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Northumberland / Re: Our Lady And St Columba, Wallsend. Burial place?
« on: Wednesday 13 February 19 09:40 GMT (UK)  »
That's good that she appears to have had a gentle death perhaps as you say 'died in sleep'.  The Church entry records in quotes 'very suddenly'.  Perhaps the Church record might just mean that there was not enough time for last rites before death.  Although I can't remember now if the record indicates last rites were carried out or not.

Next time I get to the library I will see if I can find a death notice.  On a rare occasion I have found that something can be missed off link that Boo sent.  Margaret may possibly have notice in  a Wallsend paper or Shields Daily News perhaps.  Both latter papers are at North Shields library but I can't remember off too of my head the date range covered in what Wallsend papers survive.

She died 27 Feb 1895 and was: 'Found dead in bed, having died in a natural way from Heart Disease. Certificate received from Henry J Rutherford Deputy Coroner for South North'd inquest held 27 Feb 1895.' Address was 16 Winifred Gardens.

The daughter died only on the 23 Feb, 'Cause Cardiac Disease Dropsy'.

I believe the father James Kirven died 5 May the same year (1895), 'Cause Chronic Bronchitis Cardiac Disease certified by C.J.C.Kingdon M.B.'   I think this is the correct death, but the address is different (23 Birket Street) and the informant was 'James Elliott Son-in-Law' of 21 Birket Street - my James didn't have a son on law called James Elliott, but I'm guessing maybe they just used 'son in law' for different relations or extended relations/friends. Other details match up.

Northumberland / Re: Our Lady And St Columba, Wallsend. Burial place?
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 23:07 GMT (UK)  »
AngelFish, the Church entry records Margaret died 'very suddenly'.

There was also a Maria Anna Kirven buried at Wallsend Cemetery on 25 Feb.  Same address as Margaret - 16 Leslie's Gardens, Wallsend.

Thank you River Tyne Lass. I'm pleased to know where tjey were buried.

I've since bought the death certificates - Margaret died in her sleep. Mary Ann was her daughter and died first, then the mother, and then later in the year the father died too.

Lincolnshire / Re: Methodist minister
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 20:31 GMT (UK)  »
I've not been able to find any trace of Francis James Hughes after 1911. 

There are various ones listed dying around the country but I've not had time to backtrack to check if he's one of those.

I don't yet know if the Methodist minister info was a complete red herring or if that will help trace him in his adult life.

Eilleen, your post led me to  Is that what you use or would you recommend something else?


Where was he in 1911 please?

Lincolnshire / Re: Methodist minister
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestor was a (poorly!) paid Primitive Methodist minister. He was moved to a new circuit (collection of churches/chapels) every 2 years. I had other family members (a different line) who were had Methodist minister (or preacher) local as occupation on the census, as well as being farmers. The circuit I know most about was in a rural area and I think that when the minister was away or preaching at another chapel, the local preachers would lead the service.

List are still available of which (paid) minister/s were assigned to which circuit. The link that candleflame gave you is good. There is also  but I haven't found any Francis or James Hughes.

Francis James Hughes was young, would there be any chance of finding any apprenticeship papers?

If you mange to find a possible birth registration, you could order the birth certificate and use the date of birth to look for him on the 1939 Register?


Northumberland / Re: Help please? Missing? 1928 death record Michael Kirven
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 19:12 GMT (UK)  »
I always thought I had to search with at least 3 letters before the *!


Northumberland / Re: Help please? Missing? 1928 death record Michael Kirven
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 18:41 GMT (UK)  »
Michael Kivern 3 q. 1928, Newcastle upon Tyne 10b, 76, aged 48.

Thank you JenB. I should have been able to find that, I thought I'd tried everything.

Although, I've seen many spellings of the name before but none starting with Kiv.

Thanks again.

Northumberland / Re: Help please? Missing? 1928 death record Michael Kirven
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 18:39 GMT (UK)  »
The death would have to be registered, and a certificate issued by the registrar, otherwise a burial could not take place.

Very helpful to know. Thank you Stan.

Northumberland / Help please? Missing? 1928 death record Michael Kirven
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 17:58 GMT (UK)  »
Ancestry and FamilySearch have burial record for Michael Kirven in 1928, but I can't find a corresponding death record. I've tried and the index on the GRO website, with various spellings, and different locations in case he died out of the area.

I'm wondering if the death wasn't registered (or would it have needed to be registered in order to be buried)?  Can you find the registration that I might have missed? 

Burial record:
Michael Kirven.  Male.  Buried 14 Sep 1928 at Our Lady and St Columba, Wallsend.  FHL Film Number:   2046563.

Thank you.

Durham / Re: Anthony YOUNG or GRAY? Help with marriage please
« on: Thursday 03 January 19 21:04 GMT (UK)  »
What name have you found him under in 1841


1841 as Anthony YOUNG.

Baptism record at Whickham has him born 4th Dec 1822, baptised 25 May 1823, son of Thomas YOUNG and Barbara.

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