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Lancashire / Re: Chain Bar Methodist Church Moston
« on: Sunday 05 January 14 18:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hi tea tree,

My dad was a member of the 2/289th.

Grandad was one of the leaders I think.
I had a load of paperwork relating to the n2/389th, I gave them to the  scouting association when grandad died for their archive.

Mum, Dad and both sets of grandparents were part of the church in the1960s.

May I ask your surname? I'm guessing you and my parents will know each other lol.

Hi Gaille

I was at the final service too along with my brother and his wife, we met many friends from some 30 years ago at the buffet following the service, a sad day but in some respects a happy reunion too.

I attended through the late 1960's, cubs and scouts followed by senior scouts,my Dad was the organist for quite some years, hidden behind the large cross in the centre of the choir area, he also played for the choir, when there was one, then in the later years, he played the organ in at the front of the church near the font.

There has been a lot of history lost with the closure of the church, I'm trying to find out what has happened to the scout troop. Can you help with any information about what has become of them please?

Lancashire / Re: Boggart Hole Clough
« on: Thursday 05 April 12 00:19 BST (UK)  »
You are bringing back a lot of forgotten memories for me, i remember going to Boggart hole Clough add a child with my granddad.

 LOL strangely enough i never ventured far from granddad cos I was frightened the boggarts would jump out n get me!
(LOL I was a curious child n asked what Boggart meant once, I should never have asked cos the answer preyed on my mind long after!)

The Lighter Side / Re: Am I the only person that does this?
« on: Monday 26 March 12 00:22 BST (UK)  »
well, I mentally "killed off" 2 of my ancestors in WW1 because I couldn't figure out where they vanished too n it was the logical conclusion as they vanished between 1911 and verbal family history said one of them died young n the other was an unknown name to living relatives who would have known him.

n then.  . . . I discovered the one who died young' died in a motorbike accident after WW1

n the unknown name emigrated to Australia n died in the 1950's

glad really that I proved my theories wrong :-)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Daughter
« on: Saturday 17 March 12 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi norms,

Why don't you contact the Oldham chronicle and see if they will help you? Its our local paper here

i'm sure if you explain the circumstances they will help
I know the Manchester evening news did something similar a few weeks ago and they were successful.

If you google Oldham chronicle you will find the website and contact details there.

Good luck on your search


The Lighter Side / "recycled" dates
« on: Thursday 15 March 12 01:07 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone else see a pattern of dates being reused within their family?

Theres certain dates in my family that seem to be used over and over again.

My own birthday its one of them, its also my gt gt grandma's anniversary and the anniversary of gt aunts death (and weirdly her name - Annie - is my nickname even tho its nothing like my own name)

My grandma and shares a birthday with my sister in laws mum

My nephew was born on the anniversary of my sisters god mothers death, and My god daughter was born the day my god mother died.

My anniversary with my ex partner was the same date as my brother and sister in laws wedding.

2 of my gtgt grandparents share a death date several years apart.

obviously these are all coincidences but it just struck me how often the same date reoccured


The Lighter Side / Re: EUREKA! But why didn't I think of that before?
« on: Wednesday 14 March 12 23:33 GMT (UK)  »
I've had a few eureka moments where I thought after "why didn't I think of that ?"

My granddad had an uncle that vanished between the 1901 and 1911 cencus's
He brought up his brothers after their father died, kept his stepmother and her sisters, and had his own shop:............. Then he vanished.
My granddad talked about his family and he never mentioned him so i couldn't figure it out, I spent ages searching records all over the country,  then checking out the ww1 records n found nothing at all

Then one day I was checking some info on my granddad brother and just for some random reason I put in the mystery uncles name on the passenger lists . .       . And there he was not dead as I thought but emigrating to Australia!

Suddenly a comment in my Granadads brothers letter home in 1950 made sense (he mentioned "your niece" in a letter to my granddads dad, but I never realised what he was saying! "

Quick check on AustralianWW1  records n I had his address, wifes first name and his date of death!

Why I never thought to check if he emigrated I have no idea, could have saved myself YEARS of searching


The Common Room / Re: Hereditary Instincts-Twins.
« on: Wednesday 14 March 12 22:49 GMT (UK)  »
my gt-gt-gt grandmother had 2 sets of male/female twins (proven from church records) , (plus 11 more children!) and i think possibly 1 more set i havent proven yet.

Her daughter (my gt-gt grandma)  had no sets of twins, ............. but several of her other children had what i suspect may have been twin births - but they re-used names so much i cant tell with some of them!
2 of her grandsons (my grandmas brothers) had twins - both single sex twins
out of my parents generation there have been more sets
and of my own generation, 2 sets of twins, 1 of which was a male/female pair.

time will tell of the next generation!

Think its fair to say Twins are in my genes!


Census and Resource Discussion / After advice / opinions please
« on: Wednesday 07 March 12 01:04 GMT (UK)  »
Been out of doing tree for quite a while now.

I'm planning on renewing just ONE of my subscriptions to either ancestry ot find my past.

Which would you recommend?

I need UK records mainly, but access to Australian ones would be good add I have a couple of family emigrated.
I'm looking for lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Norfolk, Shropshire records

Need access to cencus, for the above, including 1911


The Common Room / strange co-incidence!
« on: Monday 05 March 12 20:31 GMT (UK)  »
I went out at weekend to take some photos for a fellow Rootschatter in one of the cemeteries fairly local to me.

Found the grave reasonably easily, and took the photos, then dad and I took a walk around for a few minutes, dads a pretty good 'grave hunter' now so i take him with me (makes me feel safer too!)

when we had finished we went back to the car & drove off, and for some reason as we drove past the chapel of rememberance the date popped right into my head - so i asked dad what date it was just to confirm what i thought, then i made him pull over & wait while i went into the chapel on my own, when i had been in i went & got dad and took him inside  .......................

And showed him for the first time ever the book of rememberance entry for HIS grandad who died in the 1950's!

I have no idea why the date suddenly popped in my head just then, or why out of all the dates and names floating around in my head that one and his grandads name suddenly made me realise - but i am SO glad it did right then & there!


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