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Warwickshire / Re: The Haycock's Mystery
« on: Tuesday 25 December 18 21:50 GMT (UK)  »
Mark, many thanks indeed.

The Common Room / Re: Old medical term "waste" ?
« on: Saturday 01 December 18 20:11 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much for your very kind help.

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
Once again, many thanks. That's another one that I hadn't spotted

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 17:09 GMT (UK)  »
Sadly not. More affluent folk always placed births, deaths & marriage notices in newspapers but the Birmingham Haycock's don't seem to have been wealthy enough to be able to afford the extra expense.

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 16:53 GMT (UK)  »
You two are just wonderful!  :)
Thank you both so much.

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 16:35 GMT (UK)  »
William Haycock - 9 October 1897 - passed away June 1975 - Birmingham -    32 - Page 0983
Might have had a wife Florence  (12 January 1894) ???
Florence passed away March 1981 - Birmingham - vol 32 - 1860
IF it was correct a William Haycock married Florence Truran - Kings Norton Warwickshire - 6d 252  ???
One to prove or disprove  ;)

Brother William was born in Birmingham in 1863. He married Kate Griffin in 1896 and they went on to have a son named William Henry Haycock who was the young lad who became a Home Child who was sent out to Nova Scotia in 1907.
Benjamin's brother William passed away in Birmingham in 1947.

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 16:24 GMT (UK)  »

1896  RK - Hmm think I spotted something of interest in Birmingham.

I am intrigued now what you have found? I have been searching the records but could it be that fresh eyes have spotted something that I have overlooked?

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 16:20 GMT (UK)  »
Benjamin Haycock obituary...very hard to read at first, but then it comes in to focus.  Give it a little time :).   No mention of sister Elizabeth.   Does mention that he is survived by brothers Samuel, John and William.

That is so interesting. I believe that Benjamin had 11 siblings and i am presently awaiting to receive birth & death certificates which I have ordered to confirm the details.
When Benjamin passed away the brothers mentioned as being his family members who had outlived him are the only ones known to me as then still being alive and it is correct that his older brother William who was born & always lived in Birmingham was one of them. So, this proves that he kept up contact with his family in Birmingham to know this. Interesting.
I am puzzled at present as to the reason why the youngest four children became Home Children ~ the older siblings had either passed away or had married so I wonder why their parents had to give them up? I know that their parents hadn't passed away as although I have not been able to find their 1891 census they appeared alive and well in the 1901 census.

Canada / Re: Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 15:56 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks Sandra & Run Kitty, I am very grateful.
The census for William in Nova Scotia is the first info on him in Canada which is great. I am so pleased.
The other of your findings match with my own findings for the lads and I know what became of them.
It is Elizabeth who is my brick wall and I haven't been able to spot any info on her at all following her ships travel record. Hopefully, something might be found one day so that I can learn what became of her.
Thank you both for your kind help.

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