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Northumberland / Re: Paces -Seaton Sluice
« on: Saturday 10 January 09 15:06 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks,Barbara and Jennifer. Seems there were no Paces in the mine, at least not that morning.
Yes, the 1891 census ........Thomas and Sarah were definitely my grand parents,Ivan was the eldest of seven uncles and aunts, but the only one we did not meet as kids. We think he had moved away.
The 81 census shows my greatgran as a widow but I'm finding it difficult to get further back. Thomas it appears was born in county durham. Cartie,Carty and Carthy are all possibles and I'm about to start searching in that direction. I'd like to get back to the Irish connections if possible.

Northumberland / Re: Paces -Seaton Sluice
« on: Saturday 10 January 09 11:10 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know if there is a list of names of victims of the Hartley pit disaster. I found my great gran listed as a widow round about that time. According to my sister, Michael, we can forget the blackleg angle. She said he was a cornish tin miner. Or maybe a tin miner from cornwall, but born elsewhere?

Northumberland / Re: Paces -Seaton Sluice
« on: Wednesday 07 January 09 11:42 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry, long delay in getting back to this search. Now in French Alps, weather not to good for skiing today so am getting organised to do some serious searching.

I'm not sure whether there was more than one Hartley pit. I know my grandfather worked at the pit which was the scene of a major disaster.

As to blacklegs Michael, it was vaguely suggested that my great great grandfather might have come to the area as a blackleg. I'm pretty sure my grandfather was locally born and bred as he had a very strong pitmatic accent.
My father was born in Scotswood, Newcastle and that side as far as the male line is well documented
as far back as the 18th century and if I can verify certain links we could go back to Robert Taleford 17th Century father of Ralph(Raldolphus)Taleford ,born 1712

The female side of the tree is much more problematic.

Unfortunately Barbara I don't  have any documents going back further than my own birth certificate.
I believe my mother and father's marriage was recorded in Whitley Bay some time in 1932 so I'll start lloking for that next.

Thanks for the help and interest

Nick Telfer 

PS Pity the Spartans lost. I grew up right next to the football ground!

Northumberland / Paces -Seaton Sluice
« on: Monday 24 November 08 23:54 GMT (UK)  »
Can anybody help with this one. I was born in Seaton Sluice 1933, my mother's maiden name was Daphne Pace, my father was Joseph Telfer. I can trace his line all the way back to the 18thC but I'm having problems with my mothers side. Her father,my Grandfather we think his name was Thomas, but I'm not sure, because we always just called him Grand'da. He was a retired miner, used to work in the Hartley Pit. We believe his family originated in Cornwall. Possibly came up as blackleg miners! We never knew my grandmother on that side, she msu have died before I was born but I can't ever recall hearing her spoken about. Her family were Carthy's from Ireland.

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