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    Hi Steve c & Chempat,
                         Thanks Steve for your help, our archives here in Shrewsbury
                          is Wed,Thur, Fri but everything shut on Tuesday.
                          Will just have to sit and wait.

                         Just an update on what was found about Alexander.
                         Death notice for Edith 28 February 2018, and where
                         the service was.  St Nicholas Church, Gayton.
                         Lots of information.
                         Did a search of the church which give me some links.

                         Gravestone photos. Com
                         A photo of Alexanderís headstone,  ( they will send better photo, free )
                         Just make out the date  ?? May 1984.   At least I have a month.

                        Once I can put everything together, my uncle will be very surprised
                        he has a cousin in Norfolk.

                        Thank you both for your time and help.



 Hi chempat,

                 Thanks for your link, will give it a go today.
                 Have just been putting names down on google
                 found a death notice for Alexanderís wife who
                 died 2018. Kingís Lynn.

                Name was Edith ( Evelyn the one I had ) also
                 daughter and family. 

                Putting the tea on and pen and paper at the ready.
                Thank you very much.


 Hi chempat,
                    Many thanks for your message, Will have to wait for a bit
                    local archives have be shut down.  Would you have any
                    idea the names of the local newspapers for Kingís Lynn ?
                    I forgot about any willís. Good shout.

                    Again thanks for your help. Take care.

  Hi everyone,
                    Could someone please do a look up for a death notice on
                     Alexander Davidson, died 1984 Kingís Lynn.

                     Found this info on free/bmd, which give me his birth.
                     Alexander was born in Belfast 1914, a uncle to my mother.

                     In a death notice Belfast Telegraph 1966, for his sister which
                     gives  ď Brother Alex & Evelyn, plus daughterís first name.
                      Kingís Lynn, Norfolk ď.

                      Any help on this or any thing else would be great.
                      Many thanks for any help.


Hi aghadowey,
                      Many thanks for all the links for James, Iím sure he is the same
                      person.  The both dates of birth are the same.

                      The other James is a cousin, the grandfather was James.
                      Will try to find a death notice in the local paper of 1942,
                      Best regards,        William .

Hi everyone,
                   Many thanks for all your help, will write it all down and see what I can find.
                    If itís the same James, from Belfast he was C-0 -I 1901 census age 6.

                    He might have joined Elizabethís local church. Need to look into that side
                    of her family, next trip to the library.  Will check the newspapers for his

                     Again many thanks to everyone,      William.

Hi Everyone,
                   Could anyone help me, Iím looking for any information on the marriage of
                     James Ballance & Elizabeth V. Parry . Reg/June 1934.

                     Have just found them in the 1939 register living with three children
                              Bright Side,  Morfa Drive. Conwy.
                      Two of the children have the surname of Williams. The third is blocked.

                      There is also a death of James, reg 1/1942 Bangor.
                      I think this James was born in Belfast in 1893, have him up till the 1911
                      census at home with family. Then nothing else.

                     Anything about James and Elizabeth would be great, thanks for your time.
                       Best regards,       William.


Hi everyone, 
                  Glad to hear from you all, nice to see a family member.
                  The story was sad to read, I was moved when he returned
                   home on a cold Christmas Eve all them years ago.

                   Hello Harbottle23 hope this starts your search into Robertís live.
                    Best regards to everyone,

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Archives look up no2
« on: Friday 27 July 18 18:32 BST (UK)  »
hi ciderdrinker,
                       thatís ok, I think if we all could do a look up for another
                       member, why not.  sure this is the place to ask.
                       will see what happens, a change is as good as a rest.
                       my g/mother was a parsons, any yours from Ireland?

                        best regards,   Billy.

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