1st daughter of William MERRETT (gardener) and Elizabeth CARTER (b. 3 Jul 1812) (6126)


Suffolk / SHARMANS of Earl Stonham
« on: Tuesday 29 July 08 20:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I noted your interest in the Sharmans of Earl Stonham. I am descended from a John SHARMAN born there in 1797. He was married in Malta in 1826, had a son there and a daughter Mary Clara SHARMAN in Algiers in 1830. By 1833 he was a gardener in Brixton in South London where he stayed until at least 1867.

I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has any data from Sharman of Earl Stonham and any ideas why John SHARMAN travelled around so much. I cannot find records of him in the army, for example.


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