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Lancashire / Re: Nineteenth century map of Manchester?
« on: Monday 03 December 18 03:19 GMT (UK)  »
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The page in link map is 1886 to 1930

Fire insurance maps and plans - The British Library
A selection of historic fire insurance maps and plans from the British Library. ... at the turn of the twentieth century; publication dates range from 1886 to 1930.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: John Armitage 1672, Longwood House, Huddersfield
« on: Sunday 25 November 18 03:50 GMT (UK)  »
There is a district of Huddersfield called Longwood above Milnsbridge but Longwood House is located in another district of Huddersfield called Fixby on the other side of the town. - see link,_Lightridge_Lane,_Netheroyd_Hill

Location was at onetime at the bottom of a long wooded forrest

Dorothy Hallas born 1933 Leeds
Possibly daughter of Percy & Gertrude but not so sure now....

1939 causes major headache

Do we need Paulo Leeds to come back and tell us exactly what he does know - excluding living names?

sorry guys, I don't know much else, but trying to facebook some people who know Dorothy's son
will get back to you

If you can find more info (from other sources - not Rootchat) on Dorothy's known son should be your best option to trace back from:- any info he knows like his birth certificate info - if he will tell you anything  ???

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Dorothy Hallas Leeds
« on: Wednesday 14 November 18 22:32 GMT (UK)  »

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Dorothy Hallas Leeds
« on: Wednesday 14 November 18 03:06 GMT (UK)  »
The Dorothy's sons surname may help in your quest ? but with your limited knowledge of Dorothy's life,? as to being a marriage woman with her husbands surname post 1939 or a spinster as Dorothy Hallas with an illegitimate child/children . It would seem your don't know if Dorothy (who would be 85 years old now ) is still alive or deceased as now.

We are not supposed to converse on Rootschat forums about living people or if its unknown if the person is living or deceased.....?

Hi Mark,

Going by Google map streetview of St Alban's the gravestone style look much older than 1834- so took it for granted it was the Heworth chapelry. Though its say St Mary's was founded 1822 and get more complicated:

Extract from link

" "Heworth Church, St. Mary's, was probably founded by Ceolfrid, abbot of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow, within two years of the consecration of Jarrow Church, A.D. 684. The twenty-three coins of the realm of King Ecgfrid, found in this churchyard in the year 1812, prove this, as they were most likely dedication coins placed under the foundation-stone of the original church; and as King Ecgfrid was killed in 685, this was probably the year in which the foundation-stone was laid. From that time until 1214 no further mention is made of this church, but in a record of that year reference is made to "the lands of the chapel of Heworth," and since that time notices of it are frequent. It was rebuilt in 1684, and again in 1711, at which date it was considerably enlarged. The present edifice was erected on the same site in 1822, and is a fine cruciform structure of stone in the Early Decorated style, with nave, transepts, shallow chancel, and square tower at the west containing a clock. The living is a vicarage, valued at 280, in the gift of Lord Northbourne, and held by the Rev. James Steele."

[From History, Topography and Directory of Durham, Whellan, London, 1894]

Its only a possibility but the John Hood the shoemaker and John Hood the Innkeeper at the ship inn are one of the same John Hood. It would explain the brewing and leather trades of George Hood of Selby and bearing in mind George's first appearance in Selby was at Gibson's cooper trade Wren Lane Selby

Richard Gibson went bankrupted 1807 -George Hood would be 21 years old (full age - ish) in 1807 coming out of an apprenticeship age (pointers Gibson could have trained George as a cooper from 1800 after John Hood the shoemaker died in 1800)

(Heworth -not to mix up with Hedworth but both locations are very close to each other)

St Alban's church graveyard looks intact at Heworth (Windy nook & Blue Quarries),-1.5763011,3a,47.7y,274.22h,89.29t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBIXDaQRy1Dk4T_zQ7SsOSg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192


John Hood son of John Hood 12 December 1745


Burial 31st Dec 1800

John Hood age 55 (birth 1745) a Shoemaker abode Blue Quarries entry Heyworth Chapelry

There is a map on this original post showing Heworth was next to Gateshead.


If that John Hood, Shoemaker, buried Gateshead December 1800 was George Hood's Dad in the 1st October 1786 Gateshead Baptism.

Another relative might move to Gateshead to keep an eye on young George Hood (assuming George Hood hadn't died) and to deal with house, shoe business and move belongings.


I see a Jabez Hood was baptised Gateshead in 1799 to a Robert Hood and Mary. (The only other was a Sarah Hood baptised to Francis Hood 1792). A nuisance when only the Fathers were given at Baptism.

There is a Robert Hood with premises called the Sun moving from the Sandhill to the Beehive, Close, Newcastle 1801 (newspaper). According to another newspaper Robert Hood dies 1812 and then a challenge in the Court of Chancery. An Edward Hammond was appointed in 1816 and E. Hammond was occupying the Beehive premises in 1817 when a theft occurred there. (See also, Hammond v. Hood report in the Tyne Mercury newspaper 13th March 1827)

Oh I don't know now about the above suggestion in this post, it looks like Jabez Hood was linked to Stoddart in the case.

Stoddart and Anthony Hood mentioned above, so perhaps Robert Hood is related, or is not related to John Hood, Shoemaker buried Gateshead December 1800?


There might be two separate Hood families at Gateshead?

Heworth was next to Gateshead, going off to check Hoods there.


Hi Mark,

What is there as hard fact!

George Hood Selby himself as a trade had no connection to the sea in his working life'

Gateshead has a father and son baptisms and a fathers death age to link to his baptism

A possible father John Hood bapt 1744 Gateshead

A  George Hood baptism son of John hood 1786 Gateshead (after life unaccounted in researching this George)

A land tax entry 1789 of a John Hood in Gateshead

A death 1800 of John Hood shoemaker (worked with leather)  aged 55 = born 1745 ish

George Hood of Selby a tanner, brewer & cooper as business trades (worked with leather) 

Richard Gibson (who's father was from Tyneside) was advertising in national newspapers for a skilled Cooper 1800 (  Question ? - did Gibson take on an apprentice instead.)

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: DNA Why I urge caution
« on: Saturday 03 November 18 03:36 GMT (UK)  »
Picture in your mind, a well to do snobby senior aged lady, a member in the village church flower arranging coffee morning club, who use to brag about her paternal ancestry went back to royalty, and to prove the aforesaid she did ancestry DNA. The lady got a result, a taxi driver in New York, who was her half brother and his father was one of the USA WW2 G I's in England and the posh snob lady very quietly left the flower arranging club after she found her true paternal ancestral history.  ;D ;D ;D

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