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I wonder if it is “Agot “ the cross bar on the A very extended.?

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 22:46 BST (UK)  »
Gosh ,what idiots Annette , our dustbin men are the same ,just don’t think things through .
The Council ask that we place our bins with the handle facing out ,easy for them to grab .
My bins are in a little bay, I had that done when I had new fencing put in so the handles do face outward and that way it is easy for me to put stuff in them whilst still in my garden.
Do they put them back  like that - well no !
They struggle to turn them round so I have to go into the lane to put stuff in and they have to struggle to get them out .
They decant a bin only half full into another half full one ,making a horrible mess which they do not pick up so there is a trail of rubbish everywhere they go.
They are a team of vandals !
But an unpleasant job .

Lots of thunder this afternoon but not the amount of rain for
so much noise however heavy storms forecast for tonight.
No need to water containers this evening.

Flash Harry and my dughter off on Safari tomorrow with a picnic.
He is taking his nockalocklikers ( binoculars )and Magicifying glass ,butties and drink for a picnic ,little containers with pooters to safely catch insects ,and a writing book and pencil to record.
He wrote mouse ,the other day, just using the phonics he has learnt and got the ou sound correct .
His school, an academy really went big guns on phonics but it has paid off.
His little friend did not settle back very well when they went back so he and Flash Harry have play dates so he will be happier in September when school restarts etc.
He has a Safari jacket and Bush Ranger hat ,etc ,an outfit which was a Birthday present .
He has made casts in plaster of shells etc today with my  daughter.
They have magnets on the back so will be painted  for fridge magnets so I know what I am having for Christmas!!
Well no news really , hope everyone is alright ,getting better etc.
Cheerio for now.Viktoria.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 15:38 BST (UK)  »
Glad to hear you are up and running albeit a little slower than usual ,Roobarb,
and Caroline’s OH, amazing.

Well the thunder has arrived, rain but not as heavy as the sound effects would lead you to believe.
Am expecting a visit  from United Utilities re drainage at the front of the house, I have a service contract  with them.
Good if the problem is obvious when they come - anytime up to six O’Clock.

I can never relax and get on with things when waiting for someone ,especially when the time given is so long , would leave the front door open and vestibule one closed but the rain might blow in.
I have a doorbell ,and it is loud so I should just bat on.
I must also get a lock or at least a bolt on the inside of the vestibule door  then I can safely leave the front door open .

Will finish the chicken from Sunday for tea, tasteless, from M&S,supposed to be garlic butter ,but though it smelled delicious  ,taste was not nearly as good as the smell, and rather tough again, but done just to instructions so not me!
I am fed up with blurb that quite frankly is all too often just not true!

Well , will try to get on ,so look after yourselves and hope those ill will continue with good recoveries,.

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 00:27 BST (UK)  »
It is not actually in my possession now, but in store awaiting someone to give it a good home .
A very inexpensive at the time ,1896,bedroom suite which was my paternal grandparents’ ,bought 1896 when they married.
It would have been inexpensive for they were of very modest means .

I say inexpensive but very well made .
Was a maroon varnish trying to look like mahogany ,but it came to me from my father’s sister when she died ,she lived with their father and her and my father’s brother,after she married.
It survived the fire from an incendiary bomb which dropped down the chimney on the night of December 23 rd 1940 when Manchester was very badly bombed.
Grandad was dropped into the cellar still in his armchair as he refused to go to the communal shelter - well Hitler was not getting him into any air raid shelter,no but grandad was in hospital for three or more months, with extensive burns.
It came to me when Auntie died and I had it stripped to reveal fairly dark wood ,but hand waxed it was lovely .
I gave it to my grandson when I downsized ,they have a very modern house with lots of built in furniture he has done  himself ,so it is in store and I told them to sell it or chalk paint it then sell it .
So at 125 years old it is still going strong if not in use at the moment ,however a new baby in November ,so it may be useful again.
It looked lovely in my Victorian house.
But a bit silly in my modern one.

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Monday 26 July 21 21:34 BST (UK)  »
 ;D ;D ;D
4 guzinta 8 two times.
Well it did when I was at Junior school in the 1940’s .
But things change!

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Monday 26 July 21 19:20 BST (UK)  »
Yes, we put the results at the top ,and the remainder is isolated by a line extreme right .
We could do the subtraction below then, so 4 into 6 = 1  carry the remainder 2 to the next digit ie 5,so then it is how many times does four go into 25, etc.


I can remember doing long and short  division before the 11+ exam, so we would be ten or so.
But it amazes me how hard work was for children years and years ago.
My sister in law gave my son (at Uni) his grandad’s Maths text and exercise books from Nightschool aged 14, he left school at that age in 1917.
Bright but no chance of going to Grammar School ,finances would not allow that.
My son was very impressed ,he had done Pure and Applied Maths at A Level
and what his Grandad had done was very advanced ,especially considering his age.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Monday 26 July 21 14:55 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for relating that, it sounds just right..

There needs to be laughter at a funeral ,it is not disrespectful but a part of life and you would want to celebrate your Dad’s life .
Enjoy your break, and join us again .

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Sunday 25 July 21 23:36 BST (UK)  »
Oh that is good news ,thanks for letting us know,make sure you look after yourself too,!
Listen to your Grandma,! ;)

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