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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Finbow family Suffolk
« on: Monday 22 July 24 14:04 BST (UK)  »
This family? in 1881 as Kemp in 1871 as Finbow

In what names are the various children baptised/born - can you figure out when the change took place? It looks like there could be some children missing (judging on the years), perhaps unfortunately some infant deaths. does show some entries for David Finbow that might be relevant. Particularly a theft charge around 1871 (stealing turnips).   It might have been as simple as him giving his mother's surname as his own to avoid the association and help him get/keep a job.

In 1910 the "Schuch" family had no children, so I suspect there were none to the marriage.

The ages are off, but could this be Joseph in 1920 with Charles and James?
Claims to be married, no sign of Anna.

Trying to step sideways on Annas side, there are some siblings:
   Mabel Augusta Boyce born 1896 died 1916
Helen Boyce born 1891

Which leads us to this entry for Annie in 1900

Both parents still alive in 1910:

Jane dies 1912:

Helen marries 1917:

Now here's something interesting. Helen's husband also turns up in a war record with surname Marshall, and they had a son Noah born Louisiana who married as Noah Jepson in Michigan in 1938.

In 1920 there is this family that looks like Erwin, Helen and Noah, with Annie Hall as a boarder.

I removed the names of the sons. Presumably Betty and John (who had a child in around 1930) are now deceased; the sons may be still living.

Social media can be a good way forward for this sort of search, perhaps try some local groups in the Ayr area with a way for any descendants of the Spences to make contact.

Are you talking about Joseph Mack (no Liddle) death registered Moulamein (parents listed as Joseph and Mary A).

Aged 64 in 1927. He was married - do you have his marriage certificate? That would give you a better idea of his age/parentage as the information would be direct from him.

There is this baptism.  It looks like Godfrey William Michael Eliot is the brother of Geffery Laurence Eliot.  He died in 1881

Her birth can also be found in the French records here:
Marguerite Constance Eliot, Saint-Servan, 1874 births, entry number 164 (31 July)
It lists her parents as Jessie Bartley,aged 30, born Ireland, and Godfrey William Michel Eliot, a lieutenant in the English navy, aged 32, born East Indies, who were married in Jersey in 1872.

The Common Room / Re: ROGERS Charles
« on: Monday 08 July 24 10:17 BST (UK)  »

There is a Charles Rogers born 1869 in New Zealand living in Lambeth.
He appears to be living with Ivy Jane born 1898 Bermondsey, and Norma Winifred born 1920 Lambeth.

Ivy appears to be nee Andrews and they married in 1920.
Sadly Norma may have died young.
In 1939 Ivy is living with a son Dennis A in Leythe Road

The Common Room / Re: A Foundling's future generations surname
« on: Sunday 30 June 24 13:26 BST (UK)  »
He probably didn't want to be known as "Foundling"!

If he chose it himself later in life he could have taken the name from anywhere - it might have been the name of a foster family. He wouldn't have needed any paperwork, he could just have started using it.

The Common Room / Re: A Foundling's future generations surname
« on: Sunday 30 June 24 08:02 BST (UK)  »
Traditions are different in different parts of the world, but generally speaking, when a foundling was found they were generally baptised, and if the parentage was entirely unknown then a name would be simply assigned.

Here are some examples from England which are mostly related to where the child was left or the church in which they were baptised. For example a child found at Euston Station was given the name "William Euston".

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Martha Wilson Married 1906 In Yarm
« on: Monday 24 June 24 12:06 BST (UK)  »
With such common names, you're going to have to give us a little more to go on.

What is your source for the marriage in 1906? Do you have the marriage certificate?

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