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The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Yesterday at 09:44 »
I do not like “ The Peace” , I really do not.
Wandering in and out of pews shaking hands etc , I don’t wander far !
However it has been part of the service for a while but sitting near the back in a side aisle  (near a radiator) whoever is leading the service never gets to me anyway !
Others in the congregation do but never the Vicar.
I go as far as I can through the rest of the congregation but too far and the service re -commences and I am not in my seat.

However I have not had one visit or phone call ,card or any communication whatsoever throughout !
We are very short on Clergy though and a group Ministry of St.Andrew’s, St.Paul’s, St.Philip’s and Edenfield —-( St.John’s Shuttleworth has closed )
  is a heavy burden for one Canon and Lay Readers.
Hopefully before too long I can get down and see for myself what is what .
Otherwise my “ Sunday best “ clothes are redundant!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 15:28 BST (UK)  »
Oh ,night shifts for you RTL,that is quite an ordeal.
The travelling etc.
Funny you should mention Rab C Nesbit .
I have a DVD of the series.
One really makes me laugh .
Jamsie has gone to meet Rab who is just released out of prison.
Rab is cursing for having been imprisoned in the first place ,Jamsie reminds him of the reason why ‘ Well ,ye shuddna hae head butted that Polis horse “
“ Well ,it shudnae hae whinnied  at me in that Kelvin Grove accent “
Kelvin Grove being “ posh”.

Take care every one.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 11:36 BST (UK)  »
Second post today .
Up late last night .
Neighbour was still up,(I can hear her TV .)
Went to bed ,did  bit of a crossword then did not remember checking both doors were fully locked etc .
Went downstairs and  the front door first,TV next door still on.
Very late for my neighbour,I looked and curtains still open also vertical blind .
I went round but could not make out much so got a very bright torch and shone it in ,and there she was just in front of her chair ,on her back,
eyes staring.
I have a key but phoned her daughter and offered to go in but she lives just a few minutes away by car so came immediately .
I stayed up a while in case I could be of help but they did not phone or come
 round .
This morning her daughter called and thanked me, it seems  when she got up to close the blinds and curtains to go to bed her feet tangled in a soft throw
she puts on her knees,it was cool yesterday .
Checked over by ambulance crew ,a later check as they were passing
and she was still in bed when daughter spoke to me this morning .
But her little face, I thought she had died.
She is a lovely neighbour ,I wish I felt comfortable just going in - it could mean vital minutes but I need to be told by her daughter I feel .
Gosh, I hardly slept but I know her daughter would not have left her .

Fine today, more hedgehog poo on the grass ,must look for something to put some cat food  in but cats can’t get to it .

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 10:57 BST (UK)  »
Well folks, talk about rewarding bad behaviour, well it seems rather like that to me.!
Paying young people -mostly- to get their vaccinations!
We as a nation are wishy washy pussyfooters in these matters.

It ought to be the other way round , fined if you don’t get vaccinated because it it is not a personal choice anymore, it is crucial to this country’s move forward to get rid of the virus as much as possible ,or at least contain it.

Honestly, if I were a Nurse given only a 1%  pay rise after their valiant efforts last year and 3% this year I would be tempted to use blunt needles but being a Nurse,  of course I wouldn’t .
Funny what money can be found for isn’t it!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Saturday 31 July 21 15:37 BST (UK)  »
Good to read the improvements in health folks, it really is encouraging ,then I nearly threw my iPad at the radio, some employers want it mandatory that people returning to work must have had two vaccinations.
There are objections, civil liberties etc , so once more pussy footing around a major issue!!!
I see nothing wrong in insisting that people are vaccinated, for goodness sake, we are by no means out of this .
Ooooh it gets me mad. We all have civil liberties and one of mine is that eventually I will be able to circulate in company knowing everyone has been
vaccinated.Iam sure many more feel as I do.

Except in extreme cases where a definite threat to health will ensue, I see black and white in this, the rest of us ought all to be vaccinated . !
No vacillating about vaccinating!
Wishy washy legislation.!

Bought some “ Healthy  Glow “ Rose oil by Lacura  Aldi’s brand.
Promised me a warm rosy glow to my skin ,it gave a glow alright, and a prickling sensation that threatened a rash ,so upstairs, washed it off thoroughly .It is going back.

Walked down the road to town passing my old home ,I wandered through the gardens marking where a church used to be , things I had planted doing well,
roses, pyracanthus ,Rowan tree, ferns etc. Went behind the houses and my little strip of garden there is doing well, the climbing Rose needs pruning ,fuchsia gone mad, could not see into my courtyard garden ,but I am glad,my fish in the pond ,I would have fish napped them I think had I seen them.
A neighbour saw me and we had a chat and I admitted I was so sorry I left despite it being such a big house with hard conditions to cope with .
No going back now !
Shut up and get on with it!

Dry today, but a very dark heavy sky ,the containers need a good feed but if I water them with a soluble food like Miracle Grow, the neighbours will think I am mad after the rain we have had!
Think there has been a hedgehog in my back garden ,I don’t put slug pellets there ,poo on the grass this morning when went to feed the fish .
I would put cat food out but Henry the over the Lane cat would get it .
Well ,this won’t get the baby a new bib and tucker!
So cheerio, look after yourselves and thanks for the encouraging news .

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Saturday 31 July 21 09:55 BST (UK)  »
Gosh, those two tiny little babies, how they have come on.
Very encouraging and I must show them to my grand daughter in law,Flash Harry’sMummy,she expects her second baby2nd Nov.
A big worry re placenta praevia (I think that is the spelling) so baby may be induced sooner.
Depends on what the scans show.
There is one prem baby in the wider family already and she was so tiny and f
fragile but the first in her immediate family so mum had lots of time etc.
A bonny little girl now all glorious blond curls.

Well folks according to Alan Titchmarsh ,time to prune back to one foot Wisteria shoots .
There was some more info but I was in the bathroom and the running water blocked out the little radio.
Off to shop in a little while ,some greens, bread, fruit TVmag.
And anything that takes my fancy!

Not actually raining but heavy threatening clouds and quite cool.
I put another blanket on my bed last night ,a lightweight one but it was a bit cool around two O’Clock.

Well must go to pay the half yearly Ground Rent to the gentleman at the other end of the street ,it is the princely sum of £2-25 each half year and the tenure is 999 years.
Most of if not all of the old housing stock in Ramsbottom has the same long terms and low rentals.

Hope everyone is well, and look forward to your news,

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 16:11 BST (UK)  »
Wow! What weather!
Talk about deluge ,cloudbursts etc .
Plants flattened and things blown all over the garden.
Well I won’t need to water containers for a few evenings now.

Hope everyone came through it all alright .

Son got a letter to go for a heart scan after heart trouble had more or less been ruled out ,we think it is a letter that just did not get posted at the right time but he will go for the scan anyway.

Got photos of Flash Harry in Safari mode!
Found several sorts of butterflies ,and ladybirds but wanted to keep some as pets but was OK when  my daughter explained they only ate food they had caught themselves like green flies etc .
He has done a ladybird pebble for me ,the spots are luminous !

Sent a cheque to grandson, for the pram for the new baby ,it is an all singing all dancing one ,pram, later push chair, first cot etc.
They got rid of a beautiful Silver Cross ,but was just the pram.
I say beautiful ,but not like ours would be, coach built, large wheels etc elegant and so easy to push.
However all folds away on the new one.

Didn’t we take a pride in our prams, all polished ,chrome wheels and handles
etc .White tyres whitened, lovely fringed sun canopies .
My children never had anything to eat in their prams ,and my first was immaculate after the two boys, the second for my daughter likewise ,I passed that on to Tom Simpson’s sister in law .
In Belgium.That had everything,pram,cot ,pushchair .
Shopping tray underneath.
We walked miles ,  but so much was more local and in easy walking distance.

Well must get on  still putting stuff away in spare room after my big sort out .
Keep changing my mind as to the best arrangement for the clothes many of which I may never wear again.
Got some very long cardigans ,I loved them with trousers ,but am too short now I have shrunk ,I think  grand daughter  likes them so will ask .

She has joined a charity for support for Ovarian Cyst patients as the long term effects are far more long reaching than I would have imagined .
Miscarriages etc.
Some of the group , are attempting to climb several peaks in a limited time .
I must sponsor them.
Perhaps a pram’s worth!

Well back to rearranging wardrobes, I wish I had never started.

Look after yourselves and thanks for the news .

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Fruit painting/Seeking deciphering
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 14:33 BST (UK)  »
I think Blickens is quite possible ,my mistake was in seeing the first” c “as an “e “.

The  smudged last letter as s is possibly correct.
The magnification is better on the later post.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Fruit painting/Seeking deciphering
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 09:15 BST (UK)  »
I think the bottom of the final letter is smudged ,so hard to tell if it is “c “or smudged “s “.
Logically “s “seems most likely.
Can’t find an artist only a modern one .
The colours are rather somber ,is it a watercolour or again chalk and charcoal
and if so, signed in yellow chalk would account for the smudging.
Just a thought but do you think it is “e” ,it looks very like the first “e”.
So Bliekene .

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