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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Airing the family linen!
« on: Monday 20 April 09 06:49 BST (UK)  »
Hello Bev,

Excellent find!

If I were you, I'd grab him with both hands!

mare saw the final letters as 'liano' - congratulations mare!

PS: From
"MASSIMILIANO, Bonniffacia. 23 Nov 1947. Aged 75 years. Brother of Florindo, friend of Fred Piavanini. Roman Catholic C.60 "
So the age fits well.  You said that your grandmother was 43 when she died in 1919 - the chap above would have been 47 in 1919.
Added: There are a couple of fairly recent references on the Web to Fred PIAVANINI in Collie.

Isle of Man / Re: Cant find Jospeh Henry Quilliam
« on: Monday 20 April 09 06:38 BST (UK)  »
And finally ...

Isle of Man Resources

Earlier I mentioned the IGI.
It is a very good resource for Isle of Man births/baptisms and marriages.

GENUKI is also a good resource.

It would also be a good idea to look here on RootsChat on the Isle of Man Resources board.
Two excellent resources mentioned there are:

A Manx Notebook by Frances COAKLEY

The Isle of Man Family History Society
If you click on RESEARCH on the home page, it will lead you to some very useful information and lists of births, marriages, burials, wills, etc.
(Unfortunately, I did not find a birth for Joseph ...)

Kind regards,


Isle of Man / Re: Cant find Jospeh Henry Quilliam
« on: Monday 20 April 09 06:17 BST (UK)  »
Hello again Michelle,

Continuing ...

Another Possibility?

Perhaps another possibility is the following:

1861 census
Balnakerkay (sic), Glen May, Parish of Patrick, Isle of Man
John, Head, 74, Farmer 49 emp 2 men & 1 boy
Ann, Wife, 70
Catherine, Daughter, 28, Unmarried
Maria, Daughter, 26, Unmarried, Dressmaker
Joseph H., Grandson, 7, Scholar
Edward, Grandson, 6, Scholar
Thomas, Grandson, 5
plus 2 servants and a Visitor
All born Patrick except for the visitor.

Here are what seem to be Joseph and Edward in 1871.
1871 census
Ballakey house No 1, Patrick, Isle of Man
In the household of Farmer James KANNAUGH, wife Catherine, and children
Joseph QUILLIAM, Boarder, 17, Apprentice to a Carpenter, b Patrick
Edward QUILLIAM, Boarder, 16, working on farm, b Patrick
(I wondered whether James KANNAUGH's wife might be the Catherine QUILLIAM from the 1861 census above - and indeed she is; the IGI has the marriage of James KENNAUGH & Catharine QUILLIAM in 1864, and births of children to them - Catharine's surname not given)

Kind regards,


Isle of Man / Re: Cant find Jospeh Henry Quilliam
« on: Monday 20 April 09 05:21 BST (UK)  »
Hello Michelle,

Civil Registration - Isle of Man
GENUKI is not entirely accurate.  1878 was when Civil Registration of Births became compulsory but there was provision for voluntary registration before that.

"...  Prior to March, 1849, there was no means of registering a birth with the Civil Authorities. From March, 1849 to March 1878 (when Civil Registration became mandatory) Civil Registration was voluntary. The Marriage Act of 1849 provided for the Civil Registration of Marriages which, of course, required the establishment of the Registrar General's office. From this time the Registrar also accepted the voluntary Civil Registration of Births and also accepted the retrocative registration of births that were authenticated by entries in the Registers of Dissenting Churches. This resulted, for example, in some Ramsey births being recorded in Douglas ..."

Date of Birth
How sure are you of Joseph Henry's date of birth?  May I ask the source?
Also, is the date 1 September 1852, or January 9 1852?
Also the source of his middle name?

Further Information
Do you have further information?
For example, when Joseph Henry left the Isle of Man?
His occupation?

1861 Census
The (enumerator and the) Ancestry transcribers seem to have become a bit muddled.

I believe that the father of the Joseph you mention in 1861 is Thomas not James.

I think that the household is as follows:
Bignell(?) Street,Town of Douglas, Parish of Conchan, Isle of Man
Thomas, 50, Son (scrawled through - surely should be Head), Labourer, born IoM Sannton
Ann, Wife, 41, b IoM Rushen
William, Son, 16, Roper, b IoM Braddan
James, Head (struck through - surely should be Son), 14, Ap Roper, b IoM Braddan
Joseph, Son, 9, Scholar, b IoM Douglas
John, Son, 7, Scholar, b IoM Douglas
Thomas, Son, 6months?, b IoM Douglas
Catherine, Daur, 4, b IoM Douglas

1851 census
Here is the same family in 1851.

9 Hanover Street, Town of Douglas, Parish of Conchan, Isle of Man
Thomas, 37, Head, Laborer, b IoM Santon
Ann, 29, Wife, b IoM Braddan
Robert, 9, Son, Scholar, b IoM Braddan
William, 7, Son, Scholar, b IoM Braddan
James, 5, Son, Scholar, b IoM Douglas

Some of the above family appear in the IGI (International Genealogical Index) on FamilySearch.

Parents Thomas QUILLIAM & Ann KNEALE, all baptized at Braddan
Robert bap 12 Feb 1843
William bap 22 Sep 1844
Cath bap 2 Aug 1857
Thomas bap 22 Jul 1860

Also (perhaps the given name is an error), parents Thomas QUILLIAM & Margt (sic) KNEALE
Joseph bap 11 Apr 1852 Braddan 

I will post further.

Kind regards,


The Common Room / Re: A little Win!!! Yay!
« on: Sunday 19 April 09 06:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi Julie (nortybaby),

I hope that you'll share the results with all the people who have been helping you on various threads (don't know if any of these transcriptions are related to your requests on the Australia board??).

Many of us get quite involved in helping other people with their family history, and can be almost as excited as they are about new information which has been discovered.  ;D

Kind regards,


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Airing the family linen!
« on: Saturday 18 April 09 09:05 BST (UK)  »
And Prue, perhaps you could leave the original scan as well as your transfer to a jpeg ...
The original may be easier for some of us to read.

Given name looks like somewhat like Boniface ...


Australia Lookups completed / Re: Lookup request please - NSW - NORTON
« on: Saturday 18 April 09 08:30 BST (UK)  »
Dear Julie,

So pleased to have been able to start the road leading you to Bede Noel!!

Looking forward to further developments!!

Best regards,


Australia Lookups completed / Re: Lookup request please - NSW - NORTON
« on: Saturday 18 April 09 07:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Julie (nortybaby),

No need for a new thread surely.  This one covers what you are looking for.

Julie, It's always a good idea to look up Deaths in the NSW BDM as they can give clues to births later than the online close-off year of 1908 for births.

As Jamjar's helpful post shows.

Jean (jeanlit), Absolutely spot on!!

I noticed this thread and so I asked a local friend (don't like to impose too often) who has the CD (unfortunately not a RootsChatter) for a lookup (hope this is not breaching copyright!) and there seems to be a possibility!!
Bede N NORTON, b 1912, parents John A and Sophia

And references to this chap's death in the Ryerson Index.

Perhaps one of the helpful and knowledgeable Chatters will be able to find the Ryerson reference.

Very best regards,


Australia / Re: Alice Maude nee JACKSON death
« on: Friday 17 April 09 09:12 BST (UK)  »
Hello Sue (sparrett),

What a fascinating piece of information!

Divorced, eh!!

It would be interesting to see those papers (if only to check whether it is genefinder's Alice Maude!).  It doesn't seem to be entirely clear from the index which was the Petitioner and which the Respondent.

And let's hope that genefinder didn't already know about this but didn't pass on the info.  :'(

Raises lots of questions if it is the right Alice Maude - e.g. why would she subsequently apparently go by the name of her divorced husband, etc, etc ...

And what happened to Sydney BROWN ....

Anyway, it's a great find!

Let's hope more explanations are forthcoming ...

Best regards,


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