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Australia / Re: Martindale & Sons, Undertakers, Dimboola
« on: Monday 03 June 19 23:36 BST (UK)  »
As far as I am aware Marjorie’s is still alive. I am in contact with one of her relatives. I have contacted him and asked him about Marjorie and he will get back to me when he knows.


Australia / Re: Martindale & Sons, Undertakers, Dimboola
« on: Saturday 26 January 19 16:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all
In 2016 around Australia Day I met up with Robert John Martindale in Dimboola and we had a look around the cemetery at the Martindale gravestones, and visited the newspaper office where a printing machine was there made near Otley in England. Later that year I went to to see Robert at his home in Melbourne and since then thanks to Rootschat we have been in touch quite a lot and shared our family history information.


Cheshire / Re: Chester Castle Goal / Assizes
« on: Tuesday 27 March 18 09:07 BST (UK)  »

Have sent you a PM with an account in the newspaper about rabbit catching. I use British Newspaper Archive which  you have pay a subscription too. I also use 19th century British Newspapers which I get through my local library online using my library ticket. The Cheshire Observer is in both resources, but neither report what happened to John Jeffries in prison.


Lincolnshire / Re: or find mypast?
« on: Wednesday 07 March 18 16:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, Just wonder if your James Edward GOSLING that you are researching was a lorry driver, because if so I have found some articles about him in some newspapers.

I have used Ancestry for some time now, that is Ancestry, at first when I started my Family History research in 1995 I would ask someone who had an account with the organisation to do some cook ups for me but in 2005 I decided to open my own account with them and found it very successful, mainly because I could load several family trees on the site as public trees. A friend of mine has Find my past account but some things aren't always successful on look ups.


Lincolnshire / Re: Where did they marry?
« on: Tuesday 06 March 18 18:12 GMT (UK)  »
I can always look it up in a newspaper archive.


Lincolnshire / Re: what occupation is this for George Huddleston
« on: Tuesday 06 March 18 16:45 GMT (UK)  »
Are these newspaper articles any good for you?

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 23 December 1853
In St. Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, on Friday last, Sarah wife of Mr. George Huddleston, collar maker, aged 51.
Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 25 August 1871
DEATHS: In the Union Workhouse, Lincoln, on the 17th inst., Mr. George Huddleston, collar-maker, aged 73.


Suffolk / Re: Richard RUMBELOW
« on: Wednesday 13 December 17 12:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Greg,

Well the 1841 Census does list Nathan aged 80, but doesn't give his occupation. According to a newspaper article in the Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 10 February 1808 which was dealing with an enclosure act, Nathan is listed as having a messuage: An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Mildenhall, in the County of Suffolk "One other public carriage and drift road, of the breadth of 40 feet, (except where it passes between old inclosures) called the Lakenheath Road, beginning at or near the messuage in the tenure of Nathan Rumbelow, and proceeding in its present track between the high lands and the fen dolvers to the South-east corner of Holywell Green.

He is also listed as subject of some land tax, and was in the list UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893 for Lidgate Mildenhall.

County of Suffolk Watch, Parish of Beck Row, Mildenhall for the granting an aid to his majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of year 1798.
No of Register, Name of Proprietors, Names of Occupiers, Sums Assessed, Date of Contract

Suffolk / Re: Richard RUMBELOW
« on: Tuesday 19 September 17 21:11 BST (UK)  »
Now something about the death of a John Rumbelow at his mother's hands.
Cambridge Independent Press - Saturday 30 October 1847
Littleport—More Poisoning.—On Monday last, an inquest was holden at Littleport, before W. Marshall, Esq., on the body of an infant named John Rumbelow, 17 months old, who had died from an overdose of laudanum, given him by his mother. The woman, who appeared to be in a destitute condition, and came into gaol in a very filthy state, says she had no idea she had given the child too much ; but she was committed for trial at the next Cambridgeshire assizes, on the charge of killing and slaying her son, John Rumbelow, by administering to him certain poison called laudanum."

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal - Saturday 25 March 1848
MANSLAUGHTER. Mary Rumbelow, aged 22, wife of William Rumbelow, of Littleport, was indicted for the manslaughter of her child, John Rumbelow, by administering sixty drops of laudanum. Mr. Worlledge prosecuted; the prisoner was undefended. Sophia Fyson, a very old woman, with whom prisoner lodged in October, said the child was very cross and never well, and prisoner used to give it stuff to make it sleep. Prisoner said she was going for Godfrey's cordial, but she brought laudanum back, and gave the child teaspoonful. Next day the child died. By the Judge She meant to do it no harm: she was very loving over her child. Robert Cheesewright, grocer, &c., of Littleport, sold prisoner a penny-worth of laudanum, about 160 drops, a large teaspoonful. Bought the laudanum in London, and believed it to be of the usual strength.—By the Judge: She had had laudanum before, and had also sent for Godfrey's cordial; an ounce of Godfrey's cordial or four teaspoonsful, was a dose for a grown-up person. Wright Laxton, surgeon, of Littleport, examined the body of the child. Found the lungs highly inflamed : there was extravasated blood, and also tubercles : in other respects the child appeared healthy, as far as be examined: examined only the chest and bowels ; did not examine the head. His Lordship directed an acquittal, and expressed his regret that the woman had been kept in prison since last October, upon charge of having feloniously caused the death of her child, when there really was no sort of foundation for the charge.


Suffolk / Re: Richard RUMBELOW
« on: Tuesday 19 September 17 21:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, a couple of articles about Richard Rumbelow-just wonder if they are connected to your relative?

Bury Free Press - Saturday 09 July 1881
Bury St. Edmund's and Mildenhall WEST ROW AND WILDE STREET, MILDENHALL, SUFFOLK. ELIGIBLE SMALL INVESTMENTS, comprising21 SUBSTANTIALLY ERECTED COTTAGES, WITH CONVENIENT OUTBUILDINGS, GARDENS, and ALLOTMENTS of LAND, producing an annual rental of £8O per annum, which MESSRS. WILLIAMS AND WOOD Are favoured with instructions from the surviving Trustee under the will of the late Mr. JOHN ROLFE and Mrs. ANN ROLFE, to Sell by Auction, on MONDAY, July 11th, 1881, at the Plough Inn, West Row, at Six o’clock in the Evening, in the following lots :
Lot 1. A Freehold, Brick, Stone, and Tiled DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, with COTTAGE adjoining, situate at West Row, Mildenhall, with convenient Outbuildings, Well of Water, and Gardens front and rear, containing 33 poles, now occupied by John Crick and James Brown, at yearly rents amounting to £9 10«.
Lot 2. A Stone and Thatched COTTAGE, and a Cottage Wasted, situate at Bagsham, West Row, with large piece of Garden Ground, the whole containing by the Parish Survey 30 Poles.
Lot 3. All those FOUR Freehold Stud, Plastered and Thatched COTTAGES, situate at West Row, with Outbuildings and Gardens, Well of Water, and other conveniences, abutting upon the Street, containing by the Parish Survey 22 Poles, now occupied by S. Rumbelow and others, at rents amounting to £lO 18s. per annum.
Lot 4. TWO Freehold Stud, Plaster, Partly Tiled and Partly Thatched COTTAGES, with Boarded Outbuildings, abutting upon the roadway, containing by the Parish Survey 17 Poles, now occupied by J. Hood and J. Pitches, at the yearly rent of £8 15s.
Lot 5 All that Freehold ALLOTMENT GARDEN GROUND, situate West Row, opposite Lot 3, containing by the Parish Survey 1 Rood and 26 Poles, now occupied by J. Hood and others.
 Lor 6. All those three-stud plastered and thatched TENEMENTS, situate West Row, Mildenhall, with gardens, well of water, and convenient outbuildings, now occupied by Richard Rumbelow and others, at rents amounting to £8 12s. per annum ; also a stone and thatched COTIAGE adjoining, occupied by Hannah Coe, at the yearly rent of £2 10s.
Lot 7. All that substantially-erected brick, stone, and thatched COTTAGE, with large garden well planted with fruit trees and bushes, and containing by the said survey 26 poles, now occupied by Thomas Rumbelow, the yearly rental of £4 5s.Lot 8. All those two substantially-erected freehold brick, stone, and tiled COTTAGES, with boarded and thatched lodges; also a brick and thatched COTTAGE adjoining, occupied by George Aves and two others, at rents amounting to Is. per annum; adjoining are two stud and thatched COTTAGES, with outbuildings, large barn, and capital piece of Garden Ground, now tenanted by Charles Mason and others, at rents amounting to £9 10s. per annum.


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