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Wales Resources / Re: Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 17:35 BST (UK)  »
yes, I've been wondering that myself, whether I jumped on that marriage to Jane Smith too quickly. I have looked for a James Paradine of the correct age in the British & American censuses without luck, just in case he did change his name back. I think it's back to the drawing board with James, perhaps he died young. I need a time machine. William Griffiths was my husband's great grandfather. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks Ellenmai I'm rethinking that marriage.

Wales Resources / Re: Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 16:20 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Rosie99 for all your info. I have just given myself a shock. You ask what happened to James' mother after John Wootton died. Well, she married William Griffiths 29th December 1856 at St Chad's Parish Shrewsbury, declaring herself to be a spinster Harriet Paradine. I just found her marriage to John Wootton in 1845 at St John's Parish in Great Boughton, I must not have looked for it. I believe James Wootton married a Jane Smith in a civil marriage in Bangor. I've lost them after that. Unless of course the plot thickens and it was another James Wootton!

Wales Resources / Re: Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 16:02 BST (UK)  »
Yes rosie99 that's the John who was James' stepfather. Little Christiana was named for John Wootton's sister, but sadly she died aged 13 months. Recorded in Bangor Parish registers.
Thanks Ellenmai, that's James Paradine aged 1 year when he lived in Pitstone. I have done that side of the family.

Wales Resources / Re: Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 14:59 BST (UK)  »
Sorry suzard, I should have written more detail. I haven't found any children. In fact I can't find them in the censuses in Britain or USA so far.

Thankyou rosie99, that's the family in 1851.

Wales Resources / Re: Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 14:40 BST (UK)  »
Thankyou Rosie99 thats it, he married Jane Smith.
It cant be him a master mariner, he was just over 19 years old when he married. Born June 1840 in Pitstone Buckingham shire. He was born James Paradine illegitimately to Harriet. In 1848 he was rebaptised 'Wootton' by his mother's common law husband John Wootton, at Bangor Parish Church.
To groom, it must have been the Free BMD, I think.
To suzard James Wooton only aged 31 in 1871.

Wales Resources / Marriage in Bangor October - December 1859
« on: Saturday 15 July 17 14:03 BST (UK)  »
I found the marriage of James Wootton to either Jane Smith or Ellin Roberts in the above quarter. I have checked the Bangor Parish Marriage register and can't find it there. Please could anyone find out where in Bangor James Wootton married and to which girl. I can't locate them after this marriage anywhere.
Thanks paslwigr

 :D, sallyyorks - Thankyou for that information and brilliant website about Tring. Its now clear why the Woottons went there.
I only began tracing this family line a few weeks ago, so mining of any sort is new to me. They are on my husband's side actually, my family all seem to be weavers and farmers in Lancashire and only one twig stepped out of Lancashire and emigrated to Texas, but that's another story.
I found William Wootton, Keren's brother, back in Staffordshire working as a limestone miner in 1851, but he had been in Staffordshire since 1842 living with his future wife and son. So unlikely that he ever went to USA. Joseph could have I suppose, as he only married in 1854 in Yorkshire, but was living with his future wife in Bradford in 1851. Their daughter Kerenhappuch was born that year. When he married he said he was a brickmaker, but in 1871 he is an ironstone miner. It's all very intriguing. Their father was certainly in Bangor Caernarvonshire by 1848, with his partner and their baby son, but could have been in USA in between. Not found any prooff though so the mystery goes on. I can't believe the kindness of you and all the others who have given up their time to help, I am truly grateful.
minnesotan - Thank you for the website to get a certificate, hopefully, for Keren's marriage. My step-son lives in America and he will see to that for me. Many thanks to you and everyone who has given me so many pieces to place in this jigsaw.

 :'( Minnesotan - I have contacted both of the members on Public Trees about the 8th October 1847 marriage, but not heard from them yet. But, Rootschatter jorose, guided me to a section of Family Search, that to my shame, I didn't know existed and there I was able to see the actual images of the marriages for Port Huron, St Clair. He had already told me he had found a marriage between a Margaret Wootton and a George Bowman, but no sign of one between a Boyd and a Wootton. To be sure I trawled all of them from early 1840's to 1850, but nothing turned up. One good thing is that the above Margaret could be mine. Another kind Rootschatter had already pointed me in the direction of this Margaret and I checked the Public Tree. She is the right age even to the month of birth in England May 1830, but sadly only lived until 1856. There were married March 1849 in Port Huron. On viewing the images, I saw that there was no requirement for the parents of the couple to be named, so I can only tentatively claim her as 'my' Margaret. Nevertheless I have gained loads of information from everyone, that I didn't know before and am so grateful to everyone who has taken time to give me the information.

 :-\ To jorose,
Thank you for guiding me to a part of Family Search I didn't know was there. You were quite correct, there is no marriage entry for Moses W Boyd & Kerenhappuch Wootton on 8th October 1847 at Port Huron, St Clair. It was on one of the public trees that I acquired that information, but it must not be correct. That has thrown me, as another kind Rootschatter advised me to check out the marriage and with your help I find its not there! However I would have expected names of fathers to be entered on the certificates and they were obviously not required. Now I wonder where, if at all, they married.
To Galium,
Thank you for your information, it all adds to the picture of life back then.
To Sallyyorks,
You are right about the biblical names, even though the Wootton family is baptising, marrying, and burying in the Church of England, many of the names crop up in the area. Kezia, Elijah, Job, Samuel etc. The Wootton men, as far back as I have been researched in Shropshire, mid 18th century, all seem to be lead miners or have jobs connected to the lead mines. Kerenhappuch's father John Wootton left Shropshire after his eldest son was born in 1817, and went to Staffordshire where all the other children were born. After that he went to Hertfordshire, where in 1841 he and his two sons are all described as miners. Both sons were connected to mining for the rest of their lives.
To Minnesotan & Lisa in California,
What a can of worms, my questions have opened! why did the persons on Public Member Trees, give a false marriage date or a false place. The plot thickens.
Thanks to everybody who keeps helping me, you are all so kind.

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