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Pembrokeshire / Re: Benjamin and Frances James
« on: Saturday 14 April 12 02:33 BST (UK)  »
You are indeed correct Margaret Rowlands is a complete red herring it was picked up my a recorder for the Church of the Latter Day Saints and entered into their IGI database, there was a marriage of a Thomas James with a Margaret Rowlands but it is not our Thomas James of Woodsend who did indeed marry Ann Gibbs by Licence at St Petrox I have a record of his death just before the 1841 census who at the age of 80 was a postman in the early days of the Sir Rowland Hill penny post.

I beleive that Thomas' father may well have been Wiliam James and that other references in the stackpole registers regarding David James point to David and Thomas being brothers the family would then have originated in Carew.

Pembrokeshire / Re: William James Carew 1763 and Ann Brunning Monkton 1771
« on: Friday 06 May 11 14:59 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for this in the 1851 census William and Ann James were living at No1  Bankers Row it seems likely that Ann James who died in Dunn Row in 1863 with a given age of 100 years might well be the Ann James I am looking for the age is out by a good 17 years but since i have never found a truly consistent age for either Ann or William there may well have been some exaggeration over time.

In 1841 they were living in Church Terrace St Daniels Hill and in 1838 they were most probably living in Kingsfold the addess given by their daughter when she married.

Their daughter Elizabeth and husband Thomas James  were living in Gumfeston in 1861 so it is concievable that if William outlived Ann he may well have gone to live with his youngest daughter in Gumfeston.

Pembrokeshire / Re: William James Carew 1763 and Ann Brunning Monkton 1771
« on: Thursday 05 May 11 19:17 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much for looking for me, as you say although the results are not what i wished to hear they are useful and perhaps i can narrow possibilities by tieing up other James lines.

William and Ann were married in 1789 so it is unlikely that the William James born in 1784 would be my William.

Although William and Ann were married in Stackpole they did not stay there and are not buried there.   They may well be buried at St Mary's Pembroke sometime between 1861 and 1871

I have a theory as to the parents of Ann Brunning but no strong evidence as yet what is clear is that while there were Brunning's and Brinning's in the area they were never a large family so it is entirely probable that all are in some way related.

I have planned to visit Pembrokeshire staying in stackpole in two weeks time so will make a visit or two to the records office, if I can track down when they died their ages might give me some further clarity as to when they were born as their are significant variances in their ages across the 1841, 51 and 61 census although i am quite certain that i do have the same couple identified across all three census.

It's the curse of popular names it seems.

thank you again for your help
Best wishes

Pembrokeshire / Re: William James Carew 1763 and Ann Brunning Monkton 1771
« on: Wednesday 20 April 11 15:28 BST (UK)  »
Thank you I do already have the full details of thier marriage it is their baptisms and parentage i i keen to locate.

Pembrokeshire / William James Carew 1763 and Ann Brunning Monkton 1771
« on: Wednesday 20 April 11 11:06 BST (UK)  »
Can someone help me with a baptism look-up up for a William James born Carew (according to the 1851 Census) in 1763  and also his wife Ann Brunning born Monkton in 1771 (again according to the 1851 Census).   They were married in Stackpole in 1789.

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Sedgley Birth Look-up
« on: Thursday 17 February 11 19:44 GMT (UK)  »
Clifford James was my grandad, i have taken the James line back several generations from Clifford and Weldon but would love to swap any notes you have.
best wishes

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Sedgley Birth Look-up
« on: Friday 14 January 11 01:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Willow,
I was requesting a look-up of Caroline Petford's baptism in Sedgley I have the marriage of Caroline to my great great great grandfather Joseph Bailey on the same day that her father married Elizabeth Chilton the year i gave for Caroline's brith was gleaned from the marriage certificate of which i have a copy although from experiience ages recorded in that way often prove not to be entirely accurate.

I was not aware that John's father was recorded as William which is particularly useful as it allows me tie up familial links.

Thank you for the 1841 census data i do already have that in fact the only piece in the jigsaw that is missing is a record of Caroline's baptism, and those of her sisters.

thanks for replying but the request still stands

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Sedgley Birth Look-up
« on: Wednesday 12 January 11 00:17 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please help look for The Children of John Petford baptised in Sedgley from 1821/2 to 1835

I am particularly interested in Caroline Petford 1821/2  Hannah Petford and Pheobe Petford

I beleive their mother was called Elizabeth

thank you

Staffordshire / Re: Help finding Caroline Petford
« on: Sunday 31 October 10 19:15 GMT (UK)  »
No you are right it is father and daughter in a double wedding Elizabeth Chelton who married John was a widow her maiden name was Price and she was baptised in december 1795

So it seems much more likely that her father remarried

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