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Australia / Re: Nicholas PAVLICEVIC (and variants)
« on: Saturday 11 September 21 08:41 BST (UK)  »
A copy of their marriage certificate should give you some information on his parentage.
A copy of his death certificate may give you some information about how long he'd been in Australia (depending on how well the information knew him).

The name Pavlicevich is in a few records at Trove - the earliest being someone by the name in 1873 (surname only) for gold mining, and then Nicholas in 1876

:) That's a great start!

You might be able to find her if she later married by looking at obituaries for her parents (and siblings, if any) - they may mention her married name and even residence, if you're lucky.

The Brooklyn Public Library has made many years of historical directories (address/telephone) for Brooklyn available here:[]=collection%3A%22brooklynpubliclibrary%22&and[]=subject%3A%22Telephone+Directories%22&and[]=subject%3A%22directory%22
 Up to 1967.

You might want to see if the address you have is related to any other Farrars - perhaps the other name is a relative of your friend's mother.

United States of America / Re: Ellis Island Records
« on: Sunday 22 August 21 03:44 BST (UK)  »
I don't see anything on the shipping list to suggest these women were all sent out by Poplar Workhouse. A number of them are not from London.

Louisa Aldersley, for example, a few lines below, with son Edward, appears to have been from Lincoln and by 1901 is back with her husband:

This is not to say that Mary didn't receive some level of financial/charitable support for her move, just that it doesn't appear to have been a large scale group movement of women. Looking at poor law records in Poplar might help:

For example, looking around 1879, this looks like her in the Creed register in Poplar, with a brother.
Roman Catholic, from "FG" (forest gate?) School - gone "with mother".
In short order all three back in workhouse:
And back again:

The kids seem to have gone back and forth between the workhouse and the school.
In 1880 both kids are transferred to FG in November 4 1880, and only John has following Workhouse dates.

By 1881 it's just Ann and John together:

John and Ann appear together and separately in later workhouse records but I haven't been able to pick up Mary.

So where did Mary go to? She was about the age to be found a job in domestic service. And is the woman in the passenger list in 1888 the same Mary or a red herring?

England / Re: Greenville COLLINS (1643-1694) - Descendants/Issue - Information sought
« on: Saturday 07 August 21 07:23 BST (UK)  »
In terms of records I recommend you start with his will:

You can also perhaps investigate the line mentioned here:,_Henry

Australia / Re: McNair Family in Australia
« on: Thursday 05 August 21 14:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ken,

If you're looking for your family in Scotland try: shows both a number of children and also a marriage in 1865 in Victoria for Robert McNair and "Alice Laticia Reialy", as well as a death in 1888 for a Robert Edwin McNair whose spouse is listed as Letitia Reilley - he was 44 at the time.

Records like the 1865 marriage certificate and 1888 death certificate will hopefully give you the info you need to take the line back to Scottish records.

Europe / Re: Thomas Halliwell
« on: Saturday 24 July 21 14:29 BST (UK)  »
Do you have any idea where in Belgium they might have been?
 - I see some references here to Ruth Halliwell (just search on Halliwell) - married an Arthur Bell, had a son born 1878 in Brussels.

This couple married in 1873 in Leigh, Lancashire, specifically at Pennington Christ Church.

Australia / Re: George Willian Dixon
« on: Monday 12 July 21 13:46 BST (UK)  »
 - his parents were at "Gale Holm, Gosforth" in 1934

Are you sure he was "William"? I think he might have been George Wilfred Dixon:
 - and another reference with Wilfred.
The Reverend George Wilfred Dixon died in Gosforth in 1967.

Hi Jen,

MaggieK has not been on the site since 2015, so is unlikely to respond at this point.

On the bmd indexes (freebmd) I can see a Herbert Shepherd/Shephard   marrying a Laura Daly in 1920, Chelsea (London).  It looks like two children born, 1920 and 1922. Is this the woman you are looking for?

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