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Bedfordshire Resources & Offers / Re: Links: Bedfordshire Burials
« on: Friday 15 May 20 17:10 BST (UK)  »
Bedford Parish Register Transcriptions -
They cover the period from July 1837 (the start of Civil Registration) to March 1901 (the 1901 census).

Tyrone / Re: The Awesome Community Non-Profit Web-site
« on: Friday 14 September 18 18:56 BST (UK)  »
The URL has changed somewhat due to the recent upheavals at Rootsweb.

The Common Room / Re: Rootsweb pages
« on: Friday 14 September 18 18:50 BST (UK)  »
My website is back up and running - now to take time and see what needs amending/updating after nearly 9 months offline.

The Common Room / How will GDPR impact historical records?
« on: Wednesday 23 May 18 10:12 BST (UK)  »
I gather that real concern is mounting in the genealogical community about records being destroyed in error.

Census and Resource Discussion / All Rootsweb sites down - Security update
« on: Sunday 24 December 17 12:07 GMT (UK)  »
From the Freepages Mailing List:
On December 23, the following message appeared on the Rootsweb Blog -…/12/23/rootsweb-security-update/

... which means that you cannot access any Rootsweb pages, nor connect by FTP to any of your Rootsweb community sites. Indications are that this shutdown could be for some time as Ancestry attempt to make the Rootsweb sites secure. Ultimately, an ability to change passwords plus two factor ID may form part of the solution.

The Rootsweb Mailing Lists are still active.

The Common Room / 'Retirement' of Rootsweb features on Ancestry.
« on: Monday 23 October 17 13:32 BST (UK)  »
On doing my periodic check of my Guestbook on my Freepages family history website, I discovered that Ancestry have 'retired' the Rootsweb Guestbook that I use for visitors to leave queries/comments, etc.

I had no notfication about this or other Rootsweb 'retirements' - the Surname List & the Genealogy Forum features closing on Tuesday Oct 24, 2017.

I've lost nearly 20 years worth of queries/requests/info etc. from fellow researchers.

Luckily I have a complete backup of my website on my PC, but not the Guestbook.  I wonder what else Ancestry is going to 'retire' from Rootsweb....
I now have over 600 webpages to edit.......

The Common Room / Re: Family Historian v.4 & Windows10
« on: Monday 09 October 17 14:36 BST (UK)  »
Thank you :)

Now to decide what to do with it.....

The Common Room / Family Historian v.4 & Windows10
« on: Monday 09 October 17 13:14 BST (UK)  »
I have a copy of Family Historian v.4 that I no longer use as after a hard drive crash + new computer a few years ago, I went back to Brother's Keeper which I've used for years.  I also have the A4 user manual.

Does FH v.4 work with Windows10, as I'm thinking of putting the whole lot on Freecycle or up for sale.

[Seriously downsizing as retirement looms]

The Common Room / Are there two types of UK birth certificate?
« on: Saturday 07 October 17 16:02 BST (UK)  »
Hope this is the right board.  Just read this story on the Telegraph website:

This family were refused boarding at Heathrow for a flight to South Africa - read on:

"Well intentioned child trafficking rules were introduced in the country in 2015. The government now demands that travellers carry birth certificates for children who travel with them.

We took birth certificates for our two children, Sam, 13, and Kate, nine. But at the check-in desk, our holiday excitement turned to shock when the supervisor told us: “You’re not getting on that flight unless you have the right birth certificates.” It was hard to take in. Our certificates had “birth certificate” stamped across the top. How could they not be right?

As we now know, there are two types of certificate. You are issued with a free certificate at birth, but this is almost worthless. The legal document that carries the details of the parents normally requires an additional application and fee, depending on the council. This is called a “certified copy of an entry”.

Surely when the birth is registered, the copy given to the parents is the legal copy?

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